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wide vessel with a small hole in the bottom is filled with water and kerosend osity # the velocity of water flow u. If the thickness of water layer is h, and a yer is h, (densi y h. (density of water is p, gm/cc and that of kerosene is p, gm/co) er and kerosene. Neglecting n Kerosene h Water (A) U E y29(h, +h,) (B) U 29(h, p, +h2 Pz) (D) b 29h (p,/ Pa)+h2} (C) = 29/h, +h, (P,/ P.)}J 1900-120-1021 6
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  • Ruby negi
    yes,option c is correct
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  • Monika thankyou
    option (c) is correct see the attachment
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