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Railway Medical Rules- Eye Vision Standards | FAQs for Railway Exams

Railway Medical Rules- Eye Vision Standards | FAQs for Railway Exams


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Those aspirants who are appearing for the Railway Examination must make sure to clear the RRB Medical Examination which are applicable for different posts. The candidates will be eligible for Railway Recruitment Exams if they fulfill the Railway Exam Eligibility Criteria requires to appear in the exams.


RRB Medical Fitness Test is conducted after Aptitude Test and Document Verification Stage for most of the Railway Exams. So, to become eligible for RRB Medical Test, the candidate must qualify in these stages first and also, he/ she must clear Railway Medical Standards/ Rules which are mentioned in this blog.


Candidates must note that if they fail in the Railway Medical Test, they won’t be considered for any other posts. Please check out RRB Notification for detailed information regarding this!


The candidates must be worried about their selection as Indian Railways is serious about Railway Medical Test Procedure for all the Railway Exams like RRB Loco Pilot, Railway JE SSE, RRB NTPC etc.


When it comes to Eye-vision standards for Railway Goods Guard Medical Standard, ASM, Traffic Apprentice (TA) & other posts, many candidates commit mistake at the time of selecting post preference in Indian Railway Exams.


Here we are providing complete details about the Railway Eye Vision Standards for various Railway Exams.



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Railway Medical Category with its Posts Medical Classification


The candidates must be physically fit in all respect to sit in RRB Medical Fitness Test, below you can look for Railway Medical Rules.


S.No. Medical Category Medical Category Post Distance Vision (without glasses) Near Vision (without glasses) Test
1. A - 1 Loco Pilot/ Asst. Loco Pilot, Motorman, Shunter 6/6, 6/6 0.6/0.6 Must pass Color Vision, Binocular Vision, Field of Vision & Night Vision.
2. A – 2 Assistant Guard, Pointsman, ASM, Station Master, Traffic Apprentices 6/9,6/9 0.6/0.6 Color Vision, Binocular Vision, Field of Vision & Night Vision.
3. A - 3 Loco Inspector, JE/SSE – C&W, P. Way, Loco, Works, Signal & Telecommunication, Traffic Inspector, Trolley men, Train Clerk, Bridge Inspectors 6/9,6/9 0.6/0.6 Color Vision, Binocular Vision, Field of Vision & Night Vision.
4. B - 1 Trackman, ESM, Train Examination Staff, RPF Staff 6/9,6/12 0.6/0.6 Color Vision, Binocular Vision, Field of Vision & Night Vision.
5. B – 2 Ticket Checking Staff 6/9,6/12 0.6/0.6 Field Vision
6. C – 1 Section Controller, Booking Clerk, Parcel Clerk, Station Clerk, Commercial Inspector, Telephone operator 6/12, 6/18 0.6/0.6 Field Vision
7. C – 2 Others 6/12, Nil 0.6 Combined Field Vision


Note: Candidates who have applied for ASM & TA posts are required to submit a certificate issued by an eye specialist for Aptitude Test.


Check out the Railway Medical Test Rules Official PDF here



What does 6/6, 6/9, 6/12, 6/18 Eye Vision Mean?


These are the RRB Eye Vision Standards known as Visual Acuity Standards which are measured using Snellen’s Eye Chart. A group of letters are printed in different font sizes which a candidate must read standing from a distance.


If you score 6/6, which means you can see things located at a distance of 6 meters away, which is considered as a normal condition.

 6/9 specifies that you are seeing objects from 6 meters away. A normal person can see from a distance of 9 meters, which implies that your vision is slightly below normal condition.

 If your score is 6/12 & 6/18, then it means you are able to read from 6 meters of distance. A normal person can read from 12 – 18 meters of distance, which is not the normal condition.


The below Snellen’s Eye Chart has visual acuity represented in feet. Refer the below image to understand it in a better way.


Snellen’s Eye Chart


If you will visit for an eye test, then you will be asked to read the letters in a row from 6 meters of distance.



Frequently Asked Questions about Railway Medical Rules 



Q-1 Posts includes in RRB NTPC 01/2019 comes under which Eye-Vision Category?

Answer Assistant Station Master (ASM), Traffic Apprentice (TA), Traffic Assistant and Goods Guard come under A-2 Category while remaining posts come under C-1 Category.



Q-2 What is the purpose of these Vision Acuity Standards for Jobs in Railways?

Answer There are many jobs like ASM, Goods Guard and Traffic Apprentice which includes recognizing incoming and outgoing trains, obstacles from a long distance is based on what they see and according to that proper indication should be given immediately.



Q-3 Can I check the visual standards by myself at home?

Answer No, without the proper guidance and supervision, it will be difficult to reach at the correct readings.



Q-4 Is it mandatory to carry Medical Certificate issued by a doctor to the psycho/ Aptitude Test Center?

Answer The selected candidates called for the Aptitude Test of ASM and Traffic Assistant posts, are required to bring their Vision Certificate from an Eye Specialist on prescribed proforma as per Annexure-10.



Q-5 If Radial Keratotomy/ Lasik Surgery is allowed in Railway Medical Test?

Answer Lasik/ Laser/ Radial Keratotomy or any other surgical treatment for eye vision correction will make you unfit for A-2 Category posts.



RRB NTPC Official Notification Rules for Eye Standard Test


The Railway Medical Rules are suggestive and not exhaustive to applicants in general.


  The applicants must ensure that they fulfill the prescribed Railway Medical Standards for that category/post.

  Candidates who do not fill the prescribed RRB Medical Standards need not fill RRB Online Application Form.

  Different standards for Ex-serviceman.

 The candidates who are qualifying in the examinations for these posts but failing in the prescribed RRB Medical Fitness Test will not be considered for any another appointment.



RRB NTPC Medical Physical Test Details


The RRB NTPC Medical Test will be conducted by the Railway Board in the upcoming days. The candidates must check the following points on which they are examined in the medical test.


 Measurement of height, weight and chest girth will be recorded.

 The condition of heart and lungs will be recorded.

 To check whether there is any evidence of abdominal disease.

 Whether there is any hernia or tendency to a hernia.

 Whether is there any disease in the ear.

 Is there any speech defect?

 Whether there is any communicable disease.

 Whether there is any contagious disease.

 Whether there is free movement of joints.



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Above we tried to sum up all the necessary facts related to Railway Medical Rules and Eye Vision Standards for Railway Exam.


If you want to share any of your experience, then please post them in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more updates related to Railway Exams.


Thank You!



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    Respected sir my left eye lens is -1 and right side is -4 cylindrical should i eligible for railway recurt.
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    You must have fulfill the medical standards as per the post. Visual Acuity Standard (6/9, 6/12, 6/18 with or without glasses) is one of the ...
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    You must be medically fit to be eligible for RPF SI medical exam.
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