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CBSE 10th Results 2019 Declared - Check Date, Time, Previous Stats

cbse 10th result 2019 - 5 Alternative Ways to Check Your Board Exam Results



CBSE Class 10 Result 2019 declared by School Education Secretary of HRD Ministry on 06th May 2019!


The Matriculation or Class 10th Result of CBSE creates great buzz among private/regular students, parents, and school teachers. With 17,61,078 appearing students, CBSE has conducted one of the largest board exams in 2019.


The CBSE Class 10th Result 2019 Declaration Date is a big day for the Class X students. Despite being a haunting day, result day is the most awaited day after the examination.


Anxiously refreshing your browser to get your CBSE Class 10th results? Stop! Get your results delivered instantly with these alternative ways, even when you are offline.


It is noteworthy that on the Class 10th CBSE Result Date the official websites might not load properly due to high traffic. In that case, Class X students are very anxious and stressed awaiting their result status.


To help out students check their CBSE Class 10th Result without any glitches, we have added 5 effective ways to see the result without any delay.


You can check your results online on official websites and In this blog, we’ll tell you the steps to check your CBSE Class 10 Result 2019.





How to Check CBSE 10th Result 2019?


To check your CBSE 10th Board Result, you’d need your Roll Number, Date of Birth and School Number for student login.


Here's how to check your CBSE 10th Result Online.


cbse 10th result Official Website


1. Go to the Official Website.


2. Click on Class 10th Result link on the result page.


3. Enter the Roll Number, Date of Birth and School Number (As given on CBSE 10th Admit Card). Then, Click on submit button.


4. Your Result of Class 10 CBSE will be displayed. Print this by clicking on the printout button.


The passing criteria for Class X students from 2019 batch has been released by CBSE. According to the circular, candidates need to secure overall 33% marks (Internal Assessment + Annual Exam) in 5 Main Subjects.




Other Modes of Checking the CBSE Board 10th Class Result 2019:


As the Result of Class 10 CBSE 2019 has been declared, the traffic of 17,61,078 students will flood the official websites and hence students might face problem in loading the website.


Keeping this situation in mind, CBSE has decided to make the result available in 5 different modes:





School Websites


Umang App



Check CBSE Class 10th Result using IVR


Interactive voice response, or IVR, is a computerized phone system that enables a telephone caller, to select from a voice menu. The telephone numbers of NIC can be accessed through IVRs.


To check the result, make a call on the following numbers:


011-24300699 (For subscribers in other parts of the country)

 24300699 (For local subscriber in Delhi)


The call rate is 30 paise per minute or per roll number.



Get the Result of CBSE Class 10th 2019 with SMS


CBSE has also tied up with major telecom operators to provide Class 10 Result via SMS. Here’s the list of numbers, on which you can send text and receive the result via SMS. The Date of Birth must be in ddmmyyyy format.


Text of SMS: ‘cbse10 <rollno> <dob> <sch no> <center no>’


 7738299899  (National Informatics Centre).



Download CBSE Class 10th Marksheet with Digilocker


CBSE uploads your Class 10th Marksheet on its cloud storage Digilocker. The digital marksheets of CBSE 10th Examinations conducted in or after 2017 are available in Digilocker. Students can log in to  Digilocker application to get the certificates.




1. Visit

2. Click on button Go to DigiLocker.

3. If you have a registered account and number with Digilocker, you’ll receive a message like this:


CBSE-Digilocker marksheet download Password and Login



4. After logging in with the given login credentials, you’ll see this message on your screen: Looking for CBSE Digital Marksheets? Go here>>


5. Click on the Go here link.


6. On the next page, you’ll get the link to download your CBSE Marksheets. Download the Marksheet using the link.


DigiLocker is a "digital locker" service operated by the Government of India that enables Indian citizens to store certain official documents on the cloud.



Check Your Class X Result on School Websites


Many school websites upload the result of their students on their official website. You may ask the administration of your school to provide your Result of CBSE Class 10 2019 on their website as soon as it releases.





 CBSE Class 10 Result 2019 via Email


This is another lesser-known way to check your CBSE 10th Result 2019. Very few Class X students are aware of this approach & hence your chances of getting the result will be much higher.




1. Visit (This is a website launched by Govt. of India.)


2. Click on Get Results by Email – Registration for CBSE Class XII & Class X.


3. Enter your Email and as soon as the result is officially declared, you’ll receive your result in the mailbox.





 CBSE Class 10 Result 2019 via Umang App


On Umang App, CBSE Class 10th results has been made available. By clicking on the top announcement section of Umang app, candidates can access their CBSE Class 10th Result 2019.

Umang app for cbse class 10th result

It goes without saying that you must keep your Roll Number, School Number handy. We have listed all the ways, you can use to check your CBSE 10th Result 2019.  


Apart from this, CBSE partners with Google to offer Class X students a simple method to check their results. Google has tied up with CBSE to provide access to results & education-related information in reliable and seamless manner.


This year, Microsoft through their app SMS organiser will inform students about their CBSE 10th results, even if they are offline also. The candidates have to register with their roll number, school code and the date of birth to be able to access their marks in SMS Organizer inbox as soon as they are announced.


Looking at the history of CBSE Class 10th Result Declaration Date and Time, we have noticed that sometimes the result is delayed by Central Board of Secondary Education. The results may be withheld due to some inevitable reasons and these reasons are listed below:




Dates of Releasing CBSE 10th Board Result for Last Years:


We are providing you the CBSE Class 10th Result Declaration Dates for past years so that you can check whether the result is being declared on time or not:


Year Exam Dates Result Declaration Date Time Taken
2019 21st Feb-29th March 2019 06th May 2019 1 month 7 days
2018 5th March – 4th April 29th May 2018 1 Months 25 Days
2017 9th March - 10th April 3rd June 2017 1 Month 24 days
2016 1st March - 28th March 28th May 2016 2 Months




CBSE Class 10 Result - Grading System (CGPA and Percentage Calculation in Mark-sheet)


Class 10th Grades will be subdivided as A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, D, E1, and E2. Check how many marks obtained are equivalent to which grade.


Marks Obtained Equivalent Grade Grade Points (GP)
91-100 A1 10
81-90 A2 9
71-80 B1 8
61-70 B2 7
51-60 C1 6
41-50 C2 5
33-40 D 4
21-32 E1
00-20 E2


Note: Students getting E1 or E2 grades, will have to sit in re-examination within a month. However, students getting grade D will be considered pass in the exam.


CGPA Calculation for Class 10th:


CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average, which is overall grade point of the student mentioned on the report card and it can be used to calculate the overall percentage of the student.



How to Calculate CGPA?


This is quite simple. All you have to do is, add your Class 10 grade points of the main five subjects (Maths, Science, Social Science, English and Hindi), and then divide it by 5.



1. Grade Points(GP) obtained in English= 8; Hindi= 9; SSC= 7; Maths= 9; Science= 8.


2. Add the GP of these five subjects – 8+9+7+9+8= 41


3. Divide it by 5 – 41/5= 8.2 (CGPA)



How to Convert CGPA into Percentage?


To convert your CGPA into percentage, multiply your CGPA by 9.5. Although the calculated percentage may not be correct in decimals, but this is the most accurate value of your CGPA into percentage.


Eg: In the case given above, the CGPA of the student is 8.2. So, his equivalent percentage will be 8.2 x 9.5 = 77.9%.




CBSE Class 10th Result: Previous Year Statistics


In addition to the given details about CBSE Class 10 Result 2019, we are also providing important statistics related to CBSE Class X Result. Here’s are few points that we’ll cover:


1. Pass Percentage

2. Who Outshines in CBSE 10th Result – Boys or Girls?

3. Region-wise Result of CBSE Class 10




CBSE Class 10 Pass Percentage


The pass percentage of CBSE Class X is calculated every year based on a number of appearing students in Class 10 Exam and number of passing students.


Does CBSE pass all students who appear in Class 10? The answer is NO.


CBSE has a passing marks criterion of 33% for each subject. Any students who fail to score 33 percent marks in one or more subjects must reappear in the exam.


Year Total Candidates Overall Pass Percentage
2019 18,27,472 91.10
2018 16,38,420 80.70
2017 19,85,397 90.95
2016 14,91,293 96.21




CBSE Class 10 Result – Boys vs Girls


Every year a detailed report on the overall performance of Boys and Girls is made for CBSE Class 10 Result.  Check who performed better in Class X Exams in last 4 years.


Year Boys’ Pass Percentage Girls’ Pass Percentage
2019 90.14 92.45
2018 85.32 88.67
2017 93.40 92.50
2016 96.11 96.36


In last 5 years, girls pass percentage was greater than boys pass percentage. Only in 2017, boys did better than girls. This year Girls outsmarted boys by a margin of 2.31%.




Region-wise Result of CBSE Class 10


The CBSE Class 10 Result 2019 has been declared region-wise. This year’s region wise result is as given below:


Region Pass %
Dehradun 89.04
Chennai 99.00
Trivandrum 99.85
Panchkula 93.72
Ajmer 95.89
Patna 91.86
Prayagraj 92.55
Delhi 80.97
Bhubaneswar 92.32
Guwahati 74.49


Trivandrum ranked first among all the 10 CBSE regions, while Guwahati is at the bottom spot with 74.49 Pass Percentage. Last year, the CBSE 10th Results were declared region-wise with Allahabad, Chennai, Delhi, Dehradun & Trivandrum getting their results before the other regions.




What to Do After Checking CBSE Class 10 Result 2019?


As you have done your best in the examination, your results are going to be the best as well. However, if you don’t get the desired scores you can apply for Rechecking, Compartment or Improvement Exam.


The CBSE 10th Compartment Result 2019 will be available August month.


You can download your Class X Marksheet from Digilocker or CBSE official website. After this, you can apply for admission in Class 11th in your desired stream.




Never let success get to your head. Never let failure get to your heart!”


Your scores do not define your intelligence and potential. Your future choices and dedication can make a difference. If you are successful be proud of your achievements.


But if you do not score desired marks, neither be disappointed nor blame yourself. Learn from it and move ahead. Make sure to enjoy life and do not get consumed by the pressure to be perfect.


Hopefully, now you know every single detail about CBSE Class 10 Result. Leave us your comments or questions below and get your every query answered.


Wish you all the best!




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  • Dodis

    Sir can u tell me minimum% for A1


    Hello Dodis,   Students who are achieving marks between 95 to 100 will be graded as A1. You need to score 90%-100% marks for A1.   Thanks for asking!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team

  • Mahwish

    Tnx for giving so much detail about results.


    Hello Mahwish Abbasi, Greetings from Eduncle! Thanks for the kind words and appreciation! We value your generous feedback. Kind Regards, Eduncle Team

  • Muskan

    When is result for 10 ??? Is it sure


    Hello Muskan,   As per the recent news, Class 10th Result will be declared by the Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE on tomorrow (29 May 2018) at 4 PM.   Thanks for asking!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team

  • Rohit

    sir,if we fail in one subject will the 6th subject Information technology replace it?for class 10th

  • Suraj

    When cbse 10 result date will be release plz tell me soon sir .& email all detail for passing in my email id


    Hello,   CBSE 10th Result date will be in May end. In most likelihoods it will be around 28th May. No official notice has released yet regarding the CBSE 10th Result 2018 yet.   Thanks for asking!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team


    tesult in cgbse class 10th in chhatishgare


    Hello Heambati ,   CGBSE has announced the 10th. Students can check Chhattisgarh CGBSE Result at the official website of the board at   Thanks for asking!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team

  • Sarath

    thank you so much, will the results get released on 30th may for sure?


    Hello Sarath,   We are in contact with CBSE Public Relation Department and as per the last official update GOOGLE will partner with CBSE to provide class 10th Result. However they didn't mention the date clearly.   Thanks for asking!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team

  • Lakshay

    Sir, result of class 10 is announced on may so can I start the study of class 11 in these days of about 45-50 days. Please tell me sir I was so confused what to do in these days.


    Hello Lakshay,   You can start preparing for class 11th during these days. Best of luck for the results!   Thanks for asking!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team

  • Chanchal

    Sir when Cbse will declare 10th board results.


    Hello Chanchal,   Class 10 Result 2018 is going to be released in the month of May.

  • Althaf

    Hello Sir, I would like to know that the student getting grade D will pass or not! I'm an average student that's because i'm asking! Hope you will help me! Thanks


    Hello Althaf,   The passing grade for CBSE Class 10 is from A1 to D.   Thanks for asking!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team


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