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what should be the correct order of acidity in the following? as in halogens -I effect dominates over their +R effect and when they are in resonance they work as electron withdrawing group having order F3>2>1 but answer is written as 2>3>4>1 please clear it.
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  • Reshav
    please clear my confusion.
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  • Eduncle

    Dear Reshav,


    Refer the attached image for solutio...

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    • chemistry 2 11.JPG
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    but i have read that order of -I effect is F
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  • Reshav
    but size dominates over electronegativity in determining stability of these conjugate bases more is the size greater is the attraction for electrons
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  • Amar thankyou
    Because more is the electronegativity more will be the attraction of oxygen electron from hydrogen and hydrogen will release rapidly
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  • Amar
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