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EQuncle Ex. The ionization enthalpy of hydrogen atom is 1.312x 10 J mo Chemistry (Atomic and Molecular ftr e in the atom from n= 1 to n= 2 is gen atom is 1.312 x 10" J mof to e The energy require Sol 6 IP 31Xlo EE/EE.EE./EE 2 SE 3 SE 5 Here, IE = lonization enthalpy IE-E-E, EE,-E,-E SE,-E -En EE-Excitation enthalpy and SE-Separation enthalpy EE, = E, - E, IE = E - E 1.312x 10 E - E E, = -1.312x 105 J mol-1 EE, = E,- E, EE, = E EE, -1.312x10 2 -(-1.312x 10) EE, -0.328 x 10-(-1.312 x 10) 9.86 x 105 Imal1
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  • Priyanshu kumar thankyou check this short video shweta
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    Shweta thakur
  • Suman Kumar
    n=1 is ground state for hydrogen atom. n=2 is first excited state and n=3 is 2nd excited state
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    Suman Kumar
    So if you excite eletron from excited state to infinity level then it is separation enthalpy.
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    if you excite the eletron from n= 1 to n= infinity then it is ionisation enthalpy. But if you ionise eletron from any other level (except 1) to infinity then it is separation entha...
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