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UGC NET Paper 1 Notes - Value & Environmental Education

UGC NET Paper 1 - Value Education and Environmental Education

UGC NET Question Papers

If you want to score well in UGC NET Exam, then don’t forget to concentrate on Paper 1, as the overall score in NET Exam can be improved by scoring well in Paper 1.

With revision of the UGC NET Syllabus of Paper 1, UGC has merged some topics in almost every Unit.

Value Education and Environmental Education is one of the newly emerged topics in ‘Higher Education System’ which is an important part of Paper1.

As this is a new topic and very vast to read, questions can be put in exams based on it.

So, here are some sure short notes that can help you to understand Value education and environmental education.


So, let’s start this blog with the basics.

Value Education

Environmental Education



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UGC NET Value Education


It is a process or function of education that helps in the development of an individual personality of humans. It’s a process by which people give moral values to each other.

In a detailed explanation of Value Education, we can say that “Value-education is the aggregate of all such actions by means of which people develop the attitudes, abilities and other forms of behavior of the positive values in the society in which they live”.

Some peoples see the Value Education in the term of Socratic dialogue (A formal method by which a small group of people is guided by a facilitator that leads to success.

Value Education can be divided into two distinct categories –

Explicit Value Education

Implicit Value Education


Explicit value education directly relates to our teaching system when it comes to value questions like how the teacher or educators use different pedagogies, methods, or programs to create a smooth learning experience for the aspirants.

Implicit value education covers that aspect of educational experience which relates to the concept of hidden curriculums of learning.

Both these terms are very important from the UGC NET Paper 1 point of view, So, you are advised to remember these terms and their meanings.

Below you can check the objectives that can help you to understand the term ‘Value Education’ in a much better way.



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Important Objectives of Value Education for UGC NET Paper 1 –

The main objective of Value Education is to improve the integral growth of people.

It helps for the improvement in the sustainable lifestyle of the human being.

Value Education helps to increase awareness about our nation like the history of the country, constitutional rights, national integration, etc.

Developing a democratic way to improve the level of thinking.

To develop the tolerance and understanding capacity of different religious faiths.


We hope that the above-mentioned points helped you out to know the purpose of Value Education.

The experts have also elaborated on some common types of value and their areas.

Here we have shared some important types of Value Education as per the view of UGC NET Paper 1.


Human Values

For a positive attitude towards the environment, the use of some study sources like textbooks can play an important role. Human value is the assets that can guide people to consider the human element while interacting with each other.


Social Value

There is a huge potential in Social Value to help us change the way we understand the world around us. Social Values in each country are protected by society.

The most common examples of Social Values are self-control, brotherhood, honesty, love, and faith.


Religious Value

Religious Values are informed by one’s religion. Religions contribute to the development of psychological religious values. These values are rose by the inborn emotions of a human being.

The rules, status, and principles of each religion have their own value.


Professional Value

Building professionalism towards the work is counted in the professional values of people.

Each profession whether it is regular, temporary, Sincere or any else has got its own independent value.



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Environmental Education


You can say it’s a process to develop a structure of knowledge about environmental issues and to take essential actions for its improvement.

Environmental education helps the learners for a sustainable future.

It helps to develop a deeper understanding of our environmental issues and to make important decisions to resolve them.

International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) was formalized the Environment Education concept for the first time in 1970 at a meeting in Nevada, USA.

The objectives/aims of Environmental Education are as follows –



For the basic understanding of the environment and its various challenges.



For the awareness and sensitivity to the environment and environmental challenges.



‘Skill” is one of the major components of environmental education to identify the environmental challenges and to resolve them.



To collect the values and feelings in regard to the environment and for participating in improvement and protection activities of the environment.



For the resolution of various environmental problems, encouraging the citizens to take involvement in the benefit of the environment.


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We hope that you are now fairly aware of the concept of Environmental Education.

From the viewpoint of UGC NET Paper 1 preparation, there are some facts on the Evolution of Environmental Education that need to be understood by every aspirant.

In Tbilisi, Georgia, the world’s first intergovernmental conference was held on Environmental Education in 1977.

In 1991, Environmental Education was made compulsory at all levels of the Indian Education system by the Honorable Supreme Court.

Under Article 48-A of our Constitution, the responsibility of every citizen in the form of fundamental duty has been laid down. As per the Constitution, “The State shall endeavor to protect and improve the environment and to safeguard the forests and wildlife of the country”.

There is a paramount need to create a consciousness of the environment – stated by the National Policy on Education in 1986 which was renewed in 1992.

A distance education course in Environmental Education – ‘Green Teacher’ launched by the Centre for Environment Education, Ahmedabad, India for already practicing teachers. It’s a diploma program of one year for teachers.

Environmental Education (EE) is the formal educational system in India that is handled at three levels – Primary schools, middle and secondary school level, and at the college level.

In the support of Environmental Education, International bodies are also active like UNESCO, UNEP, MOEF, CEE, etc.



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Important Characteristics of Environmental Education

Environmental Education concerns the interrelationship between human and natural systems.

The objective of Environmental Education has been modified to Environmental Education for Sustainable development (EESD) which has a broader implication for poverty, population, development, and gender.

It can be useful for the development of students’ skills to deal with current situations of the local and global environment.

Environmental Education encourages the school communities for development of environment-related programs besides formal education.



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We hope that the basics of Value Education and Environmental Education topic of UGC NET Paper 1 must be cleared now.

If you have any queries, then you can share them with us through the comment box below. We will solve your queries as soon as possible.

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