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How to Prepare for UGC NET Human Resource Management 2020 Exam?

UGC NET Human Resource Management

UGC NET 2020 Model Papers

Have you completed the post-graduation degree in HRM but still in dilemma ‘what to do next?’ The UGC NET Exam provides a perfect gateway to all those candidates who want to go for the research or the lectureship in HRM.


Not just the lectureship or research, UGC NET designs your career beautifully in many other fields too. Moreover, after getting its qualification, you can avail various scholarships & awards provided by UGC to give a financial boost to your career.


In this blog, we will present you the key facts & information regarding the UGC NET 2020 Exam for Human Resource and Management Exam. The Following information will help you to crack the exam.



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Why Take UGC NET HRM? Top 10 Amazing Career Scope in HRM 

Are You Eligible to Appear in the NET HRM? 

UGC NET Exam Pattern & Updated Marking Scheme for HRM  

UGC NET HRM Syllabus | Important Topics

Top Recommended Study Material & Theory Notes for UGC NET HRM 

Strategies for UGC NET HRM Exam Preparation | Experts’ Guide  

 Check UGC NET HRM Cutoffs & Set Your Target Score  

 Sample Questions for Practice



Why Take UGC NET HRM? Top 10 Amazing Career Scope in Human Resource Management


Through the NET Exam, aspirants can get an opportunity to shape their future with the most amazing and worthwhile career scopes.


After being qualified in UGC NET HRM (Code 55), you can –


Get a Doctorate Degree in HRM

Have a chance to work as Researcher in the HRM field.

Get Employed as an HRM Professor in any of the UGC Approved Universities

Develop expertise in Human Resource Management by running up your own coaching.

Go for the government jobs or get hired by PSUs.

Work as Program/ Transmission Executive

Be an Author

Visit universities as Guest faculty

Get self-employment as Coaching Tutor or Councilor or Consultant

Improve your skills as a Lab Trainer


Know what type of questions are asked in the exam by solving UGC NET Last 5 Exams Question Papers. Download Here!!



To avail the above opportunities, you must have the essential NET qualification. Check out whether you’re eligible to appear in the exam or not.



UGC NET HRM Eligibility, Pattern, Syllabus & Marking Scheme


The exam convener body NTA has made available the required eligibility criteria, exam pattern and syllabus of the UGC NET Human Resource & Management Exam. Let’s find the detailed information regarding the same, first on Eduncle!



Are You Eligible to Appear in the NET Human Resource & Management Exam?


It is essential to go through the UGC NET Eligibility Criteria for Human Resource Management to make sure if you can apply for the exam or not.


Candidates are required to meet NET Eligibility Criteria before applying for the exam. The eligibility criteria include certain parameters like educational qualification, age limit, and other crucial factors. Check out the complete UGC NET 2020 Eligibility below:


Age Limit


For JRF- 30 years for general category & up to 5 years age relaxation for the reserved category candidates.

For Lectureship: There is no upper age limit for Lectureship.


Educational Qualification


The candidates appearing for UGC NET HRM must have thier PG Degree in the HRM or related field.

Post-Graduation in Labour Welfare/ Personnel Management/ Industrial Relations/ Labour and Social Welfare/ Human Resource Management or other related subjects can be considered to appear for UGC NET Code 55 Exam.

The candidates must have secured more than 55% marks for general category & 50% marks for OBC/ST/SC/PWD/Transgender candidates in master’s degree or equivalent examination.


Candidates who fulfill the above eligibility criteria can fill up the UGC NET 2020 Application Form.


Note: Candidates who are in the final year of post-graduation or whose results are awaited may also apply for the exam only if their results can be declared within the 2 years of UGC NET Result Declaration Date.



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Understand the UGC NET Exam Pattern to Plan Effective Approach


If you have decided to appear in the exam, you must be thinking about how to start its preparation.


The best way to kick-start your preparation is to have an adequate knowledge about the exam and its process.


Check out the no. of questions asked in the exam along with the marking scheme and time duration in the table below:


Paper Marks Number of Questions Duration
I 100 50 Questions all are Compulsory

 3 Hours

II 200 100 Question all are Compulsory


The NET Exam will comprise of two papers- Paper- 1 and Paper- 2. Both papers will consist objective type compulsory questions each carrying 2 marks. There will be no negative marking for the wrong response.


 Paper 1 will be same for all the subjects and consists of questions related to UGC NET General Aptitude to test the comprehension, general aptitude, and awareness of the candidates.

 Paper 2 consists of objective type questions related to Labour Welfare/ Personnel Management/ Industrial Relations/ Labour and Social Welfare and Human Resource Management.


As you are now aware of the UGC NET Exam 2020 Pattern, get the brief detail about the syllabus in the below section.



UGC NET HRM Syllabus | List of Important Topics to Get Maximum Marks


From the vast syllabus of the UGC NET Human Resource Management, our experts have made a list of important topics based on their marking weightage.


Check the complete list of important topics for Human Resource Management in the table below.


Paper- 1


S.No. Important Topics
1 Environmental Science
2 Education
3 Computer
4 Polity
5 Important Days
6 Science
7 Teaching Aptitude
8 Research Aptitude




S.No. Important Topics
1 HRM: Meaning | Objective | Nature
2 Operative functions of HRM
3 Role of HR Manager | Personnel | Essentials
4 Types of HR Policies | Essentials
5 Job Analysis | Methods
6 Recruitment | Process |Recent Trend in Recruitment
7 Selection | Placement | Induction
8 Performance Appraisal | Techniques
9 Potential Appraisal
10 Training and Development
11 Labour Welfare | Types
12 Trade Union Objectives | Short Coming | Functions
13 Collective Bargaining
14 Participation | Methods
15 Wage Determination



Free Download Latest UGC NET HRM Syllabus 2020



Top Recommended Study Material & Theory Notes for UGC NET HRM


Choosing effective study material and preparation books are the most vital element to score well in the UGC NET HRM Exam. While starting the preparation for the exam, you must opt only the quality material that can take your preparations to a level higher.


Here at Eduncle, we would like to tell you some key features of the study material that you should consider while going to buy any book or course. It should –


 Cover the Complete UGC NET HRM Syllabus.

 Be Designed in Easy to Understand Format.

 Consist the Chapter Wise or Topic Wise Practice Questions.

 Have Previous Year Papers and Test Series with Solutions.

 Have Expert’s Support for Your Doubts Resolution.


You can get the Human Resource Management study material at Eduncle. These study materials, free PDF Notes and practice papers will surely improve your problem-solving skills by time management.



We always wish for your success in the exam. Go through the important tips given below to fulfill your wish to be a lecturer.



Sure-Shot Success Strategies for UGC NET HRM Exam Preparation | Experts’ Guide


The UGC NET Exam is conducted to select the brilliant minds for the JRF and Assistant professor-ship. Therefore, it requires great dedication along with the hard work and concentration.


To get sure success in the exam, start to sharpen yourself with the preparation.


Here, we are offering some useful tips to smoothen your preparation for the exam. These tips will surely help you to crack the exam.


 Human Resource Management plays an important role in the growth of the organization, therefore it is essential to have the basic knowledge about the field.

 Only theoretical knowledge is not enough to crack the exam. You should work on your communication, judgment, negotiation, and multitasking skills.

 Communication is the core of HR Management. It is hard to meet the organizational goals without having effective communication skills.

 NET Exam requires deep knowledge of the subject. And along with the knowledge, you must also how to execute this knowledge practically.


Do a lot of practice to master your knowledge and skills.


 Solve previous years UGC NET Question Papers & then check UGC NET Answer Key to analyze how much marks you bagged up in this self-evaluation test.

 You can solve the online mock tests to know the difficulty level, type of questions and paper pattern. This practice will improve your speed accuracy and time management which are the essential aspects to crack the exam.

 You should give at least 9-10 hours daily for the preparation. Include morning hours in your schedule which are more effective for the study.

 Do not forget to revise what you have learned whole Perform revision once before going to sleep. It will help you to remember the topics more efficiently.

 It is human tendency to learn more quickly from visual things rather than just reading the books/notes. You can use video lectures to learn more effectively.


While preparing, you should set the target score to stay focused and motivated. Target score is the minimum cutoff marks that you need to cross in the exam for sure success.


Check the UGC NET HRM 2019 Exam cutoff below to get an idea about target score.



Check UGC NET HRM Cutoffs & Set Your Target Score


To qualify for the lecture or to be eligible for the junior research fellowship award, you are required to score more than the minimum cutoff marks in all papers.


We are providing the UGC NET Human Resource and Management cutoff and the target score in the table below.


Category JRF & Lectureship Exam Lectureship Exam
Unreserved 68.00 23 59.33 273
OBC 64.67 13 53.33 115
SC 61.33 6 51.33 67
ST 64.00 3 50.67 36
PWD VI 62.67 1 43.33 7
PWD HI 50.67 1 36.67 3
PWD LM OD & AO 42.00 1 41.33 2


15 Sample Questions to Practice Well for UGC NET HRM Exam


Below we are providing the sample questions based on the NET Human Resource Management Paper- 2. Solve these questions to get a brief idea about the questions asked in the exam.


After solving these questions, analyze the result with the above given cut off marks and know whether you meet the selection norms or not.


Q.1 Which Of the following is not a simulation technique of development?

(a.) Management Games

(b.) Case Study

(c.) In-basket

(d.) Sensitivity Training


Q.2 Which of the following statement about the open system as given by Denial Katz and Robert Khan are true?

(a.) The exportation of energic inputs into the environment.

(b.) Transformation of available energy as throughput, so that work is done.

(c.) The importation of the output from the environment.

(d.) a cycle of events in which the product exported to the environment provides the energy for repetition of the cycle.


(1) a, b

(2) b, c

(3) b, d

(4) a, d


Q.3 Assertion (A): Master-Servant doctrine believed in the inalienable prerogative of Master’s will with regard to servant’s continuance in employment.


Reason (R): This prerogative has been granted by the sanction of law made by the state power.


(1)  A and R are wrong.

(2)  A is wrong and R is right.

(3)  A and R are right, but R does not justify the Assertion (A).

(4)  A is right, but R is wrong and does not justify the A.


Q.4 Which of the following may be a possible consequence of inter-group conflict within the involved groups?

(a) Group cohesiveness increases.

(b) Group becomes task oriented.

(c) Organization structure becomes more rigid.

(d) Leadership becomes more rigid.


(1) a, b and d

(2) b, c and d

(3) a, b, c and d

(4) a and b only


Q.5 “Healthy people show the behavior of maturity. While unhealthy people tend to demonstrate the childlike immature behavior.”

Who among the following behavioral Scientist said this?

(a) John Berry

(b) Black and Mouton

(c) F.W. Taylor

(d) Chris Argyris


Q.6 ‘Alarm Reaction’, ‘Stage of Resistance’ and ‘Stage of Exhaustion’ are the stage of which of the following syndromes:

(a) Buggy-whip Syndrome

(b) Dissociative Identity Disorder Syndrome

(c) General Adaptation Syndrome

(d) Amoeba syndrome


Q.7 The following three types of tests namely objective tests, projective tests, and situation tests are basically used as tools of

(a) Intelligence test

(b) Personality test

(c) Cognitive ability test

(d) competency mapping


Q.8 The Descending Participation i.e. Workers’ participation in work was propounded by

(a) The Fabians

(b) The Harvard Group

(c) The Oxford Group

(d) The Tavistock Group


Q.9 Match the themes of the three approaches of industrial relations under contradictions perspective:


Approach                                                        Theme

1. The Marxian approach                   i. Power struggle to control work organization.

2. The Socialistic approach                ii. Power struggle to gain political power.

3. The Social Action approach           iii. Power struggle to improve a lot of the working class.


a.           b.           c.

(1)          i             ii           iii

(2)          ii            iii           i

(3)          iii           ii            i

(4)          ii            i            iii



Q.10 Which of the following is not an industrial union?

(a) The Engineering Mazdoor Sabha

(b) The Rohtas Workers’ Union

(c) The Gimi Kamgar Union

(d) The Rashtriya Mill Mazdoor Sangh


Q.11 Under the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 what is the extent of representation of Independent persons in the Advisory Committee?

(a) one-half of its total members.

(b) one-third of its total members.

(c) one-fourth of its total members.

(d) one-half of its total members subject to a maximum of light.


Q.12 Assertion (A): Both Weber’s Bureaucracy and Taylor’s Scientific management emphasis on rationality, predictability, impersonality, technical competence and authoritarianism.

Reason (R): Though Weber’s writings were less operational than Taylor’s, yet ideal bureaucracy describes many contemporary organizations.


(1)  A is right and R is wrong.                                   (2) A is wrong and R is right.

(3) Both A and R are right.                                        (3) Both A and R are wrong.


Q.13 Match List- A with List- B and select the correct answer by using the code given below:


List - A                                                                              List – B

(a) Application of psychology to industry                        (i) Henry L. Gantt

and management

(b) Program Evaluation and Review Technique                (ii) Walter Dill Scott

(c) Widely acclaimed first lady of management               (iii) Lillian Gilbreth

(d) Application of psychology to advertising

marketing and personnel.                                         (iv) Hugo Munsterberg


(a)         (b)         (c)         (d)

(1)         (ii)          (i)         (iv)        (iii)

(2)         (iv)         (i)         (iii)        (ii)

(3)         (iii)         (iv)        (i)         (ii)

(4)         (iii)         (i)          (ii)        (iv)


Q.14 Which of the following statements about the definition of ‘Trade Union’ as given in the Trade Union Act 1926 is not true?

(a) A trade union is any combination, whether temporary or permanent.

(b) It regulates the relations between workmen and employer.

(c) It does not regulate the relations between workmen and workmen.

(d) It regulates relations between employers and employers.


(1) Only (a)             (2)  (a) and (b)              (3) Only (c)               (4)  (b), (c), and (d)


Q.15 Which of the following is not a barrier to communication?

(a) feedback                                         (b) ambiguity

(c) lack of trust                                    (d) distortions in communication





 Download UGC NET Study Material for HRM PDF



In this article, we have mentioned all the important information regarding the UGC NET Human Resource and Management. Hope this guide will help you to score well in the exam.


If you have any problem related to UGC NET HRM Exam 2020, please drop your queries in the comments’ box.


Stay tuned with Eduncle for the latest updates regarding the NET Exam.




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    Dear Sir, PLease advise which paper is easy to score 55 or 17. Am an MBA holder with dual specialization in HR & Marketing.
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    I have done in HR and Marketing management. Can I apply for HRM or Management subjects?
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    I have done my MBA in HR from an international university. It's a one-year full-time on-campus course. Can I appear for this exam?
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