Surya posted an Question
March 08, 2022 • 22:06 pm 30 points
  • Physics (PH)

Will the ball make it over the hill on the right? why or why not? imagine a ball on a track where no energy is transterred between ball and the track or betwee

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  • Sachin best-answer

    => See whenever you see a case like this just understand that the potential energy of the ball will convert to translational plus rotational kinetic energy. => when this ball will try to go up again, this translational + rotational energy will convert to potential energy back again. => but there is no way through which the final potential energy become more than the initial potential energy which also depends on the height from the ground. => Since ball starts from rest and not any other form of energy is supplied to the ball it can never go beyond the mark it started from. => So option C is correct. All the very best 👍💯


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