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July 11, 2021 • 17:48 pm 30 points
  • Chemistry (CY)

Which cc single bond is shortest in length among the following? ca) ch cn ( ch ch cn (b) ch c-cn (d) ch ch

Which CC single bond is shortest in length among the following? CA) CH CN ( CH CH CN (B) CH c-CN (D) CH CH

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    Paramjeet verma

    Option (A) more the electronegative group attached to the C-C , more the tendency to pull towards itself the electrons forming the C-C bond. CN group pull towards itslef the electrons in C-C bond and reduces its bond length. Option (B) and option (C) also have CN group but aslo on the other C atom is sp and sp² hybridised (more s-character) and thus electronegative. So the electrons are pulled towards both sides and thus the overall effect gets cancelled.


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