Shristy Maurya Asked a Question
August 22, 2020 6:26 pmpts 30 pts
Which of the structure will be produced if a ring flip occure in the following compound in chair 22 form tondahen fe 4pp Whut io t ( (b) (C) (d)
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  • Shweta thakur
    b is the correct answer
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    Suman Kumar
    Good Sweta
  • Dinesh khalmaniya thankyou
    option B
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    Dinesh khalmaniya
    check it
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  • Suman Kumar Best Answer
    option B is correct
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    Suman Kumar
    On ring flipping only axial equatorial exchange. But the stereo remain same
  • Priyanshu kumar
    On flipping Axial substituents becomes equatorial and vice versa..
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    Priyanshu kumar
    Do it shristy...just interchange axial equatorial substituents
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