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  • Abhijeet Gaurav
    The amino acids most commonly phosphorylated are serine, threonine, tyrosine in eukaryotes, and also histidine in prokaryotes and plants (though it is now known to be common in hum...
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  • Abhijeet Gaurav
    It is Phosphorylation of Serine only. Because Ser, Thr, Try has only ε-OH group. Whereas Ala doesn't have ε-OH group so it can't show Phosphorylation.
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    Arindam paul
    Sir no other amino acid can show phosphorylation except Ser, Thr, Tyr ?
  • Abhijeet Gaurav Best Answer
    This bond is known as Phosphoester Bond. It's not exactly the Phosphodiester bond formed between 2 nucleotides. This is the example of Ester bond with Phosphate group. Due to the l...
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    Arindam paul
    Sir is this phosphorylation of serine or alanine?
  • Anup Padwal
    No hydrogen is necessary for thats why it is named H2 bond. H is shared by C and O. H2O is best example where H attached with O.
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  • Arindam paul
    Sir, can Hydrogen bond occur without Hydrogen? I'm not getting any H atom associated with Oxygen atom
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  • Anup Padwal thankyou
    Hydrogen bond. These is asking for phosphorylation of Alanine amino acid. Here covalently attached H atom with C fornes Hydrogen bond with O of P.
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