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New Education Policy in India – History, Discoveries & Suggestions

New Education Policy in India

UGC NET Paper 1 Notes

Scoring good enough in UGC NET is not that easy when the selection ratio is only 6%. To help students preparing smart and scoring more marks in the exam, Eduncle has come up with a series of blogs in which we cater all the important topics and their preparation tips.

Continuing this series, here we have come up with one of the most important topics of UGC NET Paper 1 – New Education Policy in India that has been repeated in the previous papers very frequently.

For providing you quick notes of New Education Policy, our experts have summed up the important facts regarding the same like – when was the National Education Policy formulated, who made changes in it, why the changes were introduced and also the success strategies to prepare well & score more marks in this topic.

Scroll & Get the details.

History of Nation Education Policy

Discoveries and Outcomes of the New Education Policy

Suggestions for Improvement in NPE As Per the New Report



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National Education Policy - Detailed Information


Get the knowledge related to the New Education Policy, made to improve the level of Education in India.



History & Need of National Education Policy


To promote Education among Indians, the Government of India formulated the National Policy of Education in 1986 which was later modified in 1992.

The agenda of this policy is to spread the elementary education in rural and urban India both.

As the policy was last modified in 1992, various changes have taken place in this policy since then. Among all those changes, the population was the major one for which the Government of India had to draft a New National Education Policy with regards to quality education research and innovation.

Aiming to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to the students and eliminate the shortage of manpower in technology, industry, science and academics.

After the thirty years of National Education Policy, TSR Subramaniam, the former Cabinet Secretary drafted a New Education Policy of 200 pages which was submitted by the concerned Committee with its 90 recommendations.

By doing some modifications in that policy the Ministry of Human Resource Development has released a draft of New Education Policy in 2016 to steer India's education ecosystem with its priorities, mechanisms and possibilities in the coming decades.



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Discoveries and Outcomes of the New Education Policy


Get the discoveries and outcomes of the New Education Policy in the below section.

It has been noted that the quality level of education in both stages, primary and higher has been poor and it was going to further in the last 15 years. However, the quantity of instructive organizations has increased.

The discrimination factor is widely spread in the education system, even in between the weaker and sharp children. However, every child has equal educational rights according to RTE but, there are no signs of improvement in that situation.

It has been noticed that directors, secretaries, and other authorities of education system gain than the teachers, mentors and their training part. Whereas the idea ought to be the teacher-oriented as they act the most noticeable linkage between the students and the organizations.



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Since the current condition of educational advancement in India is, minimum 6% of GDP, must be well spent as a fundamental consumption for the training part. The Report has also concurred for 6% GDP for the educational sector. This also supports for a well characterized and structured education system of an institution and strong execution of the Right to Education Act.

The responsibility of colleges and universities lies in providing flawless delivery of education as their primary work. They should set some self-imposed guidelines or restrictions to ensure that their essential work is led with no impediment.

These organizations should not act themselves as political play areas for national contentions, or mushroom imbalances, disparities, and let there be a tussle on social/social fault lines; these must be handled by the discussions, for example, parliament, courts, elections, society in general etc. Political occasions must be confined to stay away from diversions in educational establishments.

However, the Committee and MHRD reports provide importance to infrastructure development only. RTE was not been given its due significance in this Report. There are only 10% of the schools, consenting to the RTE standards even following 6 years.

The NEP mostly focus on the girl’s education, strengthening public institutions with a thrust on traditional knowledge, special attention language, sports mathematics at the school level and addressing regional inequality.



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Suggestions for Improvement in NPE As Per the New Report


The committee has prescribed that the arrangement of detainment ought to be reestablished for the kids who stay underneath the imperative least learning standard. Such as - any detainment approaches will not be applicable for the youngsters up to class 5, till their age is of 11 years old and for class 5 to 8, the upper essential class, these ages somewhere in the range of 11 to 14 years.

Students with weak performance will be identified for providing remedial teaching solutions in holidays at their schools. This condition will be based on continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation and the end term examinations. For all these processes a new arrangement should be created by the system of the school.

According to the merit lists, all the UGC Approved Universities should be graded for self-government. More autonomy should be granted to those universities which are performing well. Academic issues should be for their agenda only.

Inspite some good policy initiatives and best reports, still, there are not so good results. This insensibility remains because of ineffective implementation and poor execution mechanism.



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Education is considered as a milestone in everyone’s life. It’s a responsibility of every enabler to make Education better and make available it for everyone.

There is always a high probability of questions likely to come from this part of the New Education Policy. So, we tried our best to give you the complete short of knowledge about all the New Education Policy in India.

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