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5 Tips for Staying Motivated About Your IIT JAM Study Routine

IIT JAM Study Motivation

IIT JAM Exam is a craze among the B.Sc. Graduates. Finding a study routine that works for you is an incredible feeling. Nothing beats being motivated to pick up your book and head into the study zone. But we’re all human—sometimes you just are not feeling it.


We’ve all been there! That’s why we’ve compiled our favorite motivational tips for IIT JAM 2022, so you can get ready to rock even on the most “meh” days.


Check out the important tips that will keep you motivated throughout the preparation:


Best Time To Study

Say No to Procrastination

Stay Away from Social Media/ Distractions

Group Study is Useful in Final Preparation or Not?

Do not Guess Too Much



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Study When You Feel Most Alert and Efficient


If you are not a morning person, don't schedule your study routine for 7 AM. You will not wake up.


What if you start your study session at noon and finish it later, let’s say start at 9 AM and finish study routine by 10 PM instead of being sleepy for the whole day and feeling exhausted by lunch. Listen to your body clock and notice when you yawn less.


Don’t torture yourself with energy drinks and coffees, it is better to take proper rest and hustle when you feel like doing so, everything in balance.



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Say No to Procrastination:


Did you ever tell yourself:


Tomorrow I will read 5 chapters in my book or take mock test or revise my weak topics - and then failed to do it all and felt bad about yourself?


Sometimes we just have so much stuff to do that we decide to step back instead. This is a very common problem with students that they keep postponing studies unnecessarily. When you have limited time for preparation & you delay it, then it results in anxiety & stress at the end.


Draw up a realistic timetable. Short, frequent study sessions.


Organise yourself because It’s never too late. Don’t prioritize any one topic. All topics should get equal time. Allow two hours each weekend for mock tests and around 30-40 minutes per night for studying what was covered on that day.



Not using a planner?


That’s OK. It’s really easy to find a good IIT JAM Study Plan. For starters, check out the PDFs offered by Eduncle. Another great option would be to get a planner developed by some students who really used it and topped IIT JAM Exam.



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Cut Down on Social Media (Whatsapp, Facebook and Youtube)


Does this sound all too familiar: Exam is approaching, the syllabus is not done and you’re binging on YouTube. This is the power of social media and internet. Once you’ve entered the virtual world you’d keep scrolling through news feeds.


All studies and no socializing is boring but too much socializing can bring you poor marks too. Keep everything in moderation.


As the Eduncle team has interviewed many JAM Toppers, we’ve found one thing in common. They all use social media very wisely. They are not the ones, who have their heads buried under books, but they are not the ones who use internet all the time. They know when to stop scrolling through feeds.


Put away the laptop or mobile phone. Get your parents to hide the device so you won’t be tempted to use it.



Eliminate Group Studies in the Final Phase of JAM Preparations


There’s a little chance that exam preparation with your friends will get you anywhere. Surely, it’s more fun, but your focus will be fluctuating as you’ll interact with others. Also, your study partner's progress might put you off as opposed to motivating you. Revising in a team is a good idea when everyone has already memorized JAM materials – after that you can check each other’s knowledge.


Study groups can be helpful - but keep it to between 3 and 5 members (including you). More than that, and it turns into a social event.



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The Papers are Designed to be Unpredictable, Don’t Guess Too Much


Every year students emerge devastated because they listened to rumors about what was coming up in IIT JAM Papers.


Don’t talk about what study you’re doing and don’t listen to other people about what they’re doing. Lots of people lie about what they’re studying or not studying. The naturally brilliant friend who did nothing but somehow managed a great rank in the exams is probably telling lies about how hard they’re working.


Don’t ruin your time in guessing or finding shortcuts at the final moment. Revise what you’ve done already. Be confident and crack the exam.


Free feel to add your IIT JAM Motivation strategies in the comments. Lastly, no external motivation, like this post or inspirational quotes, will make you more motivated than seeing progress. List the positive consequences of achieving the goal and always keep them in mind. Note that these outcomes should be serious enough to give you an extra kick.


To sum up the learning from this article, a candidate should keep these in mind:


The best time of the day to study is when you feel active and attentive. Because your brain tends to be the sharpest in the morning hours, some people suggest it for performing heavy-tasks. However, You can find out which time slot suits you the best by experimenting.

Use social media and the internet wisely. How much time do you spend on the internet? Half-an-hour in the morning, an hour in the evening? It all adds up. Two hours a day is 14 per week, 56 per month. Imagine if you were to spend just half of that revising.

Keep the exams in perspective. Don't stray far from the given syllabus. Being solely focused on exam will fry your brain. Have something to divert your attention and make you feel good.

Depending on the members and atmosphere, study groups can be either help a student grow or can pull a student down. Use it effectively, if it brings your grades down, leave immediately.

Take it easy. Don't jump the gun. Take the first five to 10 minutes to read through the paper and plan the questions you're going to answer in order of how confident you feel in that subject area.


Is this tough? Ah, maybe. But tough times call for tough actions. If you are serious about IIT JAM, then it will help you.


Thank You!


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  • Lata sewag
    Thanku it is really helpful
    Hello Hema, Greetings from Eduncle!
    Thanks for the support and appreciation! We value your generous feedback.
    Stay tuned with Eduncle!!
    Hello Lata, Greetings from Eduncle!
    Thanks for the support and appreciation! We value your generous feedback.
    Stay tuned with Eduncle!!
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