Nitin meel Asked a Question
August 17, 2020 6:40 pmpts 30 pts
what is the state of flame and light coming from bulb.
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  • Mahak Best Answer
    how light can wave states like solid , liquid ,gas don't confuse these states with light
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    what's your doubt
  • Vaishnavi rajora thankyou
    Electricity flows through a thin tungsten wire in the light bulb called the filament. ... A filament has a lot of resistance to electricity. As a result of this resistance, the fil...
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    Vaishnavi rajora
    or say in the form or photons
  • Mahak
    light have particle nature
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    Nitin meel
    I mean states like solid,lequid or gas
  • Mahak
    light have both wave and particle nature
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