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  • Geology (GG)

With respect to grain size fluvial facies cycle are

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    Saurabh 1

    Most probably correct option would be (B) . \nA fining upward sequence is what one can observe in case of fluvial facies cycle. Deposition of coarser grain is surely attributed to the higher velocity of the flow that resulted in larger grains at the bottom and then as the velocity abruptly decreases upward Or we can say a waning flow in upward direction, which leads to the deposition of finer grains or smaller particles. So for example, let a section with varying lithology is studied which was found in the vicinity of fluvial facies cycle. Then as per fining upward sequence normally a bed of gravel , then sandstone, then if possible siltstone and mud or clay horizons at the top with larger grains at the bottom of it.

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    Sajan sarthak Best Answer

    fluvial environment has high energy water mass 🌊 below at the bottom. so coarse grain sediment will be at the lowest layer . so fining upward will be the sequence. channel deposit image shown below


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