Pritiprabha behera Asked a Question
July 28, 2020 10:41 pmpts 30 pts
why dolostone is reffered as chemically formed sedimentary rock?
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  • Rahul pandey Best Answer
    Any rock formed as a result of precipitation is considered as chemically formed sedimentary rock. The term dolostone, proposed to specifically refer to the rock type composed of th...
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  • Sajan sarthak sahoo thankyou
    Dolostone is formed FROM dolomite i.e CaMg(Co3)2 and this is a chemically precipitated mineral from the solution. And during sedimentation it is formed so dolostone is a chemically...
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    Sajan sarthak sahoo
    what's your doubt
  • Rahul pandey
    Chemically precipitated sedimentary rocks means any rock generated by chemical processes for eg. materials dissolved in seawater becomes oversaturated as a result of change in P-T ...
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  • Pritiprabha behera
    what is the meaning of chemically precipitated sedimentary rock?
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