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What is Cloze Test? Know Top 8 Tips How to Solve Cloze Test Problem

In government and banking exams, English is one of the most important part. In the English Section, Cloze Test is one of the trickiest among all the topics.

This is a highly weighted topic of English. In order to score good marks in the English Section, it is vital to get the hold on the cloze test through practice and you can get the full marks in this with certain strategies, tricks and flair of grammar knowledge.


What is a Cloze Test?

A cloze test is an exercise where a passage is provided to the aspirants in which certain words are missing. In fact, it's a combination of filling in the blanks and understanding reading. To solve Cloze Test questions, it is important to understand the flow and context of a passage.


Here, we have come up with some tricks of solving the English cloze test to help candidates in getting the good marks in IBPS, SSC & SBI.


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Cloze Test Tricks – Grab & Solve the Problems Easily!


There are some cloze test tips that need to be considered in order to clear the notion of solving questions.

Below we have described important cloze test tricks that should be used while attempting a question.



1. Read the Passage Thoroughly


To get an idea of the topic, take a look at the passage and highlight the keywords. Try to read slowly in order to get the text to understand. Once the text theme is somewhat evident, it will make your work simpler. Then you can go on to think about the suitable phrases to match the described condition and fill in the blanks.



2. Link the Phrases Together


Remember that this is a passage with phrases that are linked to each other. Do not make the error of treating each phrase as individual and appropriately fill in the blanks.

Try to create logical connections that connect the phrases together to make it simple to solve the question.



3. Find the Word Type to Fill in


Now look closely at the blanks and evaluate the types of phrases you need to fill in. What component of the speech would that be? Is it a noun, a pronoun, a verb, a preposition, conjunction, an article?



4. Check Out the Tone of Passage


The passage may involve a particular tone such as narrative, critical, sarcastic, humorous, etc. So, always choose a word correctly.



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5. Eliminate Options


Words are sometimes similar so, instead of getting confused, try them one by one and find the words that not only fit the specified phrase, but also fit the whole passage context.

It can assist to eliminate incorrect decisions.



6. Go with Specific Keywords


Sometimes, you are not able to decide between two words. In this situation, pay close attention to the specific words / indications in the sentences, before and after the specified blank.



7. Enhance Your Language Skills


You can read as much as you can in terms of overall preparing. The more you read, the better you'll sense what it's all about. It's also going to improve your vocabulary. Both of these things will help you ace the cloze test a long way.



8. Do Practice as Much as You Can


Hard work and exercise have no replacement. Try preparing for two to three passages each day and get an insight into your weaker areas. Work on them and get your best out of it.



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Here we provide a simple example which can help you in understanding the Cloze Test questions.

Get the example of English Cloze Test –


An old couple was asking for water on pavement outside an office. They ___(1)___ to be pitifully poor. When asked where they were headed to, they told that they had come from a ___(2)___ village to get their cataract-afflicted eyes operated. But they were stranded. The stranger who had brought them there with a promise of treatment was untractable. Humanely, few staff members of the office arranged for their ___(3)___ for a night and next day took to a reputed hospital, whose eye surgeon had helped ___(4)___ poor patients. He examined his new patients and got them admitted. The surgeon constantly picked beggars from the streets and operated them for free. The old couple stayed in the hospital for a week and came out with a new ___(5)___. They were now happier and healthier.


Ques 1 – Which of the following words fits gap 1?

(A)    Appeared
(B)    Liked
(C)    Wished
(D)    Wanted
(E)    Apparently


Answer – (A) Appeared


Ques 2 – Which of the following words fits gap 2?

(A)    Distantly
(B)    Nearing
(C)    Nearby
(D)    Close
(E)    Residential


Answer – (C) Nearby


Ques 3 - Which of the following words fits gap 3?

(A)    Asylum
(B)    Shelter
(C)    Refuge
(D)    Livelihood
(E)    Living


Answer - (B) Shelter


Ques 4 - Which of the following words fits gap 4?

(A)    Greater
(B)    Lot
(C)    Quiet
(D)    Many
(E)    Much


Answer – (D) Many


Ques 5 - Which of the following words fits gap 5?

(A)    Sight
(B)    Insight
(C)    Sense
(D)    Site
(E)    Happy


Answer – (A) Sight


Working on small topics will lead you to score well in competitive examinations like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL. We hope the blog has helped you clear up all your doubts like What is Cloze Test? and Which type of English Cloze Test questions asked in the exams?

Nevertheless, if you have any questions about Cloze Test or any other topics, please ask into below comment box.





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