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The composition of proteins Pl to P4 are shown below: ProteinComposition Pl Rich in polar residues; poor in apolar residues Rich in apolar residues; poor in polar residues Has comparable number of polar P2 P3 and apolar resisdues P4 Rich in glycine and proline Which one of the following options correctly relates the propensities of these proteins to be folded, aggregated or disordered in an aquous buffered solution? (a) P1, P2 and P4 are disordered and P3 is (b) Pl and P3 are folded, P2 is aggregated and (c) PI and P3are folded, and P2 and P4 are (d) Pl and P4 are disordered, P2 is aggregated folded P4 is disordered disordered and P3 is folded
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  • Abhijeet Gaurav thankyou
    Answer is D P1 has more polar amino acids so not easily folded in aqueous solution . P4 has gly or proline more so specific confirmation will not happen P2 has apolar residue m...
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