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Attention all the CBSE 12 Aspirants!


The exam convener body ‘Central Board of Secondary Education’ has announced the CBSE Class 12 Date Sheet 2018 on 10th January and later the dates have been revised on 17th January 2018. Based on the latest CBSE Controversies of paper-leak, the education board has decided to re-conduct the Economics Exam.


Below, we have mentioned the CBSE 12 Date Sheet for Economics as well as the CBSE Class 12 Time Table 2018.


With the recently released updates from various sites, the 12 CBSE Board Date Sheet for Economics is live on the official site. Considering this CBSE Class 12 Latest News, we won’t make you wait for more hours to get your CBSE Class 12 Date Sheet 2018.


To slake your curiosity and provide you a sneak peek of CBSE 12 Board Time Table, here in this blog, we have come up the detailed information regarding the date-sheet, timetable and latest news regarding the exam. Click on your the link containing your desired information!



CBSE Class 12 Latest News 

CBSE Practicals Class 12 Date Sheet

 CBSE Class 12 Date Sheet Revised

 CBSE Class 12 Result 2018 Dates



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CBSE Class 12 Latest News, Notification & Updates by Authorities – Stay Tuned! 



Check out the top highlights of CBSE Class 12 Exam 2018 –


 The CBSE Class 12 Board Exams of Hindi Elective, Gujarati, Nepali, Kashmiri & Hindi Core could not be held in Punjab due to Bharat Bandh. Earlier these exam were to be held on 2nd April 2018. But now, these will be conducted on 27th April 2018.


The CBSE Class 12 Economics Paper has been leaked. The authorities will be re-conducting the exam on 25th April 2018.


 The Education Board has suspected that the CBSE Class 12 Maths Exam Paper might also get leaked.


 As per the recently released notification, the authorities have notified all the students to not to follow the viral social media posts claiming to provide the leaked papers of political science & Hindi.

Students must continue their studies instead of following such social media pages.


 The authorities will take strict action against the culprits of leaked papers.





CBSE Class 12 Date Sheet 2018 for Boards [Official]


Based on the experts’ predictions or some official rumors, the CBSE News for Class 12 2018 has come up with various statements. A few resources were claiming that the CBSE Class 12 Exam Date 2018 is 5th March whereas others are claiming that the practical exams would begin from the 25th January.


Well, after the release of final CBSE Class 12 Date Sheet 2018, we’d like to clarify that the board exams will begin from the 5th March, but the practical exams have been pre-shifted from 25th January to 16th January 2018.


Considering all the factors, we’re providing you the relevant information about CBSE 12 Board Date Sheet 2018.




CBSE Practicals Class 12 Date Sheet


As per the official notification released a few days back, the practical exams for 12th Board students will be held in between 16th Jan to 15th Feb 2018.


The practical marks of Arts, Science & Commerce students will be released on the CBSE Class 12 Result 2018 Date for Practical i.e. 25th Feb.


Hope you’ve marked your calendar with these important practical dates. Now its time to reveal the final CBSE Class 12 Exam Date 2018. Let’s check out below!




CBSE Class 12 Date Sheet for Arts, Science, Commerce & Other Subjects


On Wednesday, 10th January 2018, the Central Board of Secondary Education has released the CBSE 12 Date Sheet for Boards Exams.


It has been a long time since the students were waiting for this notification. As now, the final CBSE Board Date Sheet 2018 Class 12 is out, we’d like to present you the detailed information regarding the same.

You may also check the revised date sheet below –



Note – In the below table, you can also check out the CBSE Class 12 Time Table 2018 along with the important dates.




S.No. Subject Name Subject Code CBSE Class 12 Date Sheet 2018 Day
1. English Elective-N 001 5th March Monday
2. English Elective-C 101 5th March Monday
3. English Core 301 5th March Monday
4. Dance-Kathak 056 6th March Tuesday
5. Dance-Bharatanatyam 057 6th March Tuesday
6. Dance-Odissi 059 6th March Tuesday
7. CR Writing TR Study 069 6th March Tuesday
8. Typography & CA HIN 609 6th March Tuesday
9. Microbiology (MLT) 662 6th March Tuesday
10. Dark Room Technique 669 6th March Tuesday
11. Anatomy and Physique 730 6th March Tuesday
12. Child HLTH Nursing 731 6th March Tuesday
13. Clinical Biochemistry 742 6th March Tuesday
14. Retail Services 744 6th March Tuesday
15. Information Storage 748 6th March Tuesday
16. Fundamentals of TR 749 6th March Tuesday
17. Introduction to HO 756 6th March Tuesday
18. Music Aesthetics 768 6th March Tuesday
19. Garment Construction 776 6th March Tuesday
20. Traditional Indian 777 6th March Tuesday
21. Salesmanship 784 6th March Tuesday
22. Electrical Machine 787 6th March Tuesday
23. Capital Market Operations 793 6th March Tuesday
24. Physics 042 7th March Wednesday
25. Optics 658 7th March Wednesday
26. Clinical Bio-Chemistry (MLT) 661 7th March Wednesday
27. Health Centre Management 733 7th March Wednesday
28. Front Office Opera 753 7th March Wednesday
29. Music Production 769 7th March Wednesday
30. Fashion Studies 053 8th March Thursday
31. Office Procedure & Practices 604 8th March Thursday
32. Applied Physics 625 8th March Thursday
33. Bio-Ophthalmic 657 8th March Thursday
34. Fund of Nursing II 663 8th March Thursday
35. General Physics 666 8th March Thursday
36. Food & Beverage Cost & Control 737 8th March Thursday
37. Logistics Operation & Supply Chain Management -II 750 8th March Thursday
38. Bakery 751 8th March Thursday
39. Basic Horticulture 762 8th March Thursday
40. Cost Accounting 781 8th March Thursday
41. Security 800 8th March Thursday
42. Business Studies 054 9th March Friday
43. Floriculture 765 9th March Friday
44. Multimedia & Web Technology 067 10th March Saturday
45. National Cadet Corps 076 10th March Saturday
46. Office Communication 606 10th March Saturday
47. Beauty & Hair 745 10th March Saturday
48. Music Karnataka (Vocal) 031 12th March Monday
49. Music Karnataka Instrumental (Melodic) 032 12th March Monday
50. Music Hindustani Vocal 034 12th March Monday
51. Music Hindustani Instrumental Melodic 035 12th March Monday
52. Music Hindustani Instrumental Percussion 036 12th March Monday
53. Comm. Health NUR II 664 12th March Monday
54. Basic Concepts of Health and Disease and Medical Terminology 729 12th March Monday
55. Chemistry 043 13th March Tuesday
56. Painting 049 14th March Wednesday
57. Graphics 050 14th March Wednesday
58. Sculpture 051 14th March Wednesday
59. App/Commercial Art 052 14th March Wednesday
60. Accountancy 055 15th March Thursday
61. Geography 029 17th March Saturday
62. Biotechnology 045 17th March Saturday
63. Mat & Child H.NUR II 665 17th March Saturday
64. Sanskrit Elective 022 19th March Monday
65. Bengali 105 19th March Monday
66. Telugu-AP 107 19th March Monday
67. Odia 113 19th March Monday
68. Arabic 116 19th March Monday
69. Tibetan 117 19th March Monday
70. French 118 19th March Monday
71. German 120 19th March Monday
72. Russian 121 19th March Monday
73. Persian 123 19th March Monday
74. Limboo 125 19th March Monday
75. Lepcha 126 19th March Monday
76. Telugu-Telangana 189 19th March Monday
77. Bodo 192 19th March Monday
78. Tangkhul 193 19th March Monday
79. Japanese 194 19th March Monday
80. Bhutia 195 19th March Monday
81. Spanish 196 19th March Monday
82. Mizo 198 19th March Monday
83. Sanskrit Core 322 19th March Monday
84. History 027 20th March Tuesday
85. Mathematics 041 21st March Wednesday
86. Engineering Graphics 046 22nd March Thursday
87. Heritage Crafts 070 22nd March Thursday
88. Human Rights & Gender Studies 075 22nd March Thursday
89. Library and Information Science 079 22nd March Thursday
90. Mechanical Engineering 626 22nd March Thursday
91. Textile Chemical Processing 779 22nd March Thursday
92. Financial Accounting-II 780 22nd March Thursday
93. Marketing- II 783 22nd March Thursday
94. Web Application – II (NSQF) 796 22nd March Thursday
95. Informatics Practice 065 23rd March Friday
96. Computer Science 083 23rd March Friday
97. Mass Media Studies 072 24th March Saturday
98. Typography & Computer Application (Eng.) 607 24th March Saturday
99. Economics 030 25th April Wednesday
100. Philosophy 040 27th March Tuesday
101. Biology 044 27th March Tuesday
102. Auto Shop Repair & Practice-II NSQF 628 27th March Tuesday
103. Community Health Nursing 732 27th March Tuesday
104. The Creative & Commercial Process in Mass Media-II 739 27th March Tuesday
105. Confectionery 752 27th March Tuesday
106. Design & Innovation 772 27th March Tuesday
107. Fabric Study 774 27th March Tuesday
108. Printed Textile 778 27th March Tuesday
109. Electrical Appliances 788 27th March Tuesday
110. Agriculture 068 28th March Wednesday
111. Graphic Design 071 28th March Wednesday
112. Knowledge Traditions & Practice of India 073 28th March Wednesday
113. Shorthand English 608 28th March Wednesday
114. Shorthand Hindi 610 28th March Wednesday
115. Engineering Science 622 28th March Wednesday
116. Understanding the Evolution and Forms of Mass Media-II 738 28th March Wednesday
117. Library Systems & Resource Management 747 28th March Wednesday
118. Banking-II 785 28th March Wednesday
119. Database Management Application (NSQF) 795 28th March Wednesday
120. Hindi Elective 002 2nd April Monday
121. Gujarati 110 2nd April Monday
122. Nepali 124 2nd April Monday
123. Kashmiri 197 2nd April Monday
124. Hindi Core 302 2nd April Monday
125. Urdu Elective 003 3rd April Tuesday
126. Punjabi 104 3rd April Tuesday
127. Tamil 106 3rd April Tuesday
128. Sindhi 108 3rd April Tuesday
129. Marathi 109 3rd April Tuesday
130. Manipuri 111 3rd April Tuesday
131. Malayalam 112 3rd April Tuesday
132. Assamese 114 3rd April Tuesday
133. Kannada 115 3rd April Tuesday
134. Urdu Core 303 3rd April Tuesday
135. Theatre Studies 078 4th April Wednesday
136. Secretarial Practice & Accounting 605 4th April Wednesday
137. Air Conditioning & Refrigeration – III 632 4th April Wednesday
138. Ophthalmic Techniques-II 659 4th April Wednesday
139. Laboratory Medicines (Clinical Pathology Hematology & Histopathology -II (MLT) 660 4th April Wednesday
140. Radiography-I General 667 4th April Wednesday
141. Engineering Mechanic 799 4th April Wednesday
142. Psychology 037 5th April Thursday
143. Air Conditioning & Refrigeration-IV 633 5th April Thursday
144. Laboratory Medicine-II 741 5th April Thursday
145. Advanced Front Office Operations 754 5th April Thursday
146. Olericulture – II 763 5th April Thursday
147. Business Operation & Administration -II 766 5th April Thursday
148. Basic Pattern Development 775 5th April Thursday
149. Taxation-II 782 5th April Thursday
150. Insurance -II 786 5th April Thursday
151. Troubleshooting & Maintenance of Electronic Equipment 790 5th April Thursday
152. Derivative Market Operations 794 5th April Thursday
153. Political Science 028 6th April Friday
154. Auto Engineering-II (NSQF) 627 6th April Friday
155. Legal Studies 074 7th April Saturday
156. Food Production IV 735 7th April Saturday
157. Travel Agency & Tour Operations Business (NSQF) 757 7th April Saturday
158. Pomology 764 7th April Saturday
159. Operation & Maintenance 789 7th April Saturday
160. Physical Education (Revised Dates) 048 13th  April Friday
161. Sociology 039 10th April Tuesday
162. Entrepreneurship 066 11th April Wednesday
163. Food Production III 734 11th April Wednesday
164. Geospatial Technology 740 11th April Wednesday
165. Retail Operations-II (NSQF) 743 11th April Wednesday
166. Holistic Health -I) 746 11th April Wednesday
167. Home Science 064 12th April Thursday




So, the entire CBSE Class 12 Date Sheet 2018 and CBSE Class 12 Time Table 2018 is mentioned above. Hope you’ve marked the important CBSE 12 Exam dates associates with your stream in your calendar.


Still, if you wish to get the entire schedule in PDF Format, then please click below!




Download CBSE Class 12 Exam Date 2018 in PDF





After the completion of exams, the authorities don’t take much time to declare its results. Within, 1 or 2 months, the zone wise results for each stream will be declared.


To ease out your queries, we have come up with a CBSE Class 12 Result 2018 Date-sheet in the below section.


Get yourself prepared to face the upcoming exams with complete details in hand.





CBSE Class 12 Result 2018 Dates for All Zones



Last Year, the CBSE Class 12 Result Date was 28th May 2017. As in comparison to the last year, the exams were bit delayed in 2017.
After looking on the entire date-sheet, we can expect the CBSE 12 Result 2018 Date to be lie in the 4th Week of May. The Result can be tentatively declared on 26th May 2018.


As the board exams are conducted separately for each zone, so their results are declared separately. There might be slight variations in CBSE Class 12 Result 2018 Time-Duration.


Let’s check out the tentative CBSE Class 12 Result 2018 Date and Time given in the table below –



S.No. Zone (Region) CBSE Result 2018 Class 12 Date CBSE Class 12 Result 2018 Time
1. East (Guwahati) 26th May To be updated soon
2. East (Allahabad) 26th May To be updated soon
3. South (Chennai) 26th May To be updated soon
4. West (Ajmer) 26th May To be updated soon
5. North (Delhi) 26th May To be updated soon
6. North (Chandigarh) 26th May To be updated soon
7. Gulf 26th May To be updated soon





Do you have any queries regarding the above Class 12 CBSE Result 2018 Date-sheet or timetable?


Please let us know in the comments’ box given below! You can also share out your valuable feedback over the same. We’ll be glad to hear from you.


As now, the CBSE Class 12 Date Sheet 2018 is out, have you started planning your preparation goals? If not, start as soon as possible because almost 2 months are remaining from now.


Good Luck Folks!



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