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UGC NET English Literature 2020 Syllabus, Study Material, Papers, Tips

UGC NET English Exam

UGC NET June 2020 Application Form Started

If you have chosen English Literature as your career and if you are looking for the best career option in the subject you love, then, UGC NET 2020 is the ultimate key to open the door to your success.


For those who seek a career in Research/Lectureship in English Literature from the most reputed colleges and universities of the country, UGC NET English may actualize your dreams.


If you seek all the vital information in one place, then this is the blog designed for you. This blog not only helps you with the vital information about the UGC NET English Exam, but it will also guide you to crack this exam successfully.


Get the direct access to the desired information just by clicking on the following links -


Career Scope for UGC NET English Qualifiers

Who Can Appear for UGC NET English Literature Exam 2020? 

UGC NET English Literature Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme 

UGC NET Syllabus English Literature & List of Important Topics

UGC NET Exam Study Material English Literature PDF & Books 

How to Crack NET Exam in English? Success Mantras by Experts 

UGC NET English Sample Practice Questions for Paper - 2



 Download UGC NET English Sample Notes for Free




Career Scope for UGC NET English Qualifiers | Know Why to Appear?


The National Eligibility Test or commonly known as UGC NET is India’s sole exam to test the eligibility of the Indian Nationals and aspirants for the post of the Assistant Professor and Junior Research Fellows.


Are you wondering which kind of career opportunity would be available after qualifying the exam? Check out here!



Career Scope for UGC NET English Qualifiers!


For those who are looking for the position of a Lecturer or a researcher in some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in India, UGC NET Certificate is a sure shot ticket for your entry.



Assistant Professor/Lecturer


A job famous for its lucrative salary and perfect shift timings is a dream for many. This job is one of the most satisfying jobs in the country where you will get the opportunity to teach your favorite subject to the youth.

Through UGC NET English Literature, success is just a mile away...


Scope - Through this exam, you can be a Lecturer/Assistant Professor in the various Govt as well as Private colleges and Universities approved by UGC.



Junior Research Fellow(JRF)


There are some passionate aspirants who are willing to enhance their knowledge in the English Literature. Their thirst for knowledge encourages them to keep pushing their limits and dig deeper through lots of research.


For such passionate researchers, Junior Research Fellow (JRF) is the position they deserve. This position holds immense opportunities in the field of English Literature along with a monthly stipend of INR 31,000 per month for the research work.



Design your career fruitfully by qualifying UGC NET Exam. Start preparing for the exam and learn with the Sample Study Material & Question Papers designed by Eduncle. Available for Free Here!



Other Career Options


Apart from Lecturer or JRF, you can try your luck in any of the worthwhile career options enlisted below –


Media & Journalism

 Publishing Industry

 Author, Script Writer, PR Writer, Copywriter or Blogger

 Job in PSUs

 Advertisement Manager



Sounds fascinating! Right? Along with setting up a goal, you must know the exact UGC NET English Syllabus, Exam Pattern, and Preparation Tips to crack this exam.



UGC NET English Syllabus, Eligibility & Exam Pattern


To get success, one must have done the complete research about the exam they are going to fight. Without proper research, success is uncertain!!


To get yourself through the UGC NET exam, you should have exact details about UGC NET Syllabus English and other factors such as Eligibility and Exam Pattern. Get all the details and make yourself ready to head-start your preparations.



Download Free UGC NET English Sample Model Test Papers to Practice Well for the June 2020 Exam.



Who Can Appear for UGC NET English Literature Exam June 2020?


Check all the mandatory guidelines for being eligible for UGC NET English Literature Exam before heading towards your preparations.


It is the most common mistake which many of the aspirants commit during their preparation. Lack of awareness can cause serious damage to your dream.


Don’t be careless, get the detailed guidelines according to UGC NET Eligibility criteria by following the link.


Once you’ve checked your eligibility, the next thing you’d like to do is to apply for the exam.


According to the official website - the candidates appearing in NET should clearly specify in the UGC NET 2020 Application Form whether they are applying for both JRF and eligibility for Assistant Professor or only for eligibility for Assistant Professor.


As a result of this, the candidates qualifying for Assistant Professor post will not be considered for award of JRF.



Want more guidance for UGC NET June 2020 Exam Preparation? Register Here for Free & Get a Call from Experts!




UGC NET English Literature Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme


To crack this exam, one must have a clear-cut knowledge of the exam pattern for English Literature.


The UGC NET English Syllabus is huge. So, it is very important to have a strategy to prioritize different segments of the units/chapters.


To make a strategy, you must have the exact information about the marking scheme and time duration in UGC NET Exam. Check them out...!!


Paper No. of Questions Marks
1 50 100
2 100 200



According to the current UGC NET Exam Pattern 2020, both the papers will be conducted in a single three-hour duration.



Download UGC NET English June 2020 Model Test Paper for Free



UGC NET Syllabus English Literature & List of Important Topics


The NET Exam Syllabus for English is huge, which can be terrifying. Many aspirants want to cover the important topics first to gain confidence in their preparations.


Below we have mentioned some important topics from the UGC NET Syllabus. The prescribed topics are suggested by our experts based on the complete analysis of the last few years’ question papers.


Chaucer to Shakespeare

 Romantic Period

 Victorian Period

 Modern Period

 Contemporary Period

 History of English Language

 English Language Teaching

 Indian Writing in English

 Indian Literature in English Translation

 Contemporary British literature

 Modern British Literature

 American and other non-British English Literature

 Contemporary Theory

 Literary Theory and Criticism

Stay tuned with us to get the updated list of important topics.



Click to Download UGC NET English Syllabus 2020 PDF




UGC NET English Literature Study Material PDF & Books


Many students feel less confident in English due to its immensity. To gain more confidence, they opt to go for various coaching in popular cities.


But no coaching institute can assure 100% success. You will need the best guidance along with the best UGC NET Study Material to achieve success.


With Eduncle, you can save your valuable money and time by getting the best study material and guidance right at your place.


In the below table, the features and qualities of Eduncle Study Material for UGC NET English are provided. If you’re seeking for the same, please click on the buttons against the products.

 ‘Have the best preparation module by your side to achieve the success you are destined for’.


Study Material


Links to Buy

UGC NET English PSP (Set of Previous Years Papers)

820 Previous Years Questions with Solutions

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UGC NET English MSP (Set of Model Solved Papers)

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UGC NET English Unit Solved Papers (Set of Question Papers)

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20 Topic Wise Unit Solved Papers

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NET Cracker – (Set of Question Papers)

3470+ Practice Questions with Solutions

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20 Topic Wise Unit Solved Papers (1, 2)

10 Volume Solved Papers (Paper 1, 2)

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Last 5 Exams' Solved Papers

40 Practice Tests

NET Booster – I(Detailed Theory of Full Syllabus)

Detailed Theory of Paper 1 (10 Units)

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Detailed Theory of Paper 2 (10 Units)

NET Booster – II(Detailed Theory of Full Syllabus)

Detailed Theory of Paper 2 (10 Units)

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NET Leader(Full Course for Paper 2)

2670 + Practice Questions with Solutions

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10 Units of Theory (Paper 2)

10 Topic Wise Unit Solved Papers

5 Volume Solved Papers (Paper 2)

7 Model Solved Papers (Paper 1, 2)

5 Previous Exams’ Solved Paper

NET Achiever (Full Course for Paper 2)

3470 + Practice Questions with Solutions

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20 Units of Theory (Paper1, 2)

20 Topic Wise Unit Solved Papers (Paper1, 2)

10 Volume Solved Papers (Paper1, 2)

7 Model Solved Papers (Paper 1, 2)

5 Previous Exams’ Solved Paper



Download Free PDF of UGC NET Question Papers



How to Crack NET Exam in English? Success Mantras by Experts


You must know that how to use notes and books strategically for better preparation. 


Eduncle not only provides the quality study material to its students but also inspiring you through the best guidance to help you in your victory.


Get the 10 Best Preparation Tips for effective preparation of UGC NET English Exam 2020.



Keeping yourself updated with UGC NET Notifications as it is mandatory for your preparations.


 Make a Time Table of at least 100 Days by analyzing the Exam Pattern and UGC NET Syllabus English.


 Divide the syllabus on weekly basis to reduce the preparation burden.


 Make lists of topics you are comfortable with and the topics you think will need more attention. Divide the time accordingly.


 According to the experts, flowcharts are very efficient in learning something. Using them in your preparation will be one of the best choices for reaching out your goal.


 Practicing questions will be the best way to analyze your preparation and spotting your weak areas. Mark at least one day a week for practicing UGC NET English Question Papers. 


 The best way of practicing is to solve the NTA NET Mock Test Papers. Solving these papers will help you to boost up your speed and accuracy of attempting the questions.


 Practicing UGC NET Previous Year Papers is mandatory if you are serious about your preparations. Through this, you can analyze the type of questions asked in the exam.


 Summarizing your notes will help you to revise more quickly.


 Post solving previous years papers, check your answers with UGC NET Answer Key to analyze how much marks you bagged up in this self-evaluation test.


 It is very crucial to periodically assign weeks for your revision part. Summarizing your notes will help you to revise more quickly.


 Take help from your subject teachers to clear the doubts and concepts regarding any topic.


Never stay behind, share your queries and problems with us. #AskEduncle for all the guidance that you seek for. Please drop your queries along with your contact details in the comments’ box below. Our experts' team will try to reach you as soon as possible.




UGC NET English Sample Practice Questions for Paper – 2


To help you practice well for the test, here we’re providing some sample questions for UGC NET English Literature Paper – 2.


Solve the questions and analyze your performance.




Ques 1 - Name the two poets who begin their famous poems with the same line - ‘Come live with me and be my love’(A) Shakespeare and Marlowe(B) Marlowe and Thomas Kyd(C) Marlowe and Donne(D) Shakespeare and Donne


Ques 2 - Which oath did Donne refuse to take, thus ending his chance to earn his university degree?


(A) The Oath of Supremacy

(B) The Hippocratic Oath

(C) The Oath of Allegiance

(D) The Oath of Office


Ques 3 - What ultimately happens to heroines in Jane Austen’s novels?


(A) They leave the country

(B) They die

(C) They remain spinsters

(D) They get married


Ques 4 - Which of Shakespeare’s play is performed at 9 p.m. on June 19 every year?


(A) All is Well that Ends Well

(B) The Tempest

(C) Twelfth Night

(D) A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Ques 5 - Isaac Bashevis Singer is an


(A) African-American writer

(B) American-Jewish writer

(C) American-Indian writer

(D) American-Asian writer


Ques 6 - Plato censured poetry because he believed it


(A) eliminates the ago

(B) promotes sensuality

(C) distorts reality

(D) cripples the imagination


Ques 7 - New Criticism considers text as a/an


(A) Cultural Construct

(B) Historical Construct

(C) Linguistic Construct

(D) Autotelic


Ques 8 - Which famous American classic opens with ‘Call me Ishmael’?


(A) Rip Van Winkle

(B) The Scarlet Letter

(C) The Grapes of Wrath

(D) Moby Dick


Ques 9 - Ikemefuna is a character in the novel


(A) When Rain Clouds Gather

(B) The Mimic Men

(C) Things Fall Apart

(D) The Interpreters


Ques 10 - What is NOT a material reality in the oppression of women?


(A) Motherhood

(B) Job Discrimination

(C) Equal wages

(D) Unequal wages





Solve Last 5 Years Exams Question Papers to Practice Well for Upcoming UGC NET June 2020 Exam. Download Free PDFs!!



Always remember! for a good result, you need better preparation. So always be motivated to give your best in the exam.


Hope this guide would help you in preparing well for the exam. Still, if you have any queries related to this article, share it with us through the comments box.



Happy Learning! 

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