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May 31, 2020 4:35 pmpts 30 pts
What is the directional derivative of = x²y + xz at (1, 2, -1) in the direction A =2i-2j+k.
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  • Chandra dhawan thankyou
    see attached file
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  • Ruby negi thankyou
    gradient of any surface is perpendicular to the surface...
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    Ruby negi
    see the attached solution .
  • Dhairya sharma
    dear , most important thing for directional derivative is that......we have to find grad of the function because it's always perpendicular to a given surface. when we want out it i...
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    Dhairya sharma
    did u get the concept dear
  • Dhairya sharma Best Answer
    see attached dear
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    Dhairya sharma
    dear gradient is perpendicular to surface or in the direction of normal.