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Which is better nucleophile sulphur or oxygen

which is better nucleophile sulphur or po flyjdkyskydykskyk oxygen

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  • Achyut ranjan gogoi

    Sulphur is the answer. as on going down the group nucleophilicity increases due to increase in size by which the polarisibility increase and attack will be more facile.

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    Dinesh khalmaniya 1

    Sulphur is very good nucleophile. Morr the polarization more is the nucleophilicity. polarization of anion is directly proportional to charge as well as size of anion. down the group size increase so polarization of an anion increase so nucleophilicity increase.

  • Amol ashok pawar best-answer

    Oxygen is more electronegative atom than sulfur. More the electronegative means that the electrons attraction tendency is more. Therefore, the removal of electron or donation of the electron is difficult. Hence, the oxygen atom is a poor electron donor or poor nucleophile. However, the sulfur atom is less electronegative than oxygen. Hence, removal of sulfur atom is easy. Thus, sulfur is better nucleophile than oxygen.

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    Priyanshu kumar Best Answer

    sulphur its larger size making its electrons more polarisable hence stronger nucleophile than oxygen


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