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December 9, 2020 9:07 pmpts 30 pts
Which one of the following sedimentary structure DOES NOT mark the top surface of a bed?
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  • Rahul pandey Best Answer
    Yes, current scour the top of the bed and create moulds. Flute casts are the cast structure form from these moulds and form at the bottom of the beds. For more details, look at the...
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    Ishita das
    thank you so much sir for clearing this
  • Rahul pandey
    Mud cracks are formed as a result of dessication and exposure to the continental conditions. Mud cracks form at the top of the bed. Similarly, rain prints are formed by exposure of...
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  • Rahul pandey thankyou
    Flute cast forms at the bottom of the bed as a result of current scouring. Current ripple, Rain print and Mud cracks for at the top surface of a bed.
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    Ishita das
    how exactly at the bottom of the bed? it is formed by erosion right, so as far as i can imagine the current is scouring the top of the bed and can't really imagine a bed being scou...
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