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which of the tollowing is an example of Cconstrained motion? a Motion of a train over a railway track (D otion of gas molecules insiae à container ( Motion of a particle on the surface of a sphere (d) All of the above 2. It a system of N particles is subject to K independent constraints, tnen the number of degrees or Treedom is given (a) 3N-K (b) 3NK 3NK (d) 3N/K 3.If T be the kinetic energy and V be the potential energy for a system ot particles, then the Lagrangian ( of the system is a) LV (DL V LItV (0)L 21-V 4. Lagrangian () of a system of particles is a function of (a generalized coordinates (9) (Dgeneralized velocities (4,) (Q time () (d) All ot the above 5. For a conservative system, (a force is derivable from potential (b) potential purely depends on coordinates ( potential is function of velocity only (d) both (a) and (b) 6. Lagrange's equation for a conservative system is given by: 0 - =0 d4, 7.If T be the kinetic energy andV be the pote ntial energy for a system of particles, then the Hamiltonian (H) of the system (a H=V-T (b) H=T-V H=T+V (d) H =2T+V 8. Hamiltonian (H) of a system of particles is a function of (ageneralized coordinates (g (b Beneralized momenta (P ( time (t (d) All of the above 9. The Hamilton's canonical equations of motion are: a4p. (d) 4 10. Which of the following mechanical system is non ervative f aA Sdispnere rong do rom tne TOp oa xed spnere (b A Cylinder rolling without slipping down an inclined plane (9A body slhdes over the floor with friction ( None of the above
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    The correct answers are: 1.) d 2.) a 3.) b 4.) d 5.) b 6.) a 7.) c 8.) d 9.) b 10.)a
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