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Simplification Questions in Quantitative Aptitude – Tips & Tricks!

How to Solve Simplification Questions?

If we talk about the scoring topics of Quantitative Aptitude section of competitive exams, then ‘Simplification’ comes at the first place.

In almost every Bank Exams, SSC Exams, Railway Exams and other competitive exams, approximately 4 to 5 questions are normally asked form the topic ‘Simplification’.

Simplification Questions comes in the list of easy topics in aptitude section. If you are regularly practicing on this topic by using the tricks, it would be very easy to attempt all the questions of Simplification in a very short span.

If you don’t know the Simplification Questions Tricks and methods, you must read this blog.

Here you will get to know about the Simplification Formulas, Tricks and concepts to solve the questions.


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Basics of Simplification – Know the Concept of Simplification Questions Here!


The meaning of Simplification is to resolve the complicated mathematics problem and providing the exact simplified answer.

The Simplification Questions are made by involving at least two numbers in an expression.

Here is an example which can help you to define a question based on Simplification asked in various competitive exams.


Illustration – 16+4÷2


If we solve the above-mentioned expression, then the final value that we get is 18.


To solve this expression, we have used the BODMAS formula which is the basic root of attempting any type of Simplification Questions.

If you don’t know, what is the BODMAS Formula and how to use it to simplify an expression then below we have provided the detailed information about it.

Scroll the page to know about BODMAS.


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BODMAS Rule – A Complete Simplification Formula!


An Acronym that is used to know the order to solve mathematical problems.

With the help of BODMAS, we get the correct sequence to resolve and find the correct value of a given expression.

The BODMAS acronym is for –







So, according to this acronym following are the steps to solve the Simplification Questions –


Brackets - Start solving the expression from the value inside the brackets, going from left to right. While solving the bracket you also need to apply the BODMAS Formula.

For an example –

5× (6+2) =?

Here firstly, we need to solve the values inside the bracket and after that multiply it by 5 to get the correct answer.

5×8 =?

So the correct answer is 40.


Orders – After solving the brackets, in the next step, you should evaluate exponents (power or a square root also known as orders).

Example –

42+9 =?

Here, you need to evaluate the square of 4 and then add 9 to it.



Division and Multiplication – After completing the above mentioned two steps, you have to perform the Division and Multiplication. Both ranks equally, so you should go from left to right to solve the expression.

Example –

7×5÷5+8 =?

While going from left to right, firstly multiply 7 by 5 and then the resultant should be divided by 5.

35÷5+8 =? Or 7+8 =?

So, the result that we get is 15.


Addition and Subtraction – The final step of Simplification is Addition or Subtraction. Also, these two ranks equally. Go from left to right to solve the expression.

Example –

7+4-1+5 =?

After going through left to right in the above-mentioned Simplification Question we get the following values –

11-1+5 or 10+5 or 15

So, the final answer after applying Addition and Subtractions is 15.


We hope that you are now pretty much aware of the BODMAS Formula that helps to solve the Simplification Questions easily.


As there are different types of brackets used in Simplification Questions, candidates might face problem to solve such type of questions.

Below we have clarified the way to eliminate the brackets while solving the Simplification Questions.


Order to Eliminate Brackets in Simplification Problems


There are commonly three types of brackets used in Simplification Aptitude Questions. Candidates must know the sequence to eliminate these brackets in an expression.

From the table given below, you can check the different types of brackets and their order of elimination.


Type of Brackets

Order to Eliminate Brackets

(  ) – Common Bracket


{  } – Curly Bracket


[  ] – Rectangular Bracket



To practice these methods, you can prefer the perfect example of Simplification Question that we have provided in this article.

Check it out here –


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Simplification Question and Answer – Check the Perfect Example!


Example – What would come in place of the question mark (?)

17 + 24 ÷ 12 × (16 ÷ 4) ^2 - 5 =?

Solution –

Step 1 – Eliminate Brackets

17 + 24 ÷ 12 × 42 - 5

Step 2 – Exponents

17 + 24 ÷ 12 × 16 - 5

Step 3 – Division and Multiplication (Left to Right)

17 + 2 × 16 - 5 = 17 + 32 - 5

Step 4 – Addition and Subtraction (Left to Right)

49 - 5 = 44


After simplifying the expression by using BODMAS, the correct answer is 44.


There are some other important factors that should be considered while solving Simplification Problems.

Here, we also catered the key tips that you need to check at glance.


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Quick Tips to Attempt Simplification Problems.


Learn the tables up to 25-30, squares up to 30 and cubes up to 20. This will help you to solve the question in seconds.

The base of calculation must be strong for simplification and for that you should practice on Multiplication, Division, Subtraction, and Addition on a regular basis.

Keep practicing questions by test series, it will help you to observe the pattern of the question quickly.

In Simplification Questions, you can replace ‘of’ by ‘Multiplication’ and ‘/’ by ‘Division’.

You can use Rounding the nearest number of available options to simplify the question.

Use the elimination method to reduce the number of given options. It will help you to save your time.


Conclusively all these tips can lead you to score well in all type of government jobs exams that includes Simplification Questions in their syllabus.

The tips, tricks, and formulas provided in this blog will help you to solve the problems accurately.

Still, if you are facing any problem to attempt the questions, then do ask all your queries through the comments’ box.




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