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How to Get Admission in IISc Bangalore - UG, PG & PhD Courses

How to Get Admission in IISC Bangalore  Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Research Courses

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IISC is a public research institution located in Karnataka, India. Founded in 1909 to improve career scope in Pure Sciences, IISC adopts a research-oriented methodology and has stressed laboratory and applied science in its academics.

After getting admission to IISc, the hostel, academics, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, events, and fests makes it, a fantastic place to spend splendid academic years of your life.

NIRF 2019 Ranking: 1st in India.

Founders: Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, the Government of India, and the Maharaja of Mysore.

Type of Institute: Co-Education Public Research Institute

Address: Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru

Phone: +91 80 2293 2228


So, here you can check what we have covered in this blog.

Facts About IISc Bangalore

IISc Eligibility Criteria for Various Courses

How to Get Admission in IISc?

IISc Bangalore Courses Details

Courses in IISc after 12th

IISc Courses PG

IISc PG Research Courses

IISc Bangalore Courses for Working Professionals

IISc Bangalore Fee Structure



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Facts About IISC Bangalore


Apart from the international repute of the institute, the research productivity of IISC is also one of its strengths. Here are some surprising facts that you need to know about IISc Bangalore.


1. IISc has a beautiful university campus in the area of 400 acres in Bangalore. Another 1500-acre campus is in Challakere.


IISC Greenary



2. IISc is known among the residents as the “Tata Institute”. Very few people know the name IISC. So, if you visit the institute make sure you tell the cab driver to drop you at the Tata Institute, or else he might get confused.

3. The SERC department of IISc houses the fastest supercomputer in India, Sahasra-T (Cray XC-40).

4. The J.R.D. Tata Memorial Library is one of the largest libraries in the country.

5. The laboratories are open 24x7 in IISc. You can find students performing experiments in the lab at quite late hours.

6. There is no department for Humanities in IISC.

7. Jamshetji Tata donated one-third of the wealth to establish the Indian Institute of Science.


Jamsetji Tata took Johns Hopkins University in the U.S. as the model of IISc. Johns Hopkins had the distinction of being the first in the world to be founded as a Post-Graduate institution. Hence, IISc is greatly known for its excellence in Post Graduate Degrees and Research.



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IISc Eligibility Criteria to Get Admission in Various Courses


IISc Admission Eligibility Criteria can be subdivided into qualification, percentage requirement along with essential subjects studied by the candidate. We have listed these criteria in the table:


Course Eligibility Criteria Qualifying Exam Seat Intake
Undergraduate Bachelor of Science Qualification: II PUC / 12th Standard KVPY, IIT JEE, NEET UG 120
Essential Subjects at 10+2 Level: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
Percentage: First class or 60% or equivalent grade.
M.Tech. Qualification: BE / B Tech or equivalent degree. Master’s degree holders in Science including Physics with Electronics/ Instrumentation/Geology/ Computer Applications/ Physical Sciences/ Mathematical Sciences. GATE 400
Essential Subjects in GATE Paper: As per the course you have applied for.
Percentage: Second class or equivalent grade in bachelor’s degree.
M.Des. Qualification: BE / B Tech or bachelor’s degree holders in Architecture/Design or equivalent degree. GATE or CEED 25
Essential Subjects: As per the course you have applied for.
Percentage: Second class or equivalent grade in bachelor’s degree.
M.Sc. or Integrated Ph.D. Qualification: Bachelor of Science degree or equivalent degree. Check Detailed Eligibility Criteria IIT JAM or JEST 20
Essential Subjects at Graduation Level: As per the course you have applied for.
Percentage: First class or equivalent grade in bachelor’s degree.
M.Tech. Research Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Engineering/ Technology/ Graduates of 4-year Bachelor of Science. MBBS/B Pharm/MD GATE or NET JRF The Institute awards about 250 Ph.D. and M.Tech. (Research) degrees, every year.
An applicant may choose to apply for a maximum of 3 Departments.
Percentage: Second class or equivalent grade in bachelor’s degree.


Note: The minimum requirement of percentage is relaxed for SC/ST candidates.



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How to Get Admission in IISc | Entry Modes into IISc


To get admission in IISc, you need to qualify for some exams. From Undergraduate to Ph.D. courses, there are entrance exams for each course. These entrance exams include NET, IIT JAM, JEST, CEED, GATE, JEE, KVPY, NEET UG etc.


In the given infographics, you can check various entry modes to get admission in IISc:


Entry Modes in IISC

Courses in IISc After 12th

 IISc PG Courses

 IISc Research Courses

 Courses for Working Professionals in IISc



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IISC Bangalore Courses: Complete List of UG, PG, and Ph.D. Courses


IISC offers a great variety of Science and Technology related courses. There are more than 1000 courses in this institute.


While we can not mention all the 1000+ IISC Courses in this blog, we made sure that all the major IISC Courses are listed below:



Courses in IISC after 12th:


IISC Under-Graduate Courses are offered to 12th Pass candidates, who are willing to gear their careers towards research and science study. The available courses are listed below.


There is only one major IISC UG Course, namely Bachelor of Science (Research) under this category. The B.S. The undergraduate program is available for the subjects Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Material, Mathematics, and Physics.


A complete B.S. training prepares the Science graduates for exhilarating careers in academia and industry. This B.S. course includes Engineering and Humanities as a part of its curriculum to ensure the student is exposed to various Engineering and Humanities discipline along with Science studies.


Selection procedure: Click Here



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IISC Courses PG (Post Graduate):


The IISC PG Course list is relatively longer and wider than the undergraduate courses that we discussed in the previous section. The Institute offers course programmes for Master of Technology (M.Tech.), Master of Design (M.Des.) and Master of Management (M.Mgt).



M.Tech and M.Des. Courses:

There are total 18 disciplines for the M.Tech programme:


Aerospace Engineering (AE) Instrumentation (IN)
Chemical Engineering (CH) Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Civil Engineering (CE) Electronic Systems Engineering (ED)
Mechanical Engineering (ME) Computational and Data Science (CP)
Materials Engineering (MT) Climate Science (CL)
Computer Science & Engineering (CS) Earth Science (ER)
Microelectronic and VLSI Design (MV) Electrical Engineering (EE)
Signal Processing (SP) Communication & Networks (CN)
Smart Manufacturing (SM) Nano Science and Engineering (NA)


Selection Procedure: Click here for M.Tech.



M.Des. (Master of Design Courses in IISC)

For M.Des., there is a course under the Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing (PD). This course is available for Engineering, Architecture and Design graduates.


Selection Procedure: Click here for M.Des.

Dates to Apply Online: Candidates should have qualified and have a valid GATE or CEED scorecard as of August 2023.



M.Mgt: Master of Management Programme in IISC


Management Studies(MG) in Business Analytics and Technology Management is also offered by the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore.


Selection Procedure: Admission process for M.Mgt.

Dates to Apply Online: Candidates with a BE/ B.Tech. degree, with a First Class, and must have qualified in GATE  2020/2021/2022 and hold a valid GATE scorecard, or CAT 2022 or GMAT with a valid score card.


The Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process for each program will be discussed further in this blog.



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IISC PG Research Courses:


As you would have noticed in the previous section, there were no PG courses for M.Sc. and Ph.D. IISc has a separate list of Research courses which includes the following courses:


1. Integrated Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, Chemical SciencesPhysical Sciences, Mathematical Sciences is available.

2. The Institute awards about 250 Ph.D. and M.Tech. (Research) degrees, every year. The departments offering M.Tech Research Degrees are given below:


Biochemistry (BC) Nanoscience and Engineering (NE)
Molecular Reproduction; Development and Genetics (MD) Aerospace Engineering (AE)
Ecological Sciences (ES) Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AS)
Microbiology and Cell Biology (MC) Chemical Engineering (CH)
Molecular Biophysics (MB) Civil Engineering (CE)
Neuroscience (NS) Earth Sciences (ER)
Inorganic and Physical Chemistry (IP) Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Materials Research (MR) Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing (PD)
Organic Chemistry (OC) Materials Engineering (MT)
Solid State and Structural Chemistry (SS) Sustainable Technology (ST)
Astronomy and Astrophysics (AP) Management Studies (MG)
Mathematics (MA) Instrumentation and Applied Physics (IN)
Physics (PH) Biosystems Science and Engineering (BE)
High Energy Physics (HE) Energy (EN)
Computer Science and Automation (CS) Mathematical Sciences (MS)
Electrical Communication Engineering (EC) Nanoscience and Engineering (NA)
Electrical Engineering (EE) Water Research (WR)
Electronic Systems Engineering (ED) Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)
Computational and Data Sciences (CDS) Climate Change (CC)

Computational and Data Sciences - Computer and Data Systems (CD-CS)


Selection Procedure: Click here for M.Tech. Research Admission Process.



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IISc Bangalore Courses for Working Professionals:


IISc offers a wonderful Ph.D. External Registration Programme (ERP) to individuals working in various R & D or Academics Institutes. The admission process is discussed below.


Selection Procedure: Click here for Working Professional Research Admission Process.


Apart from these popular courses, IISc offers a list of new and in-demand programs in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Statistics, Bioinformatics, etc. The details of admission to remaining short-term, certification, and part-time courses are on the official website.


Let’s discuss the eligibility criteria and entrance exams to get admission into IISc Bangalore.



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IISc Bangalore Fee Structure for Admission to UG, PG, Ph.D. Courses:


With a vision to become the world’s foremost academic institution, through research excellence and innovation, IISc provides higher education at a nominal fee amount.


The fee structure is given below for UG, PG, and Research courses:



IISc BS Fee Structure 2021


IISc Bangalore Fee Details Amount
Tuition Fee (Annual) INR 10,000
Gymkhana Fee (Annual) INR 1,200
Other Academic Fees (Annual) INR 3,700
Student Emergency Fees (Annual) INR 300
Statutory Deposit (Refundable)* INR 7,500
Library Deposit (Refundable)* INR 7,500
Total INR 30,200



IISC Fee Structure 2021 for M.Tech., Ph.D., Integrated M.Sc. and Ph.D., M.Mgt


  Regular Students Sponsored Students
IISc Fee Details Ph.D. M.Tech. (Res) Int. Ph.D. M.Tech./ M.Des. M.Mgt. M.Tech
Tuition Fee (Annual) 15,000 9,000 9,000 9,000 1,00,000 14,000
Gymkhana Fee (Annual) 1,200 1,200 1,200 1,200 1,200 1,200
Other Academic Fees (Annual) 3,700 3,700 3,700 3,700 50,000 3,700
Statutory Deposit (Refundable)* 7,500 7,500 7,500 7,500 7,500 7,500
Library Deposit (Refundable)* 7,500 7,500 7,500 7,500 7,500 7,500
Students Emergency Fund (Annual) 300 300 300 300 300 300
Total 35,200 29,200 29,200** 29,200 166,500 34,200


Note: the given fee structure is to be paid in the first year only for General/OBC students.


IISc awards scholarships and fellowships for the following programs. The amount awarded per month for students enrolled in different programs of the Institute is as given below.


Ph.D. -  INR 31,000/35,000

M.Tech. (Research) - INR 12,400

M.Tech./M.Des. - INR 12,400

Integrated Ph.D. -  INR 16,000/31,000/35,000


There are thousands of colleges and universities in India to choose from, IISc is one of the best institutes which provide quality education in India. The basic difference between studying at a top-ranked college and low ranked college can be explained by the learning opportunities and level of education offered at that institute.


At IISc, the level of thinking, work ethic, teaching, student-led research, excellence, has simply a bit higher quality. The information available in this blog, it will help you to make an informed decision on getting admission in IISc or any other institute.


If you liked what you read about IISc in this blog, share this with your friends. Do not hesitate to ask your questions about IISc Bangalore, drop us a comment and we’ll answer it at the earliest. 



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  • Dhruv

    Is Bs program fees structure only for Gen./ obc. Or all caste and this given fee structure is to be paid in the first year only or all 4 years???

  • Rachana

    Is.there msc biotechnology offered in this college


    Hello Rachana,
    Greetings from Eduncle!
    Yes, IISc Banglore offered MSc in Biotechnology.
    Thank You!!

  • Jitesh bopche

    Which course offered by iisc Bangalore for geology in MSc and earth science also


    Hello Jitesh,
    Greeting From Eduncle!
    You can refer to our M.Sc. Courses blog to check the list of offered courses.
    Thank you!

  • Ranganatha d k

    What exam should i go through to get seat in mathematics department in iisc and what will the cutoff likely for that exam. I have completed my graduation in mechanical engineering but really has a passion towards maths. So please help me with my doubt


    Hello Rangnatha,
    Greetings from Eduncle!
    You my apply for MSc or integrated courses in IISC through IIT JAM Exam.
    Thanks for asking your query with us!

  • Meet

    How to get admission after graduation?


    Hello Meet,
    Greeting from Eduncle!
    You can apply for IISC Banglore separately or through IIT JAM Exam.
    Thank You!!

  • Isha Chauhan

    I'm currently pursuing bsc. Microbiology honours(DU) and I've completed my first yr now. Am I eligible for appearing in IIT JAM to get into IISc for integrated Msc-PhD degree ,after my bsc. gets completed?


    Hello Isha,
    Greeting From Eduncle!
    After, BSc, you can apply for IIT JAM Exam to get the admission in IIc Banglore.
    Thank You!!

  • Sumit anand

    what is the rank or marks required in jee main to get admission in iisc banagalore


    marks above 265(safe marks) in jee mains or rank of below 500 in advance

  • comment-profile-img>
    S g Pradhan

    is there only 20 seats in M.Sc.? If it is so then how the selection process carried out and what is the rank in IIT-jam to achieve for take admission in IIsc. please elaborate. i will eagerly wait for your replay.... please replay soon....


    Hello Smruti,   The Cut off is sky high for IISC Admissions. As per the previous trend, only top 5 AIR holder(IIT JAM Score Card) are considered eligible for IISc admission.   Thanks for asking!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team


    What is the fee structure for iit msc per year


    Hello Neelima,   Check MSc Fee structure in IITs here -   Thanks for asking!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team

  • Nikita Verma

    If i am pursuing bsc in zoology botany geology , do i have to take zoology and botany in the last year of bsc , then ,i'll be eligible for this integrated phd programme in biological sciences?


    Hello Nikita, The Candidates with a First Class in Bachelor’s or an equivalent degree in Physical, Chemical or Biological Sciences (including Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary Sciences and Agricultural Sciences) are eligible to apply to Int-PhD program. Candidates cracking the following paper with required marks to get admission in IISC can apply for Int PhD in Biological Science: Biological Sciences (BL) or Biotechnology (BT) or Chemistry (CY) or Mathematics (MA) or Physics (PH).


    Read more details here -|ffs-tabbed-21|ffs-tabbed-11

  • Arun

    I'm currently studying in class X. I really want to get into IISc. Can the eduncle team please help me out in what subject I should take for class XI? And also what exams and further planning I must take?


    Hello Arun,   You must have PCM or PCB in your 10+2 to take admission in IISc and qualifying exam are KVPY, IIT JEE, NEET UG.   Thanks for asking!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team


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