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How to Solve Input Output Reasoning Questions – Tips with Examples

Solving Input-Output questions in reasoning is quite hard but with regular practice, you can really get good marks from this topic.

Input-Output questions are based on the words and number arrangements in a particular format.

You must be aware of the pattern and process to get the perfect output with the help of input given in the question.

Mostly, Input-Output questions asked in Bank Exams. So, clearing the concepts of Input-Output is definitely going to help such aspirants who are looking to pursue their career in the banking sector.

Here in this blog, you will get to know about the Input-Output topic in detail that will help you to score well in the exam.


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How to Solve Input-Output in Reasoning? Know About Procedure Here!


In Input-Output Reasoning Questions, you must check out the exact pattern to arrange the given input values for the desired output.

The Machine Concept can be used to solve the Input-Output questions.

As per the machine Input-Output system, you will get a fixed pattern that will provide you the right output in all the steps.

The Machine Input-Output works on a logic that can be found in the last step of arrangement.

Here are some patterns of Input-Output questions that are most probably asked in the competitive exams.



Most of the questions of Input-Output are asked based on this pattern.

In shifting pattern, you will find that the elements of given arrangements are shifting from one place to other places in a uniform order.

In shifting pattern Input-Output questions, the previous step of any step of arrangement can be determined that can be used to move in backward or reverse order.

To clear the concept, below we have provided a perfect example of Input-Output reasoning question.

Clear your doubt here.

Example – The following is an illustration of the Input and the steps of arrangement. Rearrange them by following a particular rule in each step to answer the questions.

Input: Boy Crazy Guy Other Help Charm

Step 1. Boy Other Guy Crazy help Charm

Step 2. Boy Other Help Crazy Guy Charm

Step 3. Charm Other Help Crazy Guy Boy

Step 4. Charm Crazy Help Other Guy Boy

Step 5. Charm Crazy Guy Other Help Boy

Step 6. Boy Crazy Guy Other Help Charm


After observing the given arrangement, you can get the exact pattern of interchanging the positions of given words.

Here in step 1 the word Crazy and Other interchanged their position.

In Step 2 Guy and help interchanged their positions

In Step 3 Boy and Charm interchanged the positions.

The process will be carried out until all the words have been arranged in the exact pattern. After knowing the pattern, you can easily arrange all the steps.


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2. Arrangement

The Input-Output questions based on Arrangement follows some basic patterns like increasing or decreasing order in numbers, words beginning from vowels or consonants, alphabetical order in words, even or odd number, etc.

The question may be asked on single shifting arrangement or double shifting arrangement.

In single shifting arrangement, the given word or a number is arranged either in the left side or right side.

In double shifting arrangement, two or more words, numbers are arranged on either right side or in the left side in each step.

Check out the example given below to get in-depth knowledge about Input Output Questions based on Arrangement.



Input: assure 7 new 2 email 16 demand 3 quit 12 20 urban

Step I: assure 2 7 new email 16 demand 3 quit 12 20 urban

Step II: assure 2 7 new email 16 3 quit 20 urban demand 12

Step III: assure 2 email 3 7 new 16 quit 20 urban demand 12

Step IV: assure 2 email 3 7 quit 20 urban demand 12 new 16

Step V: assure 2 email 3 urban 7 quit 20 demand 12 new 16

Step VI: assure 2 email 3 urban 7 demand 12 new 16 quit 20

Step VI is the final output.


Here every number and word in each step is arranged in Vowel pairs + Prime and Constant + Composite.

If you see the words which are starting with vowels are arranged from left to right along with a prime number in ascending order whereas the words starting with a consonant are arranged from left to right in the very next step along with a composite number in ascending order.


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We hope that you understood the Input-Output concepts from the above two examples.

Probably five questions from Input-Output topic are asked in banking and other government jobs exams.

You can easily attempt all five questions by consuming minimum time if the pattern is known.


If you have any query related to Input-Output questions, then you can share them with us through the comments’ box.



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