CBSE Exams: Easy tips to Ease Out Your Preparations


Students appearing up for the board exams have already pulled up their socks to face the gruelling exams. Even year-long preparations sometimes make you feel that you have still not covered the complete syllabus.

Well, firstly all you guys need to chill. These exams are just to assess your knowledge quotient. With so many guides, test papers, mock test papers, study materials and a whole lot of similar structured materials available both in digital and printed format to help you mark your way through the maze. But continuous dependency on all these study guides sometimes makes it more of a monotonous task and confusion resulting in a clearly messed up situation.

Through this blog I would like to share some tips to make your preparations more organized and an enjoyable process.

To begin with the process we will follow the route with plan-schedule-action.

Firstly we will plan out the preparation process. To fuel this process a clearly stated ‘course structure’ is must. A step-by-step approach to the syllabus would be a better approach than on going on the weight age a particular topic holds.

The next vital step in the preparation process is adopting the ‘work break down structure’ approach.  This goes in sync with the first step of following the prescribed syllabus.

Distribute equal time amongst all the subjects.

Strictly adhere and follow the prescribed NCERT books. You will surely get a clear understanding of the course contents and also the type of questions.

Avoid the notion of giving importance to the practical subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Math) only; treat Hindi, English, and Computer Science with the same attitude.

Don’t overdose yourself with practice papers, test papers, and mock test series. Try out with 2-3 of any of the variant. They are just to give you knowledge about the pattern and language of the questions.

Study the previous year question papers. Sketch out the trend of questions that have been asked and their mode of occurrence.

Write out effective and smart notes. With effective I mean penning down the important facts about a particular topic using the diagrammatic approach, like using flowcharts, cause and effect diagrams etc. This will help you out for quick revisions before the exams.

Stick to your own study schedule and don’t get distracted by your friends’ preparations technique. Everybody adopts a different learning pattern.

Avoid studying for long hours. Take regular breaks. Try including a light and healthier snack in between studies at break. This will aid better concentration in comparison to studying empty stomach.

As food is for our body, meditation is for mind and soul. Follow a simple meditation exercise to enlighten your minds. Follow this out it really works.

For at least 15 minutes be with nature. Take a walk to your nearby park or relax out at your home’s balcony or porch. Breathe in and out the early morning fresh air.

While writing this blog my aim was to pen down all the useful tips that make CBSE exam preparations a fun exercise for you. I hope I have justified my writing.

Wishing all your CBSE aspirants tremendous amounts of Good Luck!!! :)

Prepare well, test your knowledge and reach out for SUCCESS.

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