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Which one of the following phases is p-wave that converts to s-wave during passage through the solid inner core?

Which one of the following phases is P-wave that converts to S-wave during passage through the solid inner core? .13 (A) PKIKP (B)| PKJKP PKIKP (D)| PKPPcP

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    Saurabh 1

    This one should be PKJKP. This seismic wave phase is particularly associates with the conversion of P wave (in outer core) to S wave (in the inner core). While other phases are not related to conversion but to the phases that gets reflected from any particular boundary like PKiKP is a seismic wave phase in which P wave gets reflected from Inner Core Boundary. While PKIKP is a seismic wave phase that bottoms in the inner core or a P wave that travels through mantle,outer core and inner core. PKIKP is sometimes denoted by PKPdf. So correct option should be B.


    can you please answer my questions which I posted few day earlier...?


    Which questions could you please let me know about them?


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