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Top Common Mistakes that UGC NET Aspirants Repeats in Second Attempt!

Common Mistakes that Aspiratns Repeat in UGC NET Second Attempt

UGC NET- one of the most famous and high difficulty level eligibility test conducted in India.

The intention of organising the National Eligibility Test is to select the well-deserving candidates.

We all know that it’s not so easy for everyone to give 100% in their first attempt. This happens due to unconditional stress, lack of awareness of competition level and from other reasons.

If you failed to qualify the UGC NET Exam in the first attempt it doesn’t mean that all your hopes ended too. Never understate your confidence level from one bad result, rather try to evaluate all the mistakes that you did in the last exam.

After doing some research work on UGC NET aspirants, we have finalised some common mistakes that most of the candidates did in their exams.

So, if you don’t want to make the same mistakes again in your second attempt of UGC NET Exam, then it’s must to read this blog.


Mistakes to Avoid in Second Attempt of UGC NET

Giving too Much or too Less Preference to an Individual Topic

Running for Shortcuts

Choosing Wrong UGC NET Study Material

Setting  Less Targeted Score

Give a Shot to UGC NET Previous Year Papers

Have a Study Plan for Last Month Preparation

Be Aware of Making Silly Mistakes



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Mistakes to Avoid in Second Attempt of UGC NET!


It’s not easy for everyone to make a strong decision to reappear in UGC NET. If you have decided the same, we would like to appreciate your confidence and dedication to your aim.

But, at this time you should be double alert to avoid the mistakes that you had done in your last attempt for NET Exam.

So, if you don’t know what areas are that need to be considered while preparing for the second attempt in UGC NET, here we come up with some tips to ease your worries.

Below we have glanced on some major mistakes that aspirants do while preparing for the exam.

To qualify the UGC NET Exam, you must avoid these mistakes.



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Giving too Much or too Less Preference to an Individual Topic


Preparation of UGC NET Exam is not about completing a topic which interests you, instead of its about covering the whole UGC NET Syllabus for Paper 1 and 2 both.

There is a common tendency found in many aspirants that they always give attention to those topics which are easy for them.

If you did the same mistake in the first attempt of UGC NET Exam, its time to fix them out.

Please avoid repeating this mistake in the upcoming exam.

All aspirants have got limited time to study. So, try to cover each and every topic of UGC NET Syllabus before the exam.


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Running for Shortcuts


Picking shortcuts will never give you the desired result in UGC NET Exam.

UGC NET is an exam which mostly includes theory subjects. So, you can use some short tricks to remember things but there is no scope of shortcuts in it.

Taking the shortcuts actually costs time. In the hunger of success in UGC NET, many candidates take the shortcuts like escaping topics according to their suitability. Nobody can tell you that from which topic the questions will come in the exam, it is up to you how you prepare for the exam.


So, just go with the flow of study without losing your focus to get good UGC NET Result.



Don’t Repeat the Mistake of Choosing Wrong UGC NET Study Material


Choice of study material is a very crucial part of UGC NET exam preparation. Might be that was the reason behind all the disappointments that you got in your previous attempt.

A Well-chosen UGC NET Study Material can be your first step towards the success in the exam. So, be careful while referring any book, notes, videos etc.

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Setting  Targeted Score with Reference to Last Years’ Cut Off Marks


You Might have also done this mistake in your last attempt of UGC NET.

Setting an estimated score for UGC NET with reference to last years’ cut off can put you in trouble. There are many coaching institute faculties who advise you to prepare according to last years’ UGC NET Cut Off marks.

But candidates interpret it in the wrong way and set their target equal to the previous year cut off marks instead of setting the target higher than previous year cut off, which is the actual motive behind that advice.



Give a Shot to UGC NET Previous Year Papers, if You Haven’t!


The Last month preparation of UGC NET is considered as the result deciding. You can get best out of these days with the help of UGC NET Previous Year Papers.

Solving previous question papers can help the candidates to polish their preparation.

If you haven’t solved the previous year papers in the last attempt of UGC NET Exam, then this is the time to correct your mistakes.


Previous year papers will help you out to know about the difficulty level of the exam. Solving these papers will give you a fair idea of the areas which will require more attention.

Candidates who are making their full efforts to crack the UGC NET Exam can avail a straight benefit by solving previous year question papers.


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Have a Study Plan for Last One Month UGC NET Preparation


As we said, last month comes under the result deciding phase. So, its up to you, how you can give your 100% for preparation in this phase.

Most of the UGC NET qualifier had their own study plans for the last few days before the exam.

A strategical and keen study is the tool that will be responsible for your success in UGC NET Exam.

Self-made strategies are far better than getting them from someone else.

If you have your own algorithm for UGC NET last month preparation, then it’s the best for you.

While planning for preparation, remember that there is a difference between a brilliant plan and a mediocre one.

So, make sure that the strategies you are going to implement for the last one-month preparation of UGC NET Exam, must be productive and should give the best outputs.



Be Aware of Making Silly Mistakes


It’s human nature to make mistakes and you should not feel guilty for them. You might have made some of the most common mistakes just like the other aspirants in your previous attempt. And now, it is the time to learn from those mistakes and not to repeat them again.

A single mark can make the difference between passing and failing.

If you don’t want to miss out this another opportunity of qualifying UGC NET, then make sure to avoid the silly mistakes in the exam.

Below you can get the knowledge of some common mistakes that aspirants usually do during the exam –

Misunderstanding format of the test

Guessing too many answers

Reading the questions in a hurry

Not understanding the key term in the question

Getting stuck for long time on tough questions

Lack of time management

Nervousness during the exam


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Are you relating with all the above-mentioned mistakes that aspirants do in UGC NET Exam?

If so, then it’s time to learn from your own mistakes and to perform well this time.

You have got another opportunity to prove yourself so, make sure that there will not chance of self-disappointment in the exam.

How was your experience of reading this blog, share the valuable feedback as well as your queries with us in the comment section below!



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