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How to Solve Venn Diagram Question – Get Methods to Solve Quickly!

Venn Diagram

Venn diagrams are one of the easiest topics. By attempting the Venn Diagram questions, you can secure good marks in the competitive exams like RRB, IBPS, SSC exam.

But most of the aspirants stuck in the Venn diagram problems because of the question complexity.

Here in this article, you will get the tricks to solve the venn diagram problems. We have catered some of the venn diagram examples to make to understand the basic concept.

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What are Venn diagrams?


Any simple closed figure used to represent sets are call Venn diagrams. Venn diagrams use the overlapping circle to show how things are alike and different from each other. It is a graphical comparison of the things by highlighting it.

They are extensively used to teach set theory and commonly known as set diagrams and logic diagrams.


History of Venn Diagram


John Venn is the inventor of the Venn diagram. In 1891, he constructed the Venn diagram to illustrate the inclusive and exclusive relationship between the things. He used them as a comparison tool.

Venn diagram is the illustrations of circles that despite commonalities or differences two sets. Sets are a grouping or collection of items.


Purpose and Benefit


Venn diagrams are used in the diversified field, to compare the items of the universe. By using circular diagram it becomes easy to understand the venn diagram problems.

Here we have shared some benefits that you can get through Venn Diagrams.


Help to Contrast Two or More Choices


Venn diagram helps the student to have a comparison between two or more items. While comparing it becomes quite clear what are the commonalities and differences. This way you can also find out the way for selecting any one among all.


To Solve Complex Mathematical Problems


Using Venn Diagrams can be the best way to solve the complex mathematical problems easily.
Once you practice well on Venn Diagram, it can help to resolve the problems related to exclusive relations between different things.


Helpful in Making Strategies


Venn diagram helps you out in making strategies for business, learning, in making statistical data, company hiring the right candidate with all required skills, and in other ways.


Visualization of Concept


Venn diagram is an important strategy which helps the students by visualizing the concepts and compare the idea through the graphical presentation of circles used in Venn diagram.


Colourful Presentation


Venn diagrams are usually represented with the colourful circles, which helps the student to learn and understand the concepts easily.



How to Solve Venn Diagram Questions in Exam – Check the Tips Below!


In competitive exams, you can see different types of Venn Diagram Problems. A candidate must be aware of all type of questions asked in the exams.

Below we have shared some most common types of Venn Diagram. You can clear all the concepts with perfect Venn Diagram Examples through this blog.


Type 1


When all the items in the question, belong from the different group then you can solve the question by drawing the Venn diagram, will be like:



Explanation: Pen, Book and Keyboard belong from the different group then there is no relationship between the item/s. So, all the three items will be represented in three separate circles.



Type 2


When the first item is related with the second item and the second item is related with the third item then all the three components will be drawn as given below:



Explanation:  A town comes in the State, in the same way, state comes in the country. So, town, state and country are related to each other. In this kind of relationship, the above-mentioned diagram will be drawn.



Type 3


When the two items in the question are different from each other but related to the third item then, the diagram will be given as below:



Explanation: Giraffe and Monkey are different from each other but there is a link between them, they both are animals.


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Type 4


When there is some relationship between two items and these two items are somehow linked with the third item then, they will be shown as below:



Explanation: Some daughters are mother like the way some mothers are also daughters and some may not be mothers and vice-versa. But all daughters and mothers will come under the same group in Women.



Type 5


When two items are completely different from each other but are slightly linked but not completely with the third item then, in this case, you need to draw the Venn diagram as given below:



Explanation: In the above diagram both girl and boy are different from each other but some girls, as well as boys, are a student also. So, you should draw the above diagram for this kind of relationship.



Type 6


When all the items are slightly interlinked with each other than, draw the diagram as mentioned below:



Explanation: In the above relationship, doctor, teacher and musician are slightly interlinked with each other like some doctor may be women and vice-versa, some teacher may be women and vice-versa, some musician may be women and vice-versa. If all the items are related with other then, you need to draw the above diagram.


Type 7


When the two items are completely related to each other and the third item is entirely different from both the items given in the question, then you need to draw the below mentioned diagram for this relationship.



Explanation: In the above relation, thieves are part of criminals or we can say, some criminals are thieves but philosophers are entirely different from thieves and criminals. So, when you see such relationship in the Venn diagram problem, draw the above diagram tp solve the question.



In this blog, we have provided the glimpse of the Venn diagram with some of its type. This will help you out to solve the Venn diagram in your competitive exams like SSC, IBPS, RRB.


Hope the above mentioned venn diagram example will be beneficial for to score good in your competitive exam.

Feel free to reach us. You can drop your query in the comment section below.




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