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Career Options after 12th Science PCM | Why opt Math Stream after 10th?


Career Scope after 10th and 12th PCM



Every year several students appear in 10th Board Exams. Here, they get a chance to prove their capabilities for the first time in the Board Exams. By putting lots and lots of efforts they finally hit the home run. Many of them break the records and score highest marks in the Board Exams.


And then, there comes a moment when they must finally give their career a perfect shape and that is by finding out the answer of ‘Which Stream to Choose after 10th?’.  If you’re going through the same phase, you would understand it better that how it feels like to get stuck amongst lots of career choices and reaching no destination.


For days & months, you keep going with your flipped thoughts! Well, this is quite a fact that only after 12th, you can enter in your actual career life but its starting occurs from 10th itself. Because after 10th, you must choose in which career you would like to step ahead.


Mathematics is the highly opted subject by students after qualifying 10th. Because of the number of career scopes, it has in future, people tend to attract towards this easy yet tricky subject. Yes, it is easy. Isn’t it?


To help you come out of such dilemma of whether you should go for Maths or not, Eduncle Team presents you a blog on Wonderful Career Options after 12th Science PCM including the Career Options after 10th in Science Stream (PCM).


Keenly read this blog about Advantages of taking Maths Science Stream after 10th and you’ll realize Mathematics would no more be a hard choice for you even if you have less interest in it.





Why Choose Mathematics Stream after 10th? Explore the Career Options after 12th Science PCM!



Among the List of Career Options after 10th in Science Stream, PCM (Mathematics) would be a wise choice as a stream after 10th, if you’re not interested in Bio-Related Subjects.


Right from the School Education Basics, Maths Calculations are used in almost every aspect of our day to day lives. Paying Bills at a Grocery Store would be the perfect example for you to understand the importance of Mathematics.


“The study of Mathematics is like the Nile River, begins with a minuteness but ends in magnificence” - Charles Caleb Colton.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re good or bad at Mathematics. If you love to play with numbers, you’d start seeing everything through an angle, you’d be eager to calculate your Profits and Losses.

With time, you’d become fond of making calculations on your fingertips!


Mathematics has the power to convert the simply written sentences into Geometric, Trigonometric & Algebraic Calculations.


Let’s explore the wonderful career options after 12th PCM waiting for you out there!





List of Courses after 10th in Science Stream as well as Career after 12th PCM



As everyone knows, that the candidates who are seeking to proceed their career in PCM, must opt the Science Stream after 10th. Thereafter they must qualify 11th & 12th in Science PCM and only after that they can move further to experience the actual career journey in Mathematics.


The CBSE Class 12 Result 2018 is going to be out soon! If you want to take your career to a next level, make sure your class 12 outcomes match the expectation level for the same.


People usually think that Engineering (B-Tech) is the only career options after 12th PCM but this is not a truth. There are lot many worthwhile career options after 12th Science PCM other than Engineering as well.


The 12th Science PCM Students can also work in departments such as Medical Statistics in Pharmaceutical Sectors, Meteorology and Architecture Designing, Operational Research & Teaching etc.


Let’s explore more career opportunities given below -




Career Options after 12th Science PCM other than Engineering



Through IIT JEE, every year lakhs of PCM Students try their luck to take admission in various Engineering Courses offered by IITs, NITs, IIITs or GFTIs.


Going through this two-phased exam, those who qualify JEE Mains Exam can become eligible for admission in NITs, IIITs, Government & Private Colleges. But those who wish to proceed their race and qualify JEE Advanced Exam, become eligible for admission in the most ambitious colleges of India i.e. IITs.


Well, as we stated in the above heading that B-Tech is not the only career scope that is left behind for you after completing 12th PCM. There are lot many others too!


Let’s find out the career options after 12th Science PCM except Engineering!



Graduation Courses


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) (Regular and with Honors) Integrated B.Sc.-B.Ed. Bachelor of Mathematics (B. Math) Masters in Mathematics (M. Math) Bachelor of Statistics (B.Stat.)




Post - Graduation Courses


 Master of Science MSc Integrated MSc/MS D. (Doctoral Studies) MCA (Master of Computer Applications) Master of Statistics (M.Stat.) Master of Philosophy in Mathematics Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics Doctor of Philosophy in Maths & Statistics Master of Philosophy in Mathematical Science



Note - Know About IIT JAM Exam, if you want to pursue M.Sc. or Integrated M.Sc. in Mathematics from IITs and NITs.




Research Areas in Mathematics

  Algebra, Combinatorics, and Geometry Analysis and Partial Differential Equations Applied Analysis Complex Biological Systems Mathematical Biology Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing Topology and Differential Geometry



The career opportunities in Mathematics are vast. We have mentioned only the popular ones above. The above information was only based on the Courses that you might opt after 12th PCM. In the below section we’re going to present you the List of Popular Job-Related Career Options after 12th PCM & Graduation Degree.


Hope this information will be helpful to you in opting the right career choice for you.




Career Options after 12th PCM | Fetch the List of Popular Jobs



Studying Maths is the best way to enhance your Logical, Problem Solving & Decision-Making Skills. These are the key skills that help you to showcase your best talent in front of the employers at various Job Sectors.


All the Highest Paid Jobs are directly or indirectly related to Mathematics. Below we have mentioned the Career after 12th Science PCM in Government & Private Sector.


Let’s have a look!




Government Jobs & Career Options after 12th Science PCM other than Engineering



As the population is growing faster, people are seemed to be more panic about their career & this makes them bend towards Government Jobs. The prime reason behind opting Government Jobs is Job securities & benefits in this sector.


Knowledge in Mathematics gives you wonderful opportunities in the Government Sectors. Some of them are discussed below –



 Armed Forces


 Mini Ratnas and Nav Ratnas like BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited), GAIL, BCCL, IOCL etc. PSUs


 Banking and Finance Sectors


 Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO)


 Indian Space and Research Organizations (ISRO)


 National Aeronautical Limited (NAL)


 Indian Railways and Metros




 Income Tax Department




You may also visit – Top Government Recruitment Exams in 2017!





Private Sector Career Options after 12th Science PCM Except Engineering



If you are keen to use your Mathematical Skills in the Private sectors too, there is no lack of opportunities for a Mathematician. There is a demand of Statisticians & Mathematician in the following fields –




1. Private Banks and Insurance Companies


There are more than 22 Private Sector Banks in India that release the enormous number of vacancies for Graduates every year. It gives outstanding scopes for Mathematics Students who can use their talent & skills to accomplish the important tasks of Banks.




2. Cost Evaluator


A Cost Evaluator estimates, collects, and analyze data to decide the time, money, materials, and labors required to manufacture a product, construct a building, or launch a service.




3. Market Researcher


Market researcher works on the market inspection and various potential sales conditions. Conducts surveys and polls to understand factors that will affect the sale of a product.




4. Chartered Accountant (CA)


They work in all the fields of Business and Finance including Audit, Taxation, Financial and General Management. They provide support to members by offering advisory services, technical helplines, and technical libraries etc.




Apart from these Well-Known Career Options, a PCM Graduate can also go for various Research & Lecturer-ship Jobs through CSIR NET Exam. As there is a high demand of Maths teachers/lecturers in various Govt. and Private Institutions. If you have the talent & required skill-set, then you can have a worthwhile future in PCM Field.





Various Prestigious Awards in Mathematics Field | Check Out List Here



India has the pride to have such talented Scientists & Mathematician who had performed many important inventions & discoveries in Mathematics like – Vedic Maths, Invention of Zero, Value of Pi, Pythagoras Theorem etc.


To encourage such outstanding talent & motivate them to perform more such inventions, Indian Government presents some Honorable Awards to the Mathematics Scholars.


Please check out the list of Awards in the field of Mathematics –



The Abel Prize laureates The Award for Mathematical Association of America The Morgan Prize for Research in Mathematics The Field Medals The Wolf Prize in Mathematics The Chern Medal for Contribution in Mathematics The International Mathematical Union Awards




So, have you now got the answer to ‘Which Stream to Choose After 10th?


Please let us know your reviews & feedback over the same. We’d be highly pleased to respond to your career related queries. Kindly share them with us in the comments section below.


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    A student having PCM in 12th standard can pursue his further study in engineering & technology : 1. - Computer Science & Engineering 2. (Hons.) in computer science & Engineering with specilization in Cyber Security 3. (Hons.) In computer science & Engineering with specilization in Cloud Computing 4. (Hons.) In computer science & Engineering with specilization in IOT & Intelligent Systems 5. Mechanical Engineering 6. (Hons.) Mechatronics Engineering with specilization in Robotics 7. - Electronic & Communication Engineering. 8. (Hons.) Electrical Engineering with Specilization in Electric Vehicle Technology 9. - Petrolem Engimeering 10. B.Tech civil Engineering
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    Can I go for civil service exams after taking pcm in 12th(science)??
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    Hello Akanksha,   Greetings from Eduncle!   Yes, 12th PCM candidates can appear for NDA (National Defense Academy) Exam.   Thanks for asking your query with us!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team
    Can I appear in UPSC exams
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