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Banking Career - Jobs in Banking Sector after 12th & Graduation

Banking Career



Are you confused with hundreds of career options and struggling to find the best option for you? Want to know all career possibilities in a banking sector after completing graduation and 12th?


Here you will get all the answers to all your dilemmas related to the banking career.


Banking sector jobs offer one of the most comfortable careers for youngsters.


Looking at the huge boom in the banking sector, the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) estimates that Indian banks will recruit a huge number of professionals by 2019.



Download IBPS study material to start your preparation in a systematic way with perfect planning.



Banking sector jobs are full of opportunities. Candidates get opportunities for high pay scale, growth, going aboard etc. There is a high scope of getting early growth in this career.


IBPS, NABARD and SBI conduct exams for the vacant bank positions to give this career a right direction. Many banks in India are in the expansion mode so there will be more and more banking jobs opportunities in upcoming years.


Check the List of Banking Degree & Diploma Courses below in this blog to become an in-demand professional in Banking Sector.



Skills Required to be in Banking Sector


When we do something we like then it definitely works in our favour. Candidates who have following skills should go for the banking sector. Check out the interesting skills and start if you have them.



Skills to be in Banking Sector



1. Customer Dealing


Banking sector jobs are one of the customers dealing jobs which include acceptance of people from various lives.

Someone who has the skill of managing people and encouraging teams of people to work well together might make a good bank manager.



2. People with patience


People who have patience while dealing with customers will like banking sector jobs. A bank employee needs to calm down the anger and sometimes has to deal with customers who are slow in adapting to the recent technological changes in the banking world.



3. People good with numbers and accounting


People who enjoy playing with numbers and responsibly handle the accounts and data will enjoy banking jobs.



4. Good Analytical Skills


People with the interest in analytics will surely be good at banking career which has posts like economic analysts. If you are good at analytics skills, then you will like this job.


Many finance experts say that in the upcoming years banking sector will grow. There are more chances of recruiting young candidates.






To make your career in banking sectors there are various posts which you can apply for. Below the article includes various banks and the exam conducted by them.


After completing high school students want to get a job. This is sometimes not good for the students because once you are into some job then you won’t be able to concentrate on your studies and once you start earning then you will not be able to make yourself educated in this age.


But sometimes there are some avoidable circumstances due to which students have to earn just after completing their high school. So here are some jobs in the banking sector which will help you out to find a suitable one.



Why to Choose a Banking Sector Job?


Banking Sector offers great career opportunities for freshers compared to other jobs. The demand for bank jobs has been increased.


Nowadays, most of the graduates prefer Banking Sector Jobs over other popular choices.


So, to minimize the confusion, below we have provided some advantages of having a Banking Sector Job:




The most important advantage of a Banking Career is that it provides job security. You won’t get fired so easily only if you do something illegal or against the rules.




Banking Sector Jobs also provides high salary package. Along with the high salary package, candidates also get other perks like residence, transportation cost, etc.




Baking Sector Jobs have a large number of public and national holidays in India. So, you are assured a long list of Holidays to enjoy.



Learning Curve

Bank jobs offer learning environment about new policies, loan/credit schemes as there are a wide variety of loans/advances/credit schemes offered to individuals, companies, firms, establishments etc. and you can learn all these by just having a Banking Sector Job.



Cons of having a Banking Sector Job

With so many advantages of having a Banking Sector Job, there are some disadvantages too.


Let’s see what these disadvantages are:



Work Pressure

Banking Sector Jobs expect you to go out of your way to accomplish more targets than you can. It is one of the hectic workplace as there is a pressure to achieve targets.




The biggest disadvantage of working in a public-sector bank is that, they do not provide the best technologies to work on.



Posting in Remote Location

As per the RBI banking license guideline, new policy mandates a bank to expand its branches in the remote rural area. Hence, many bank employees are getting transferred to rural locations.



Fight Exams to get Job in Banking Sector

These banks include examination conducted by them as well as the complete and easy procedure.


After completing your graduation, you can make your career in following banking posts by giving following exams.


Fight Exams to get job in Banking Sector



IBPS Exam for Probationary Officer


IBPS conducts exams for various posts in various banks and the probationary officer is one of the posts which any graduate prefers to opt. Get the complete details below to start your journey for IBPS PO.



IBPS Exam for Clerk


This is another option for which candidates apply after completion of their graduation. IBPS conducts examination for clerical jobs in various banks. This job includes following tasks:


Performing clerical and administrative duties in an office setting.

Assists executive assistants and secretaries by sorting mail


Answering phones

Greeting clients

Scheduling meetings

Restocking supplies


Look at the IBPS Clerk Exam details.



Reserve Bank of India


Reserve Bank of India conducts examination for recruiting candidates for various posts. RBI sets the difficulty level high level for its examinations. But once a candidate is selected he will get the best perks for rest of the life. Due to its high difficulty level, candidates prefer to go for IBPS examination.



State Bank of India


State Bank of India is one of the best government bank firms in India. Almost every graduate who wants to join banking sector aspires to join this bank. Be it salary or its house allowances or medical facilities, SBI provides its employee the best of all. The bank conducts the SBI Exam to recruite candidates in the State Bank of India for various posts.


Must Read -

 How to Build Your SBI PO Study Plan? [Exam Preparation Tips]

 SBI PO vs IBPS PO – Which to choose and Why? [Salary & Career Comparison]



Regional Rural Bank Exam


Candidates who aspire to be at officer’s grade post and Assistant level posts in various government banks are required to give online test conducted by IBPS.


Here is the complete information about IBPS Regional Rural Banks Exam for the candidates who are interested in making their career in banks for reputed posts.



IBPS Exam for Specialist Officer


IBPS also conducts exam for the specialist officer for the candidates who have passed their graduation and post-graduation in various fields. There are various officer’s posts (different fields) for various banks.


Click below to get the complete details for IBPS SO Exam.


Other than these banks there are various private banks which offer jobs but benefits are always better in banking jobs. So if you want to go in the banking sector and decided to choose this field as your career then you should go for government banks jobs. Government banking jobs provide you better perks and salary with peace of mind.


Here are various private banks which offer you various posts.






Above List of banks is of old private banks in which you can apply. Private sector jobs are always hard to do, be it banking sector or any multinational company.


Banks like IBPS and SBI conduct examination for graduate aspirants for various posts. The probationary officer is one of the posts which is desired by lakhs of graduates.


IBPS conducts examination for the nationalized banks in India. If candidates want to make the career in banking sectors, then they have to appear for the exam conducted by IBPS. Cut off marks will be decided on the basis of the merit list and then banks will be allocated to the candidates.


Banking career is challenging as well as rewarding. It does not require any specific banking qualification or any banking course. So you can definitely go for this sector after graduation.



Download IBPS study material to start your preparation in a systematic way with perfect planning.




Degree & Certificate Courses in Banking



Banking Career is not only a secure career but also a high-paying career. Candidates can pursue degree, diploma or certificate courses to get a Banking Sector Job.


Below, we have provided the list of all these courses through which a candidate may get a Banking Career:



Degree Courses in Banking


BBA in Banking & Finance

BCom in Banking & Finance

BBA in Banking

BCom in Banking Management

BCom in Banking & Insurance

BCom (Hons.) in Banking and Insurance

BSc in Banking and Finance

MBA in Banking & Taxation

MBA in Banking & Finance

BCom in Banking Management

BCom in Bank Management

BCom in Banking & Insurance Management

BCom in Banking, Finance and Risk Management

MSc in Banking and Finance

PhD in Banking & Finance

Master in Banking/Finance/Insurance



Diploma Courses in Banking


Advanced Diploma Course in Banking Services

Diploma in Banking and Finance

Diploma in Banking and Insurance

Diploma in Banking and Insurance Management

Advance Diploma in Urban Co-operative Banking

Diploma in Banking Laws

Diploma in Banking Management

Diploma in Home Loan Advising

Diploma in Banking Services

Post Graduate Diploma in Bank Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Banking

Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Financial Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Development and Investment Banking

Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance




Certificate Courses


Post Graduate Certificate in Investment Banking

Certificate Course in Banking

Certificate Course in Banking Management

Certificate Course in Patent Searching & Drafting


Candidates can also go for the following in-demand courses in banking sector India:


Banking related laws.

Business Mathematics.

Marketing Banking Services.

Computerized Accounting.


Interested candidates may visit Eduncle for complete info about the banking sector.


Let us know your queries by commenting below, we will surely solve them as soon as possible.




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