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UGC NET Normalization Procedure & Results Preparation [Detailed Guide]

UGC NET Normalization

UGC NET Study Plan

Previously till July 2018, UGC NET Exam was conducted in a single day session only. But seeing the popularity and increase in the number of aspirants appearing in NET Exam, the officials have decided to conduct UGC NET Exam on various dates in different sessions.


From Dec 2018, NTA has started conducting UGC NET in two sessions per day. 


For each session, there will be different sets of question paper with different difficulty level as it’s quite impossible to keep up with the level of questions in each session.


To evaluate the performance of candidates, the officials have come up with a new procedure named “Normalization”.


If you also want to know about this new “Normalization Procedure” then read out the blog completely.


UGC NET Normalization

How UGC NET Marks are Calculated?

Steps for Normalization and Preparation of UGC NET Result



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UGC NET Normalization – Compilation of NTA scores for multi session Papers


Aspirants who are going to appear in the upcoming UGC NET Exam should know about this newly introduced Normalization Procedure.


Here’s what officials say about the UGC NET Normalization Procedure –


“This Normalization procedure is an established practice for comparing aspirants scores across multi session papers. NTA Shall use the percentile equivalence for normalization across sections”.


So, the main objective of using this UGC NET Normalization Procedure is for ensuring that aspirants are neither benefitted nor disadvantaged due to ups and down in difficulty level of exam.


Do you want to know the formula used to calculate your marks in UGC NET?


Below we have shared the complete procedure which is going to be used to evaluate the performance of candidates in NET Exam.



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How UGC NET Marks are Calculated? 


It’s certain that NTA will announce the UGC NET Result by implementing the Normalization Procedure on your marks but you should also have the idea of formula which will be used by officials to meet up with perfect results.


The complete Normalization Procedure is based on Percentile scores of candidates. So, before moving further let us discuss the term “Percentile Scores”.



Percentile Scores


These scores are totally based on the relative performance of all those who appear for the UGC NET Examination means, the marks obtained by candidates are transformed into a scale ranging from 100 to 0 for each session of UGC NET Exam.


Below we have elaborated this term wisely. Please scroll to read.


The Percentile Score indicates the total obtained percentage of candidates in UGC NET that have scored equal to or below that particular percentile in the exam.

The highest scorer of each session will get the same Percentile of 100 which is desirable.

The marks in between the highest and lowest scores will also be converted to appropriate Percentiles.

Instead of raw marks of the UGC NET candidates, the Percentile scores (normalized score) will be used for the preparation of the merit lists.

To avoid bunching effect and ties, the Percentile Scores will be calculated up to 7 decimal places.


Here is the formula that is used to calculate the Percentile Scores of UGC NET candidates –


100 X No. of Candidates Appeared in the ‘Session’ with Raw Score Equal to or Less than the Candidate

Total Number of the Candidates Appeared in the ‘Session’


Important Note –


Percentile scores will not be the same as the percentage of marks obtained by candidates.

The Percentile of the total shall not be an aggregate or average of the Percentile of the individual subject.



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Steps for Normalization and Preparation of UGC NET Result


Above we have discussed the over all idea of calculating the normalized marks of candidate from raw marks. Now, here you are going to know about all the required steps that help to announce complete UGC NET Result.


Checkout the Important steps for Normalization and Preparation of Result below –



1. Distribution of Candidates in Two Shifts


As the number of candidates who appearing for UGC NET is increasing every year, it has become essential to distribute the total candidates into two sessions in equal number. These sessions will be created as follows –


Session I – Day 1 & Shift 1


Session II – Day 1 & Shift 2


There might be increase in variations as per the increase number of candidates.



2. Preparing Results of Each Session


Based on raw scores of all the candidates in each session, NTA will prapre the UGC NET Result.


The Normalization Procedure will be used to convert the raw scores of UGC NET candidates into percentile scores.


The Percentile scores will be calculated for each candidate based on the below mentioned formula




3.Compilation of NTA score


For compilation of UGC NET Result and further processing of deciding the allocation, the Percentile scores should be merged for the total Raw Scores of all the sessions.


These merged scores will be called NTA scores.



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This Normalization Procedure has arrived for the benefit of all the UGC NET aspirants so, don’t worry if you attempted a hard session.  Scores of every individual will be normalized with the formula and thereafter results will be declared by officials.


Ending up with this blog we wish that you qualify the UGC NET Exam with flying colors.


If you have any query regarding the procedure or any other term used in this blog, feel free to ask through the comments’ box.




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