Harshvardhan sharma Asked a Question
January 2, 2021 6:20 pmpts 30 pts
Where can I read more about this diagram?
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  • Himanshu
    You could take help from Igneous and metamorphic Peterology book by Philpotts. Winter's book doesn't have this diagram and it's descriptions are not upto the mark...
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  • Saurabh thankyou
    This question is from JAM 2019(MSQ) to get idea about these plots, refer JD winter, that's where you will get to know more about various binary and ternary phase diagrams.. But if ...
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  • Rahul kumar thankyou
    This phase diagram is associated with basalt tetrahedron. You can read in detail about this topic in chapter 8 or 9 (if I am correct) of J D WINTER'S book.
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  • Rahul kumar Best Answer
    Answer: You can read more about this Diagram in J D Winter's igneous petrology book. These ternary diagrams are not much important for JAM exam. Two components system and basics ...
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    Harshvardhan sharma
    sir,this question came in 2019,and I can't find about this in Winter,can you tell me in which topic is it in the book.
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