Laxman ram Asked a Question
July 4, 2022 12:25 pmpts 25 pts
what is the crystal solid there are some mistake so if any one know properly then please answer
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  • Asif ali
    Crystal solid have a definite pattern , aggregate of ions and molecules, and internal symmetry which provide its surface irregularities.
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  • Mukesh kumar
    Crystalline solids consist of atoms, ions, and molecules arranged in a strongly ordered microscopic arrangement in consistent and repeated three-dimensional structures, forming a c...
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  • Ambikesh thankyou
    answer has been attached
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  • Surya bhan verma
    these have long order arrangement of the particles
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  • Surya bhan verma
    these have definite and regular arrangement of the constituents particles in space
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    Laxman ram
    I know but