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Wnat frequencies of electromagnetic radiation are most Energetic emitted by the sun ? (a) infrared light (b) microwaves (c) radio waves (d) visible light
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  • Rahul pandey
    For this question the answer should be visible light. Visible light has minimum wavelength among all given options (infrared, microwave, radio waves, visible), and wavelength is in...
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  • Veer vikram singh thankyou
    See the solution attached. Although not included in the options, sun also emits electromagnetic radiation of smaller wavelengths e.g., UV rays which has higher energy
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  • Sajan sarthak Best Answer
    Dear student mark my answer as best or thank you if your doubt is cleared in this question as well as in previous one
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  • Sajan sarthak
    Energy of electromagnetic wave is directly proportional to its frequency and as for the solar energy emittted spectrum Ultraviolet has max energy then visible then Infrared then mi...
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