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CBSE Class 10th Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme 2019-20 for All Subjects

CBSE Class 10th Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme



Class 10th board is one of the biggest exams in your life or you can also say, it is one of the milestones of your academic journey.


Are you are going to appear in Class 10 CBSE Board Exam this year?


Wondering if it is possible to score great marks in your boards.


Eduncle says "YES", it is possible. It is not an easy task, but it can be done by hard work and patience.


Latest : CBSE has released Sample Question Papers and its Marking Scheme. Candidates can check it here.


Below in this blog, we have provided CBSE Marks Pattern for Class 10th and Marking Scheme. 



CBSE Exam Pattern for Class 10th 2019-20 – All Subjects


CBSE has released the Class 10th Paper Pattern for the academic session of 2019-2020.


In this article, you will get the complete Marking Scheme of CBSE Class 10th.


CBSE Marking Scheme for Class 10th 2019-20

Science View Details Marking Scheme PDF
Social Science View Details Marking Scheme PDF
Maths View Details Marking Scheme PDF
Hindi A View Details Marking Scheme PDF
Hindi B Marking Scheme PDF
English (Language & Literature) View Details Marking Scheme PDF



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CBSE Exam Pattern for Class 10th 2019-20 –  Detailed Analysis


The exam conducting board has brought CBSE New Pattern for Class 10th and changes in the internal assessment (IA). As per the new pattern.


The class 10th is consists of total 100 marks which is subdivided as:


Annual Board Exam: 80 Marks

Internal Assessment: 20 Marks


Important Note - 

As per the latest news, there will be 6 types of objective questions in CBSE Class 10th and 12th Exams.

The 6 objective type questions will be  -Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Right and Wrong, Fill in the blank, Assertion- Region and Match Making.



Annual Exam


As per the updated CBSE Class 10 Mark System, maximum marks are 80 for each subject.

 Students need to secure 33% which is the passing marks in CBSE class 10 out of 80 in each


 Individual grades and marks will be awarded for each subject.

 Total Time Duration – 3 Hours




CBSE Class 10th Marks System - Internal Assessment (IA)


 Periodic Tests (PT) - 10 marks each

 Notebook Submission - 5 marks

 Subject Activities - 5 marks


Note – 3 Periodic tests will be conducted in entire academic session and the average of best 2 would be taken for the submission. The weightage of Periodic test will be 5 marks only.



Health & Physical Education: Grading for Outdoor Games


Central Board of Secondary Education has asked all of its affiliated schools to reserve one period for physical activity and outdoor games. CBSE has decided to allot grading for outdoor games & activities to every student as well.


This one hour will be called Health Education and Physical. It is compulsory for all the students to participate in this HPE Class.


 In this, students will receive a booklet of 150 pages.

 From the booklet, a student will have to choose one exercise which they will have to do on regular basis.

 As per the performance in HPE, students will get the gradesfrom the respective school teacher and the same grades will be uploaded on the official website of CBSE.




CBSE Exam Pattern for Class 10th 2019-20 Science Subject


Class 10 Science Subject includes the basic concepts in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.


Total 36 questions will be asked in exam.


The new exam pattern for CBSE Board Class 10th is given in the following table -



Type of Questions Questions Marks for Each 
Objective Type 20 1
SA 10 3
LA 6 5



 There will be 10 MCQ in objective section. This section will also include VSA, Assertion-Reasoning type questions, etc.

 The official website will announce the CBSE Class 10th Date Sheet soon.

 Students must follow the word limit while answering the questions in the paper.

1 marks question must be answered in one sentence.

 2 marks questions - about 30 words.

 3 marks questions - about 50 words.

 5 marks questions - about 70 words.




Marking Scheme of CBSE Class 10th Social Science


Social Science is considered one of the most scoring subjects in Class 10th. As per the CBSE Marks Pattern for Class 10th, the board covers entire syllabus of Geography, History, Civics, and Economics in Social Science.


The paper will carry 40 questions.

 All the questions are compulsory.

 Some of the questions might have internal choices.


The Marking Scheme of CBSE Class 10th in Social Science is given in the below table.



Questions Type No. of Questions Marks for Each
Objective Type 20 1
SA 8 3
LA 6 5
Map Skil 6 6


Word Limit

3 marks questions - about 80 words.

 5 marks questions - about 100 words.


For Map-Based Question -

 One outline political map of India will be provided.

 After the completion of the answer, attach the map inside the answer sheet.




CBSE Class 10 Maths Paper Pattern 2019-20


The exam pattern of Class 10 Mathematics is of two types -

1. Standard


Here we have provided the complete exam pattern for both type of papers.



Class 10 Mathematics Standard and Basic Exam Pattern


The standard and basic exam pattern for CBSE Class 10th Board Exam are the same. Both consists of 4 sections of questions.

Note - The number of questions will vary in standard and basic exam pattern as per the typology of questions.


 Class 10 Maths Exam carries 80 marks for 40 questions.


Question Type No. of Questions Marks for Each
Objective Type (VSA) 20 1
SA - 1 6 2
SA - 2 8 3
LA 6 4



 Separate marks will be provided for every step. So, candidates are advised to provide a stepwise solution to each question.

 Also, remember to write the conclusion at the end of every question as it carries half to one marks depending upon the marking of that question.




CBSE Exam Pattern for Class 10th 2019-20 English


English is one of the easiest subjects in CBSE Class 10th. CBSE Class 10th Marking Scheme for English Communicative is given below as per CBSE guidelines.


Let’s look at the Paper Pattern of CBSE Class 10th.


There are three sections in English Language Exam Pattern. Below you can check the section-wise marks distribution.


Section Total Marks
Section A: Reading 20
Section B: Writing & Grammar 30
Section C: Literature 30


Total 41 questions will be asked from English subject in Class 10th Exam. Check the distribution of questions as per their types here.


Question Type Number of Questions  Marks for Each
Objective Type Including MCQs 28 1
SA 9 2
LA 3 8
VLA 1 10



Let’s talk -

How to ace this subject in the board exam?

 How marks and questions are distributed in the paper?



Section A:

 This includes reading comprehension, wherein two unseen passages of 700 - 750 are given.

 The passage can be factual, literary, or discursive to test comprehension skills.



Section B:

 This is the section the writing skills are examined.

 Letter writing, Notice writing, Poster making, Article writing etc. are asked in this section.

 This section also meant to test your skills in grammar like tenses, modals etc.



Section C:

 This section is based on literature and poems from the book “First Flight”.

 Questions are asked from the Literature Textbook and Extended Reading Text.



CBSE Paper Pattern for Class 10 Hindi 2019-20


Hindi Syllabus is divided into two corses i.e Course A and Course B.


Total of 44 questions will be asked from Course A for 80 marks. 


Find the CBSE Class 10th Marks System for Hindi Course A in the below table.


Question Type Number of Questions Marks for Each

अति लघुतरात्मक

22 1
लघुतरात्मक 19 2
निबंधात्मक - 1 2 5
निबंधात्मक - 2 1 10



Total of 44 questions will be asked from Hindi Course B 


Question Type Number of Questions Marks for Each

अति लघुतरात्मक

22 1
लघुतरात्मक 19 2
निबंधात्मक - 1  2 5
निबंधात्मक - 2 
1 10




CBSE Class 10th Marking Scheme for Other Subjects


CBSE Class 10 Marking Scheme for Other Subjects


Marking Scheme PDF

Elements of Book Keeping and Accountancy

Download Here

Elements of Business

Download Here

Home Science

Download Here


Download Here

Hindustani Music (Melodic)

Download Here

Hindustani Music (Percussion)

Download Here

Hindustani Music (Vocal)

Download Here

Carnatic Music-Melodic Instruments

Download Here

Carnatic Music-Percussion Instruments

Download Here

Carnatic Music-Vocal

Download Here


Download Here

Computer Application Download Here

CBSE Class 10 Marking Scheme for Languages


Download PDF

Assamese Download PDF


Download PDF

Bahasa Melayu

Download PDF


Download PDF

Bodo Download PDF


Download PDF


Download PDF

Gurung Download PDF


Download PDF


Download PDF


Download PDF

Kashmiri Download PDF
Lepcha Download PDF
Limboo Download PDF


Download PDF


Download PDF


Download PDF


Download PDF

Nepali Download PDF


Download PDF


Download PDF


Download PDF

Rai Download PDF


Download PDF


Download PDF


Download PDF

Sindhi Download PDF
Sherpa Download PDF


Download PDF


Download PDF

Tamang Download PDF


Download PDF

Telugu Telangana

Download PDF


Download PDF

Tibetan Download PDF

Urdu Course A

Download PDF

Urdu Course B

Download PDF

Co-Scholastic Areas
Art Education Download PDF


Students must follow the word limit while answering the questions in the paper.


Question 1-11 carries 1 mark – about 20- 30 words.

Question 12-19 carries 3 marks – about 80 -100 words.

 Question 20 – 26 carries 5 marks – about 150 -200 words


You can also find each and every detail concerned with CBSE Class 10th Exam here with Eduncle. To get updated, please stay tuned with us.


Please share your reviews or doubts regarding the information we provided in the blog. If you have any questions about CBSE Exam Pattern for Class 10th 2019-20, ask us in the comment section below. We’d answer your questions at the earliest.



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