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n this setion we hnearly polarized light wavex hods for produ ucing. 21.3.1 The Wire Grid Polarizer and the Polaroid The physies behind the working of the wite grd polarize NIobably the easiest to understand. It essentially consist of a large number of thin copper wires placed parallel cah other as shown inTig. 21.8. When an unpolarized eleu tromagnetic wave is incident on it, then the component the electric vector along the length of the wire is absorbe Emergent polarized wave ncident unpolarnzed
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  • Bidyut sinha
    this is actually working of wave grid polarizer..For wire grid polarizer are made of fine metal wire and that are usually 100 nm to several microns..Its work depending on wave leng...
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  • Bidyut sinha thankyou
    1) First of all , you have to know that "Along the line of wire, that is along the " PROPAGATION" , Polarisation does not occur. 2). Polarisation always occur perpendicular to the...
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    pls elaborate the last point why spacing should be less than lamba
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