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How to Crack UGC NET Education 2020? A Complete Guide to Get Success

UGC NET Education




It’s never too late to study. Any successful career starts with a good education. Your future is bright, if right decisions are taken at the right time.


If you are aiming to make your career in the Research/ Teaching field, then NTA UGC NET 2020 is the perfect gateway to head you towards your goal.


The next UGC NET Exam will be conducted in June 2020. There are total 81 subjects in National Eligibility Test and choosing Education as a subject to appear for National Eligibility Test is a very wise decision.

 UGC NET Education provides wonderful career opportunities to the candidates. But to appear for this exam, you must have completed the Post-Graduation in Education or any related subject.


Many people dream to qualify the UGC NET Education Exam but due to high competition, only a few of them can accomplish their goals.


To prepare well for the National Eligibility Test and achieve 100% success in the exam, Eduncle is the first ever choice for the aspirants.


Right from providing you the basic knowledge about UGC NET Education Exam, here in this blog, we’ll also let you know some successful study tips and tricks recommended by Experts.



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Let’s take a deep dive to the entire blog –

Why Take UGC NET? Explore Its Wide Career Scope in Education! 

UGC NET Education Eligibility Criteria | Know Before You Plan to Apply! 

UGC NET Education Exam Pattern | Mark the Latest Changes 

UGC NET Education Syllabus | List Down the Topics with Higher Marking Weightage 

UGC NET Education Books, Study Material & Notes PDF | Buy What Benefits You! 

How to Get Selected in UGC NET Education? Daily Study Plan & Preparation Tips! 



Download UGC NET Education June 2020 Model Paper for Free 




Why Take UGC NET? Explore Its Wide Career Scope in Education!


Education is considered to be the noble and prestigious career option. Everyone wants a secure future, and teaching job is considered to be the best career option as it provides good salary package and the stability of the job.


NTA conducts UGC NET for the recruitment of Lecturer/ Assistant Professor/ Junior Research Fellows at prestigious Colleges and Universities.


The candidates are provided with the fascinating stipend of INR 31000 for research work. Also, University Grants Commission has started Scholarships & Fellowships to award extraordinary performance in the academic field. So, you can avail the benefits with various UGC NET Scholarships.


There are plenty of career options available to design your career in the field of National Eligibility Test for Education. Some of the jobs are listed below.



 Assistant Professor


 Teaching Assistant

 Head of Department

 Research Scholar

 Curriculum Developer

 Educational Consultant

 Media and Technology Specialist

 Educational Policy Developer

Foreign Language Tutor



Must Read: Career Scope After Qualifying UGC NET Exam!


If you’ve set your mind to proceed with UGC NET Education as your career option, then you must be well-versed with the knowledge of its exam scheme, syllabus, topics that have higher weightage, books that you should prefer and types of questions that can occur during the exam.



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Let’s start knowing more about the exam!



UGC NET Education Eligibility, Syllabus & Pattern | Essential Requisites for Exams


Before you start your exam preparation, make sure you are well aware of the latest changes made in the eligibility criteria, exam pattern and syllabus of the exam.




UGC NET Education Eligibility Criteria


Worrying about whether you’ll be eligible or not? Considering the percentage gained in PG degree, age limit or differences in graduation and post-graduation subjects, many of the candidates face confusion in the UGC NET Eligibility Criteria.


To slake their queries, we have come up with the detailed eligibility criteria for National Eligibility Test for Education in an easy to understand manner. Let’s have a look below!


Age Limit


 For General Category – 30 Years

 For OBC/ST/SC/PWD/Transgender Category – 35 Years

 For L.L.M. Degree Holders – 33 Years  


Note – The above age limit is only for JRF aspirants. For lectureship, any age groups candidates can apply.


Educational Qualification 

To be eligible for UGC NET Education, the candidates must have obtained following or more marks in their Master Degree in Education or related subjects from any of the UGC Approved Universities.


Categories  Educational Qualification
General Aspirants 55% Marks
OBC/ ST/SC/PWD/Transgender Aspirants 50% Marks


UGC NET Education Syllabus 2020


The syllabus of National Eligibility Test is very vast. So, covering the entire UGC NET Syllabus would not be a wise step. Instead, you must set the priorities of topics and start covering them accordingly.


To help you out in deciding which topics are crucial to the competitive exam, we have presented the list of –



Important Topics for UGC NET Education Paper - II


Below we have mentioned some important topics from the UGC NET Syllabus. The prescribed topics are suggested by our experts based on the complete analysis of the last few years’ question papers.


Philosophical Foundation of Education

 Sociological Foundation of Education

 Psychological Foundation of Education

 Methodology of Education Research

 Analysis of Data

 Western and Indian School of Philosophy

 Educational and Social Change

 Process of Growth and Development

 Learning, Motivation and Intelligence

 Personality Type and Trait Theory

 Guidance and Counselling- Hypothesis, Samples and Tools

 Universalization and Vocationalization of Education

 Construction and Development of Curriculum




Download Free PDF of UGC NET Education Syllabus




UGC NET Education Exam Pattern [Updated]


What could be the perfect strategy to master the exam which is the aspiration of millions? Well, we would suggest you go through the exam pattern from the scratch!


Many students skip this crucial yet smart way to win success.


Here, we are providing you the complete UGC NET Exam Pattern. Have a look!


Paper Marks Number of Questions Duration
I 100 50 Questions all are Compulsory

 3 Hours

II 200 100 Question all are Compulsory



Important Note -

NTA will conduct the Paper 1 & Paper 2 in a single three hour duration.

Paper I will consist of 50 questions carrying 100 marks. Paper I is known as General Aptitude Paper which is common for all. 

 Paper II will consist of 100 questions carrying 200 marks. Paper II will have objective type questions and the questions will be asked based on UGC NET Education.

 There will be no negative marking for the incorrect answers.

 Your speed and accuracy going to help you a lot to master the exam. So, maintain your speed during the exam. Attempt the less time-consuming questions first.



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UGC NET Education Books, Study Material, Notes PDF | Buy What Benefits You!


Now when you have got the detailed exam pattern and NET Education Syllabus. What’s Next? You must acquire Best UGC NET Books and Study Material to excel your preparations in the right direction.


To prepare for National Eligibility Test, Eduncle is the one stop solution for you to head your preparations in the right direction.


There are numerous UGC NET Coaching for the exam, which provides study material and guidance to the students.


While having an expertise in UGC NET, Eduncle provides you the best Books and Study Material at very reasonable prices. To be assured that the study material you’re going to buy would be the best one for you, you can get access to the Free Sample Theory of UGC NET Education Books.


Moreover, you can get the Free PDFs of Last 5 Year Exam's Question Papers with Solutions attached with the complete package of UGC NET Education. The study material and books are provided in both printed and digital form.


In the below table, we have mentioned the various formats in which we’re providing the study material for UGC NET Education. You can click on the links to get more information about the products.


Study Material


Links to Buy

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Detailed Theory of Paper – 1 (10 Units)


Detailed Theory of Paper – 2 (10 Units)

NET Booster – 2(Detailed Theory of Full Syllabus)

Detailed Theory of Paper – 2 (10 Units)




NET Leader (Full Course for Paper 2)

2670 + Question Papers


Detailed Theory of Paper 2 - 10 Units

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NET Achiever (Detailed Theory of Full Syllabus)

3470 + Practices Questions



Detailed Theory of Paper 1 & 2

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16 Practice Tests


10 Volume Solved Papers (Paper 1 & 2)

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NET USP With Paper 1

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5 Previous Year Papers


11 Practice Tests



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Our ultimate aim is your success in the exam. So, prepare with Eduncle and make your dream come true of becoming a Lecturer.




How to Crack UGC NET Education Exam? Get the Sure Shot Tips Here!


Worrying about how to prepare for NET Exam in Education? What are the tricks to follow and how to score good marks in National Eligibility Test 2020?


Getting the right direction and the complete tips on How to crack UGC NET Exam are the sure shot answers to your questions.


Below, we have provided the preparation tips to crack National Eligibility Test. Have a look and start your preparations now.


  As above, we have provided you the detailed knowledge of latest changes made in the syllabus and pattern of the exam, now the next step you must do is to set your target score.

Cutoff Marks matter a lot while setting up the target score for the exam. By analyzing the previous years’ cut off for UGC NET, we can provide you a fair idea about the target score that you can set up for yourself.

You must aim to score more than 70 Marks as the cutoff remains between 68 to 72.


 As the syllabus is huge, it becomes quite difficult to cover the entire topics in such short duration of 4-5 months. We’d advise you to set up a time schedule for these months and cover the important ones at earlier and then the remaining ones. 

  Start with the UGC NET Paper-1 and finish it as soon as you can. This subject is easier, and the number of questions are less in it, so go for it at first. 

 After finishing up the entire topics of Paper-1, solve its previous years papers or take Online Mock Test to judge your skills and knowledge. 

 Now, let’s move on with the UGC NET Education Paper -2 which is going to be very challenging task for you. List down all the topics and prioritize them based on their importance.

 Prepare a schedule and keep at least 2 topics for each day. Make sure you spend at least 7 hours on studying these topics from scratch. 

  Perform revision once you a complete a single topic and final revision should be performed at day end. 

 This way, when you cover most of the topics, you can start preparing with UGC NET Question Papers & assess your performance with UGC NET Answer Keys.

 Based on the results of your self-assessment process, find out the weak areas and work on it with full dedication. 

  Don’t skip the revision techniques. These would be greatly helpful to remember the topics for long.


Hope these tips will be helpful to you in bagging up top scores in UGC NET Education 2020 Exam.


To help you more in refining you skills, we have also provided some sample questions based on UGC NET Education Paper – 2. Save some time to solve these questions and let us know whether these helped you or not.


Let’s Test Your Knowledge!



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UGC NET Education Paper 2 Sample Questions - Solve & Analyze Your Grades!


Q.1. Which of the following statements finds support from an existentialist teacher?(1) Education is value-centric(2) Education is contextual(3) Education is perennial(4) Education is instinctiveQ.2 Which Indian school of thought considers all knowledge as relative?(1) Buddhism

(2) Vedant

(3) Jainism

(4) Islam



Q.3 In dealing with the problems of education, which of the following combinations will be supported by a teacher of Marxist orientation?

(A) The aim of education is to help in the creation of a classless society.

(B) Science and technology help in the development of society.

(C) Individual freedom accelerates the progress of society.

(D) Progress of society implies subsequent changes in the means of education.




(1) (A), (B) and (C)

(2) (B), (C) and (D)

(3) (A), (C) and (D)

(4) (A), (B) and (D)



Q.4 Who among the following is not a logical positivist?

(1) Morris L. Biggie

(2) A.J. Ayer

(3) Betrand Russell

(4) Henry Bergson



Q.5 Match the items of Set- I embodying a list of educational thinkers with Set-II which indicates their work. Select the appropriate code for your answer.


Set-I                                                                  Set-II

(Educational Thinker)                                    (Work)

(A) Gandhi                                                         (i) Savitri

(B) Tagore                                                         (ii) Geeta

(C) Sri Aurobindo                                            (iii) Brahma Sutra

(D) Vivekananda                                             (iv) Practical Vedant

(v) My Experiments with Truth




(A) (B) (C) (D)

(1) (v) (vi) (i) (iv)

(2) (v) (iii) (ii) (i)

(3) (vi) (iii) (iv) (ii)

(4) (ii) (vi) (iii) (iv)



Q.6 Education is a factor that explains social change in various ways. Which of the following will be considered as the most appropriate indicators in this regard?

(1) Reflection, Assimilation, Production

(2) Research, Reflection, Transmission

(3) Investigation, Reflection, Attitude Formation

(4) Assimilation, Preservation, Transformation



Q.7 A line of Indian film song runs like this: “You are in me and I am in you”. This can be interpreted to accord with the views of which philosophy/

(1) Vedanta

(2) Sankhya

(3) Jainism

(4) Yoga



Q.8. Which is the correct sequence as per the eight-fold path of Buddhist Education?

(i) Samyak Vyayam                                                    (iii) Samyak Sankalp

(ii) Samyak Smridhi                                                  (iv) Samyak Drishti




(1) (iii), (iv), (i) and (ii)

(2) (iii), (iv), (ii) and (i)

(3) (iv), (iii), (ii) and (i)

(4) (iv), (iii), (i) and (ii)



Q.9 In Jain epistemology which one is the basis for true knowledge?

(1) Inductive Reasoning

(2) Deductive Reasoning

(3) Dialectic Reasoning

(4) Naya based Reasoning



Q.10    Assertion:  Distress usually accompanies abnormal behavior patterns.

            Reason (R): Behaviour disorders are reflected in the reports of distress.


Which of the following options is correct?

(1) Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct reason of (A).

(2) Both (A) and (R) are true, and (R) is the correct reason.

(3) Both (A) and (R) are false.

(4) (R) is true but cannot be the reason for (A).



Q.11 If in educational research, the average results of many similar studies are considered for explaining and summarizing, the procedure is known as:

(1) Ethnomethodology

(2) Meta-Analysis

(3) Evaluation Study

(4) Analytical Research



Q.12 A teacher applies his/ her understanding of philosophy to solve the problem of truancy among students. This may be called his / her:

(1) Philosophy of Education

(2) Philosophy in Education

(3) Philosophy for Education

(4) Philosophy and Education



Q.13    Assertion (A): Education is the key that unclocks the door to modernization.

            Reason (R): Development of technology facilitates interaction among people.



(1) Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct reason of (A).

(2) Both (A) and (R) are true, and (R) is the correct reason.

(3) Both (A) and (R) are false.

(4) (R) is true but cannot be the reason for (A).



Q.14 The concept of ‘Arch Type’ was given by:


(1) Freud

(2) Wallas

(3) Arieti

(4) Jung



Q.15 Who had suggested that questions are a powerful means of triggering thinking and can lead people from “unconscious ignorance to conscious ignorance”.

(1) Socrates

(2) Chanakya

(3) Plato

(4) Aristotle






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At the end, we’d be inviting you to share out your reviews and feedback on the blog. Please let us know what changes can be made in this blog to provide you a more effective guide.


All the Best!!