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IIT Events 2021-22: List of Technical & Cultural Fests/Events

List of all IIT Events

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Sports and extra-curricular activities play a very important role in our life. Involving ourselves in these activities will fresh our minds and reduces all our pressure.

These events and activities are most exciting part of campus life in the institutes like IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) where a student faces immense pressure. These larger than life IIT event not only helps students unwind, but also gives them exposure to manage such events successfully.

Here, you will get to know the list of all the IIT Events organized in India. These events include Cultural, Sports, Technical and some other events.

These events are for all those who have taken admission in IITs without JEE, through IIT JAM and all the other entrance exams. But there are some events for Non-IITians too where a student from other college can participate and showcase their skills.

So, now have a look at the events of each IIT in this blog as following:

IIT (BHU) Varanasi

IIT Bhubaneswar

IIT Bombay

IIT Delhi

IIT (ISM) Dhanbad

IIT Gandhinagar

IIT Guwahati

IIT Hyderabad

IIT Indore

IIT Jodhpur

IIT Kanpur

IIT Kharagpur

IIT Madras

IIT Mandi

IIT Patna

IIT Roorkee

IIT Ropar

Inter IIT Sports Meet



IIT (BHU) Varanasi Events


These are the fascinating IIT (BHU) Varanasi events that will surely get your attention. Participate in these events and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. Have a look at all these events:



Cultural/Sports Events:


1. Kashiyatra

Event Date: January 2022.

A breathtaking fashion show, around 50 formal events in music, drama, quiz, dance, literacy and some informal events all are included in Kashiyatra. This event is for those students who love to compete in the fields of literature, art and music. Kashiyatra is open to students from all over the country. This is North India’s largest cultural event.

This year the event was based on the theme "Rendition of the Retro".


2. Spardha

Event Date:  October 2022.

Spardha, a perfect festival for sports lovers. It’s an annual Sports Festival of IIT (BHU) Varanasi. This is India’s largest Games and Sports Festival with the participation of over 1000 students. This IIT Event includes some fascinating sports like Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, Hockey, Boxing and many more. So, get ready for this thrilling sports event.



Tech Events:


1. Technex

Event Date: February 2022.

Asia’s oldest techno-management festival held at IIT (BHU) Varanasi. This three days event comprises of various events including, workshops, competitions, guest lectures from well-known personalities and some social outreach initiatives. The name Technex comes from Technical Nextgeneration.



Other Events:


1. FMC Weekend

Event Date: November 2022.

FMC Weekend, India’s first and biggest digital arts and creativity festival. This IIT event is surrounded by the activities of digital arts, media and film genres. It is organized by the Film and Media Council. Students who want to showcase their talent and creative side are welcomed for this event. Events held during the FMC Weekend are:

Guest talks


Several online and offline events.



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IIT Bhubaneswar Events


Showcase all your talent in these Cultural/Sports as well as Tech Events of IIT Bhubaneswar. Read about all these events in detail and mark their dates.



Cultural/Sports Events:


1. Alma Fiesta

Event Date: January 2022.

The annual Socio-Cultural Festival of IIT Bhubaneswar. A three-day festival organizes three mega-events: Leela, Head Bang and Lamhe. Leela, the Indian Classical Music/Dance show. Head Bang is the heavy-metal starnite and Lamhe is the Bollywood musical night of this IIT event.



Tech Events:


1. Wissenaire

Event Date: February 2022.

With an array of events like Workshops, Exhibitions, Competitions, Star Nites, Quizzes and Colloquia, Wissenaire is the most awaited IIT Event in Eastern India. It’s a 3-day Techno-arManagement Fest of IIT Bhubaneswar. This event is held in the fields of mechanics, management, programming, aeronautics, robotics, designing and many others.



Other Events:


1. Entrepreneurship Summit (E-Summit)

Event Date: January 2022.

E-summit, the unique event of IIT Bhubaneswar is held for the future Industry leaders and Entrepreneurs to get involved in the entrepreneurship world and get fresh ideas. This IIT Event conducts several workshops, panel discussions, competitions and start-ups.



IIT Bombay Events


Witness these grand Cultural/Sports and Tech Events organized by IIT Bombay. Participate in these events and show the world whatever skills you got.



Cultural/Sports Events:


1. Mood Indigo

Event Date: December 2022.

Mood Indigo is Asia’s largest college cultural festival. This festival conducts four events: Pronites, Competitions, Horizons and Khoon Chala. With more than 1,43,000 students, 200+ international artists and around 200 events, the Mood Indigo 2019 witnessed it all. The no. is expected in this year’s IIT Event as well. So, get ready for this mega festival.

Check all the details of this IIT Bombay Upcoming Event here.


2. Aavhan

Event Date: March 2022.

IIT Bombay’s premiere sports fest for those who love sports. Athletics, Aquatics, Cricket, Badminton, Hockey, Lawn Tennis, Weightlifting all these exciting sports are organized in this IIT Event.



Tech Events:


1. Techfest

Event Date: January 2022.

Asia’s Largest Science and Technology Festival, the Techfest an annual festival of IIT Bombay. This festival conducts a variety of events like Competitions, E-Sports, Exhibitions, International Robowars, Ideate, Ozone, Lectures, Technoholix, Workshops. With more than 1,75,000 audience, this IIT Bombay Event recorded one of the largest college gatherings across Asia.

Grab all the details for this IIT Bombay Event here.



Other Events:


1. Avenues

Event Date: October 2022.

Avenues is the International Business festival of IIT Bombay. This IIT event is organized by Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay. This is a perfect event for management students with more than 20 events and participation of over 5000 budding managers and professionals.

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Events from various Engineering branches:

Radiance (Mechanical Engineering)

Zephyr (Aerospace Engineering)

Aeotropy (Chemical Engineering)

Padarth(Metallurgy and Material Science Engineering)

Aavriti (Electrical Engineering)

Aakaar (Civil Engineering)



IIT Delhi Events


Get ready for these upcoming Cultural/Sports and Tech Events of IIT Delhi. Mark their dates well and get yourself prepared as these events are the most awaited events of IIT Delhi.



Cultural/Sports Events:


1. Rendezvous

Event Date: October 2022.

RDV is the annual Cultural Fest of IIT Delhi. It’s a 4-day fest which engages more than 70,000 audiences across the country. Celebrities like Amit Trivedi, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Kumar Vishwas and many more have already been a part of this mega festival.


2. Sportech

Event Date: March 2022.

Sportech, the annual sports festival of IIT Delhi. This IIT Event is one of the largest college sports festivals in India. In its 17th edition in 2017, this event witnessed around 40,000 people with over 2500 participants. Sports like Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Football all are included in this festival.


3. Speranza

Event Date: September 2022.

With an aim to motivate the students to engage in productive activities, IIT Delhi conducts this annual youth festival every year. The primary aim of this IIT Event is student development. Events like technical seminars, talk shows, a bonfire accompanied by music and dancing and many more are included in this festival.



Tech Events:


1. Tryst

Event Date: March 2022.

North India’s largest Science, Technology and Management Festival held at IIT Delhi. This is IIT Delhi’s annual tech festival which engages over 45,000 people around the globe. This festival consists of more than 50 Sci-Tech events like Workshops, Seminars, Exhibitions and any more.



IIT (ISM) Dhanbad Events


Whether you are good in Sports, Technical or any other field, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad conducts events for all. Be a part of all these Cultural/Sports as well as Tech Events of IIT (ISM) Dhanbad.



Cultural/Sports Events:


1. Srijan

Event Date: February 2022.

The annual socio-cultural fest of IIT (ISM) Dhanbad is organized every year. Stars like Darshan Rawal performed in this year's fest. This IIT Event witnessed over 15,000 students from more than 100 colleges across the country.


2. Parakram

Event Date: March 2022.

Parakram, the annual sports fest of IIT (ISM) Dhanbad. This is the most awaited IIT Event for many sportsmen who want to showcase their talent and skills. This event lasts for 3 days and witnessed more than 500 participants from over 20 colleges and institutes. Basketball, Cricket, Football, Chess, 400m hurdles, 4*100 relay all are included in this fest.



Tech Events:


1. Concetto

Event Date: October 2022.

The largest techno-Management fest in eastern India. This 3-day techno-management festival of IIT (ISM) Dhanbad engages more than 2000 participants from over 300 colleges and institutes. Events like Robotics, Coding, Workshops, Guest Lectures, Paper meet, Exhibition, Competitions all are included in this festival.



Other Events:


1. Basant

Event Date: February 2022.

Basant is the annual alumni reunion of IIT (ISM) Dhanbad. It’s a 1-day event which is celebrated with sports, assembly, fellowship, entertainment programmes, a general meeting of ISM alumni association and at last the grand dinner. This reunion is the most emotional moment of IIT (ISM) Dhanbad.



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IIT Gandhinagar Events


Explore all the exciting Cultural/Sports as well as Tech events held in IIT Gandhinagar. Go through the details of all the IIT Gandhinagar Events:



Cultural/Sports Events:


1. Blithchron

Event Date: February 2022.

Bringing together the music, art and dance, this 2 days event is the most awaited event for IIT Gandhinagar students. This is the annual cultural festival of IIT Gandhinagar. Events like Panache, Antaragnee, Euphony, Arthografia are included in this festival.


2. Halla Bol

Event Date: April 2022.

Annual intra college night sports fest of IIT Gandhinagar. It’s a 10 night sports event which encourages students, faculty as well as staff to participate in the fest. This IIT Event consists of various sports like Tug of War, Futsal, Gully Cricket, 7 Stones, Dodgeball, Kho-Kho and many more.


3. Jashn

Event Date:  January 2022.

A 3-day intra colleges cultural fest of IIT Gandhinagar. This festival organizes various exciting events like Photography and movie making competitions, quizzes, dance, art exhibition and many more.



Tech Events:


1. Amalthea

Event Date: October 2022.

With an aim to spread technical knowledge among students, IIT Gandhinagar organizes Amalthea. It’s an annual technical summit. This festival organizes many mega events including D’Code, Electronica, Icon, InQuizzed and many more.


2. Ignite

Event Date: March 2022.

Ignite is an intra institute fest organized by IIT Gandhinagar. This IIT Event brings the knowledge of technology through fun activities and events. iThinker, Mono-Rail, Bot-Wars, Tech-a-bate, Tech Talk and many more are included in this fest.



Other Events:


1. Winter Carnation

This IIT Event is also known as IIT Gandhinagar Mela where the members of IIT Gandhinagar enjoys food, music and dance.



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IIT Guwahati Events


These are some sensational Cultural/Sports and Tech Events organized by IIT Guwahati. Have a look at the details of all these events below:



Cultural/Sports Events:


1. Alcheringa

Event Date: February 2022.

Introducing the most exhilarating IIT Event and North-East India’s biggest cultural festival, the Alcheringa. Many Bollywood Superstars including Mika Singh, Mohit Chauhan, Sonu Nigam, Shankar Ehsaan Loy and many more, earlier performed at Alcheringa. This IIT Event is organized for 3 days and 4 nights. Events are organized in various genres like Music, Dance, Sports, Digital Arts, Literary and some out of the box events as well.



Tech Events:


1. Techniche

Event Date: September 2022.

Annual Techno-Management festival of IIT Guwahati till now have witnessed over 60,000 audiences, more than 6000 participants from 200 colleges and institutes. Comprises of various events like Interactive Talks, Workshops, Exhibitions, Competitions etc.



Other Events:


1. Udgam

Event Date: January 2022.

The annual Entrepreneurship Summit of IIT Guwahati. The largest E-Summit in North-East India. This IIT Event is organized with an aim to spread the knowledge of entrepreneurship among the students.


2. Research Conclave

Event Date: March 2022.

Research Conclave, the event organized by IIT Guwahati that brings students to the fields of research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Scientifique, Atelier, Connaissance, Innovateur are some of the events held at this festival.



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IIT Hyderabad Events


Be a spectator or a participant, these Cultural and Tech Events of IIT Hyderabad engages all. Get ready for all the thrilling events and mark their dates well.



Cultural/Tech Events:


1. Elan & ηVision

Event Date: February 2022.

The Techno-Cultural annual fest of IIT Hyderabad. Earlier the events Elan (Cultural) and ηVision (Tech) were organized separately. But since 2017, they have been merged into a single Techno-Cultural event. Events in genres like art, music and technology engage large no. of audience and participants.



IIT Indore Events


All the events organized by IIT Indore have been mentioned below. So, get ready to showcase all your talent in these Cultural/Sports and Tech Events of IIT Indore.



Cultural/Sports Events:


1. Fluxus

Event Date: February 2022.

Central India’s largest college festival. Fluxus, the annual techno-cultural festival of IIT Indore. This IIT Event has already been featured with a performance from Salim Sulaiman, Zakir Khan, Farhan Akhtar, roadies fame Raghu Ram, Indus Creed a famous rock band and many more. Stuck In Da Between, Verbal Diarrhea, Burn Da Dance Floor, Bollybuzz etc. all these events are organized in this festival.


2. Ferocia

Event Date: October 2022.

Ferocia, the annual Sports Fest of IIT Indore. This 3 day IIT Event featured an array of sports like Cricket, Badminton, Basketball and Football.



IIT Jodhpur Events


Save your energy and your talent for these upcoming Cultural/Sports and Tech Events of IIT Jodhpur. These are the most exciting and awaited days of IIT Jodhpur.



Cultural/Sports Events:


1. Ignus

Event Date: February 2022.

Bringing the most exciting four days, this annual social-cultural-technical fest of IIT Jodhpur includes many thrilling events like Fashion Shows, Rock Shows, Brain-Storming Quizzes and much more. The Tech Events included in this festival are Robotics & Electronics, Programming & Web Designing etc.


2. Varchas

Event Date: April 2022.

The inter-college sports week of IIT Jodhpur. Featuring with the sports events like Basketball, Cricket Chess, Jodhpur Mini-Marathon, Table Tennis, Squash etc.


3. Spandan

Showcase all your talent in this Intra-college cultural fest of IIT Jodhpur. This grand IIT Festival has many exciting events including Dance, Singing, Ramp Walk, Debating, Photography Events etc.



Tech Events:


1. Nimble

The intra-college technical fest of IIT Jodhpur organized for the students who want to show their talent in the field of technology. This IIT Event organizes Robotics, Electronics, Quizzes, Crypto etc. Some famous personalities in the field of Science and technology share their experiences to encourage students.



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IIT Kanpur Events


Here are the most thrilling & exciting Cultural/Sports and Tech events of IIT Kanpur. Participates and win amazing prizes. Plus get a chance to meet various Bollywood superstars.



Cultural/Sports Events:


1. Antaragni

Event Date:  October 2021.

With the stars like Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, Vishal-Shekhar, Adnan Sami and many more have performed earlier engages over 1,00,000 people from more than 300 colleges. This four days annual cultural festival of IIT Kanpur includes Competitions Fashion Shows, Indian Folk Dances, Performances by rock bands and many more.


2. Udghosh

Event Date: September 2021.

Udghosh, India’s largest college sports festival organized by IIT Kanpur. This IIT Event attracts more than 60,000 people with over 2500 participations from more than 200 colleges. This festival consist an array of sports like Hockey, Skating, Kabaddi, Taekwondo, Basketball, Cricket, Sports Quiz etc.


For more details of this IIT Kanpur Event, visit here.



Tech Events:


1. Techkriti

Event Date: March 2021.

Asia’s Largest Technical & Entrepreneurial Festival organized by IIT Kanpur. With an aim to develop an interest in the field of technology among students, this IIT Event organizes many exciting events including Design Events, Robogames, Hackathon, Techkriti grand Prix and many more.



Other Events:


1. E-Summit

Event Date: February 2021.

This 3-day festival organized by IIT Kanpur aims to develop entrepreneurship skills among students. TEDx, StartUp Master Class and many more events are organized at this festival. Apart from these, this IIT Event also organizes various lectures and workshops.


2. Vivekananda Youth Leadership Convention

Vivekananda Youth Leadership Convention is organized by IIT Kanpur with the focus on Leadership, Social Innovation and Youth Empowerment. This IIT Event conducts a variety of events like Inspirational Talks, Quizzes, Debate, Extempore and many more.



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IIT Kharagpur Events


Know about these breathtaking Cultural/Sports and Tech Events organized by IIT Kharagpur. Know about each IIT Kharagpur Events and show whatever skills you got.



Cultural/Sports Events:


1. Spring Fest

Event Date: January 2021.

Organizing events in various genres like Music, Dance, Photography, Literature, Quizzing, Debating etc. this IIT Festival engages more than 50,000 people across the country. It is the annual social and cultural fest of IIT Kharagpur and is the largest student-managed socio-cultural fest of Asia.


2. Shaurya

Event Date: October 2021.

With a variety of sports like Basketball, Tennis, Weightlifting, Cricket, Hockey, Football etc. this IIT Event is being organized for the students who want to showcase their sports skills. It’s an annual inter-collegiate sports meet of IIT Kharagpur.



Tech Events:


1. Kshitij

Event Date: January 2021.

Kshitij, Asia’s largest techno-management fest organized by IIT Kharagpur. This IIT Event receives more than 70,000 participation every year. Events like Eureka, Embetronix, Robowars, Poles Apart, Stax etc. are organized in this fest.


If you want to know more about this IIT Event then, Click Here.


2. Petrofiesta

Event Date: November 2021.

For those who want to share their ideas in the field of Petroleum, Petrofiesta is the perfect platform. It’s a technical event in the field of Petroleum Industry organized by IIT Kharagpur. Events like Petrogyan, Petrobot, Petrodebate, Petrotalk, Petrosell etc. are organized in this festival.



Department-Wise IIT Kharagpur Events:

Esperanza (Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering)

Bitwise (Computer Science and Engineering)

Prithvi (Geology).



IIT Madras Events


Witness the most amazing days in IIT Madras. Introducing you to the most exciting Cultural/Sports and Tech Events of IIT Madras.



Cultural/Sports Events:


1. Saarang

Event Date: January 2021.

A 5 day long IIT Event engages more than 75,000 people from over 500 colleges across India. The annual social and cultural festival of IIT Madras is organized every year in the month of January. Saarang organizes many exciting events including Quiz, Word Games, Roadshows, Food Fest, Music Events, Gaming Events for gamers and lots more.



Tech Events:


1. Shaastra

Event Date: January 2021.

Started in 2000, this annual technical fest of IIT Madras attracts large no. of people from different colleges in India. This grand IIT Event organizes Aerofest, Business Events, Electronics fest, Video Conferences, Workshops and a lot more.



Other Events:


1. E-Summit

Event Date: January 2021.

E-Summit, the flagship event of E-Cell IIT Madras. This IIT Event organizes Lectures from famous entrepreneurs of India, Startup Boot Camp, PitechFest and many more. This event is organized every year in the month of April.



IIT Mandi Events


A look at all the Cultural/Sports and Tech events organized by IIT Mandi. Read about all the events organized by IIT Mandi, participate and win amazing prizes.



Cultural/Sports Events:


1. Rann-Neeti

Event Date: October 2021.

Rann-Neeti, the perfect event for those who love sports and want to showcase their talent in this field. This is an annual inter-college sports festival of IIT Mandi. With a list of exciting sports like Badminton, Basketball, Athletics, Hockey, Volleyball etc. all have been included in this IIT Event.


2. Exodia

Event Date: April 2021.

A cultural-cum-technical fest of IIT Mandi is organized every year in April. This fest organizes cultural events in the genres like Art, Dance, Fashion, Music, Drama, Photography etc. Technical events in genres of Coding, Robotronics, Mechanical, Astronomy, Civil etc. Apart from these, this IIT Event also organizes Debate, Extempore and some Workshops.



Other Events:


1. Yuvyom

Event Date: November 2021.

Yuvyom, the youth festival of IIT Mandi is a 3-day event. This festival organizes many exciting events like LAN Gaming, Face Painting Competition, Halloween party, Quiz and many more.



IIT Patna Events


Get yourself in for these exciting Cultural/Sports as well as Tech Events held at IIT Patna. Know about all these events in detail.



Cultural/Sports Events:


1. Anwesha

Event Date: February 2021.

Attracting more than 20,000 people and receiving over 5000 participations, this IIT Event is the most anticipated event. It’s an annual Techno-cultural festival of IIT Patna. This festival organizes technical, Literary, Cultural, Eco and Management Events.


2. Reverberance

Event Date: November 2021.

Reverberance, the cultural celebration organized around Diwali. IIT Patna organizes this celebration with competitions in various genres like Design and Gaming, Dance, Music, Dramatics, Fine Arts etc.



Tech Events:


1. Celesta

Event Date: October 2021.

With an aim to promote technical and managerial knowledge among students IIT Patna organizes Celesta. It’s an annual techno-management fest which organizes various events, workshops and exhibitions.



IIT Roorkee Events


Participate in these mind-blowing Cultural/Sports and Tech events organized by IIT Roorkee and win exciting prizes. Mark their dates well and show the unique skills you got.



Cultural/Sports Events:


1. Thomso

Event Date: Fabruary 2021.

One of the greatest and grandest youth festival in India organized by IIT Roorkee. A three-day event attracts more than 1,00,000 people from over 800 colleges across India. It organizes more than 150 events. This IIT Event witnessed a performance by Farhan Akhtar and Ahsaan Qureshi.


2. Sangram

Event Date: April 2021.

This 4-day sports festival of IIT Roorkee comprises of many exciting and thrilling sports including Athletics, basketball, Badminton, Football, Chess, Powerlifting, Snooker and many more.



Tech Events:


1. Cognizance

Event Date: March 2021.

The annual technical festival of IIT Roorkee organizes more than 200 events. These events are organized in various genre of Robotics, Technical, Literary, Gaming and many more. This IIT Event was first organized in 2003 and is organized every year in the month of March.



IIT Ropar Events


Below you can read about the Cultural/Sports and Tech Events organized by IIT Ropar. Explore all these events in detail, mark their dates well and showcase all your skills.



Cultural/Sports Events:


1. Zeitgeist

Event Date: March 2021.

The annual cultural festival of IIT Ropar organizes events in genres like Music, Dance, Photography, Fine Arts, Gaming, Cooking, Literary and lots more. This is a 3 day IIT Event organized every year in the month of February/March.


2. Aarohan

Event Date: March 2021.

For sports lovers, this IIT Event is being organized by IIT Ropar every year in the month of February/March. This festival attracts a large number of people and it witnessed more than 400 participations from different colleges in India.



Tech Events:


1. Advitiya

Event Date: February 2021.

Advitiya is the annual Tech event of IIT Ropar. It organizes many events in the fields of Design, Coding, Robotics, Finance and Entrepreneurship. With the performance from Hardy Sandhu and DJ Night by DJ RAY all have been organized earlier and is expected to be more thrilling and exciting in the coming years.



Other Events:


Some other events have also been organized by IIT Ropar including SPIC MACAY, an annual Indian classical music and dance event. Inter Batch Cultural Championship (IBCC) and Inter Year Sports Championship are the intra-college events.



Inter IIT Sports Meet


Event Date: December 2021.

This is the annual sports tournament of IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology). This IIT Event is organized every year in the month of December. It was started in 1961 at IIT Bombay where only 5 IITs participated i.e. IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Kanpur and IIT Delhi. The first edition of this event organized only 5 sports.


Now, this number of sports has been increased to 13 and all the 23 IITs take part in this IIT Event. This years’ IIT Event will be organized at IIT Guwahati.

So, these are the IIT Events which is organized by each IITs. Some IITs have not been mentioned as they don’t have their own campus and does not conduct their own events. But as we get details about more fun-loving and exciting events, we’ll surely let you know in this blog.

If you want to ask or share something, you can mention your thoughts in the comments’ section below.

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