CBSE UGC NET Jan 2017: 5 Vital Last Minute Tips

CBSE UGC NET Last Minute Tips



As only few days are remaining for the CBSE UGC NET Exam Jan 2017, you all should focus on revision and refinement of your gained knowledge.

Till this time, aspirants must have done with their preparation goals and they might be busy revising those several books and practice papers.


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Here in this blog, Eduncle has come up with some useful Last Minute Preparation Tips for UGC NET aspirants.

Please follow these tips and also share your reviews with us! 


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UGC NET Last Minute Tips – Please have a look!


Don’t Panic

It may be high time for you but stay calm in such situation because if you get in stress just before exam, you will start forgetting everything what you have prepared for the UGC NET Exam.





100% Concentration 

Don’t let yourself get distracted by mobile phones, friends or any other activity. Just concentrate on what you are reading and set a picture on your mind so that if you forget anything during exam, these pictures will remind you everything.


Concentration while studying



Quick Revision

Prepare notes in which mention main points and their sub-points, logics, formulae, short tricks and short description of topics. Read only these notes when you are standing outside to the examination hall.





Sit Alone and Revise Loudly

Speaking loudly is helpful when you are doing revision, it keeps everything in your mind. Make your own rhymes of what you are reading, rhymes helps you to remember those points.

#Make sure, you study at your home only.





Discuss with your friends if you stuck anywhere

Have a confusion regarding any topic? Discuss with your friends and try to understand logics and concepts.

#Do not over emphasis on topics.


Group Studies


You may follow all above tips and don’t forget to have a look on things you will have to bring in the exam –

Just keep calm and crack the exam!


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