Saurabh Mishra Asked a Question
July 30, 2021 4:20 pmpts 30 pts
why S waves don't travell through liquid while P waves can travell through liquid
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  • Raghubeer rai thankyou
    basically velocity of S waves(Vs) is given by √(modulas of rigidity/density of medium in which it will travel),,you know that in liquid modulas of rigidity = 0 ,as it (rigidity) is...
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  • Saurabh Mishra
    what is the realtion of shear component with S-waves
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  • Saurabh Mishra
    waht does it means pls explain it some more
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  • Sajan sarthak
    s wave travels through solid but not through liquid because shear components on liquid is zero.
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