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wilun Problem 5.5 A car weighing 1350 kg is going down a hill. When it is 60 m vertically above the bottom of the hill, the driver sees red light of traffic crossing at the bottom. His speed at the time brakes are applied is 20 ms. How much energy will be dissipated by the brakes if wind and other frictional effects are neglected. Take g 9.80 ms. Ans: 1323.5 kJ
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    i don't think so .
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    Vaishali sharma
    they are time consuming topics if we do all these un exams then there will be no enough time for other questions
  • Mahak thankyou
    these are length questions so they are not required you have to focus on central force motion question , moment of inertia topics more
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  • Chandra dhawan need to study
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    Chandra dhawan