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How to Crack UGC NET Commerce in First Attempt - Sandeep Singh

How I cracked UGC NET Exam - Sandeep Singh

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Dreaming about the UGC NET Exam is great!


But to crack the exam, it is not that easy. It requires dedication, hard work, planned studies and determination.


Let's hear from the UGC NET Cracker who cleared NET-LS and NET-JRF in Commerce in 2013 and NET-LS in Management in 2012. Currently he is pursuing his PhD in Marketing from Tezpur Central University, Assam.


Let's have a look at the actionable tips to crack UGC NET Commerce from Mr. Sandeep Singh...

What Inspired Mr. Sandeep to apper in UGC NET Exam?

How Previous Year papers helps in preparation?

Sandeep Singhs' Preparation Strategy

How much time require to Crack the Exam?

Life before & after Qualifying the Exam

Is Coaching mandatory to Crack the exam?



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When did you decide to appear in the UGC NET Commerce Exam and what inspired you?


I decided to appear for NET while I was pursuing my Masters in Commerce (2011-13). I have always wanted to be in teaching and since NET was mandatory I knew I had to appear for it. I remember I was in my second semester at that time.



Does Solving Previous Year Question Papers help in Preparing for UGC NET Exam?


Solving previous year question papers might be helpful, only for Paper I. Don’t expect any repetitions of questions from previous year papers in case of Paper II and Paper III, as it rarely happens. But yes, going through UGC NET Previous Year Papers can give you a fair idea about which areas or topics are more represented in terms of questions.



What Strategies you followed for the UGC NET Exam? Would you like to share your Study Plan with other Aspirants?


You need to study smart to clear this exam. Here’s what I did when I decided to appear for it:

  Firstly, I studied the UGC NET Syllabus and tried to find out my strong and weak areas.

  Second, I prepared a study routine accordingly, allotted more time to areas where I was weak.

  Thirdly, I made a list of all the books and study materials that I was going to need for the exam.


Topic Suggested Books for UGC NET Commerce Preparation
Paper 1 Trueman and Arihant Publishers
Paper 2 & 3 - Accounting PC Tulsian
Microeconomics Microeconomics
Macroeconomics Sundaram & Dutt
Management CB Gupta
Marketing Sherleker
HRM CB Mamoria
International Business Aswathappa


Note: For Statistics, you can follow any textbook prescribed at the graduation level.



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In how many attempts you cracked the NET Exam and how much time it takes to crack?


I cleared NET-LS in Management in 2012 in my first attempt. The next year (2013), I appeared for NET in Commerce (first attempt) and I cleared NET-LS as well as NET-JRF this time. I joined the PhD program in Tezpur University, under JRF scheme, in January 2014.


Recently, in January 2016, after working for two years as a JRF, I was upgraded to Senior Research Fellowship (SRF). If you study in a planned manner, one attempt is enough.



How was your life before cracking the UGC NET Exam and how it is now?


Life was easier back then. I was under the impression that clearing NET is a guarantee that you will get a faculty position. Since I had cleared NET as well as JRF during my Masters, I used to be very carefree. It was only when I completed my Masters and joined PhD that I realized how wrong I was.


Clearing NET merely makes you eligible for teaching positions. Getting contractual/ ad-hoc positions is easy but in order to become a permanent faculty member, you need to have much more. You need to have a research degree (M.Phil/ PhD). You need to have a decent number of publications in reputed journals. You need to have some teaching experience as well. Currently, I am working towards that.



Is Coaching Mandatory to Crack the UGC NET Exam Commerce?


Coaching is not required at all; self-study is enough. This isn’t a very difficult exam as most of the conditions are favourable for the candidates. There’s a well-defined syllabus, the question pattern is known, there’s no negative marking and there’s no limit on the age of the candidates or on the number of attempts you can take.


Moreover, all questions asked are from subjects that you have studied at the undergrad and postgrad level. So, there is a sense of familiarity.



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At present, where are you working and what is the Work Culture over there?


Currently, I am pursuing my PhD in Marketing from Tezpur Central University, Assam. The university was established in 1994. In the past two decades, it has garnered a lot of acclaim. Last year, the university bagged a hat-trick of awards – A grade by UGC, NIRF Ranking of 5 among all universities and Visitor’s Best University Award.


Recently, the Times World Higher University Rankings put Tezpur University in the 34th place in the listing of top 200 universities of the world in last 50 years.


Above, you’ve read the best-picked experiences from the amazing journey of ‘Achieving UGC NET Qualification in First Attempt’ shared by Mr. Sandeep Singh.


You’ve read how he cracked the NET Exam, now it’s time to implement them.


The first step?


Leave a comment to let us know how you study for your UGC NET Exam.




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