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Vedic Maths: Easy 16 Sutra to Solve the Complex Mathematics Problems

Vedic Maths


In the race of competition and the technology, we left behind the importance of the traditional methods, which were once originated years ago to help us in solving the complexity of the mathematics problems in algebra.

With the increase in the cutthroat competition of the ambitious exams, most of the aspirants stuck in quantitative part just because of long calculations.

The competitive exams like SSC, IBPS, RRB and UPSC, comprises of the Maths section. So, if you are planning to appear in any of these exams then, this article will really help you out in the calculations.

Here, you will get to know the Vedic Maths tricks to solve the quantitative part. After learning the Vedic Maths practices you can easily solve the complex problems with speed and accuracy.



List of 16 Sutras with their Meanings and Uses


Vedic Maths is originated from the word ‘Vedas’ which means knowledge. It was first introduced by Shri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji. According to him, there are 16 sutras. Below we have mentioned all the 16 sutras with their meaning and uses.



Sutras Name


Where to use

Sutra 1


Ekadhikina Purvena

By one more than the previous one

Squaring of a number ending with 5

Sutra 2

Nikhilam Navatashcaramam Dashatah

All from 9 and the last from 10


Multiplication of numbers, which are near to base like 10, 100, 1000

Sutra 3


Vertically and crosswise


It is the general formula, applicable to all cases of multiplication of two large number

Sutra 4

Paraavartya Yojayet

Transpose and adjust

When divisor greater than 10

Sutra 5

Shunyam Saamyasamuccaye

When the sum is the same that sum is zero


Sutra 6

Anurupyena- Sunyamanyat

If one is in ratio, the other is zero


To find out the product of two number when both are near the common base like 40, 40, etc. (multiples of powers of 10).

Sutra 7


By addition and by subtraction

It is used to solve simultaneous simple equations which have the co-efficient of the variables interchanged.

Sutra 8


By the completion or Non-completion

Used to simplify or solve the algebra problems.

Sutra 9


Differences and Similarities


Sutra 10


Whatever the extent of its deficiency

Applicable to obtain sq. of a number close to bases of powers of 10

Sutra 11


Part and Whole

Help in the factorisation of the quadratic equation of types

Sutra 12

Shesanyankena Charamena

The remainders by the last digit

It is to express a fraction as a decimal to all its decimal places

Sutra 13


The ultimate and twice the penultimate


Sutra 14

Ekanyunena Purvena

By one less than the previous one

This sutra is used in case of multiplication by 9, 99…

Sutra 15


The product of the sum is equal to the sum of the product

Used to verify the correctness of obtained answers in multiplications, divisions and factorizations.

Sutra 16


The factors of the sum are equal to the sum of the factors




List of 13 Sub-Sutras with their Meanings


Below is the list of 13 Sub-Sutras along with their meanings:



Sub-Sutras Name


Sub-Sutra 1



Sub-Sutra 2

Sisyate Sesasamjnah

Remainder remains constant

Sub-Sutra 3


First by first and last by last

Sub-Sutra 4

Kevalaih Saptakam Gunyat

For 7 the Multiplicand is 143

Sub-Sutra 5


By Osculation

Sub-Sutra 6

Yavadunam Tavadunam

Lessen by the Deficiency

Sub-Sutra 7

Yavadunam Tavadunam Varganca Yojayet

Whatever the Deficiency lessen by that amount and set up the Square of the Deficiency

Sub-Sutra 8


Last Totalling 10

Sub-Sutra 9


Only the Last Terms

Sub-Sutra 10


The Sum of the coefficients in the product   

Sub-Sutra 11


By Alternate Elimination and Retention

Sub-Sutra 12


By Mere Observation

Sub-Sutra 13

Gunitasmuccayah Samuccayagunitah

The Product of the Sum is the Sum of the Products


Advantages of Using Vedic Maths Tricks


Vedic Maths is the most significant way to solve the numerical problems in minimal time. It is advantageous for the aspirants who are preparing for the competitive exams and help to overcome the ‘mathematics phobia’.

If you are not aware of the benefits offered by the Vedic maths then, you can check all of them below. We have compiled the list of advantages of learning Vedic maths formulas.


Easy Way to Learn


Vedic Maths is a simpler and interesting way of learning the Maths tricks than the usual Maths. The tricks and the sutras used in the Vedic Maths are profound which makes it simpler in learning.


Helps in Cross-Checking


Cross-checking the Maths paper becomes difficult because of the complex calculations but once you are habitual of using Vedic Maths tricks you will be able to cross check the solutions in minimal time.


Enhance Logical Thinking


One of the most beneficial benefits of using Vedic Maths trick is that it enriches the logical thinking and understanding the Maths problems.


Improve Confidence


Confidence is not something that can be learned in a day. Practicing the Vedic Maths on a regular basis will also compliment you with the self-confidence for solving the tricky Maths solutions.


More Systematic Way of Learning


Vedic Maths provides more systematic, simplified, unified & faster way than the conventional system. Vedic Mathematics offers a new and entirely different approach to the study of Mathematics based on pattern recognition, which helps the students to be more creative and learn faster.


Improves the Performance in Competitive Level Exams


One can do calculations in a much faster way than the typical methods taught in the school. These methods helped to solve the mathematical problems in a different way but when you are in the competitive world you need to be speedier and more accurate to qualify the exam.


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Other Important Points of Vedic Maths

  1. Removes mathematics phobia
  2. Boost Accuracy
  3. Upgradation in exam aggregate
  4. Increases the level of creativity
  5. Develop and right brain.
  6. Time savior.
  7. Increases Concentration
  8. Reduces finger counting
  9. Reduces burden
  10. Reduces dependence on


In this blog, we tried to help you with the Vedic Maths uses and its benefits. If you have any queries regarding Vedic Maths tricks and formulas, drop us a comment below.

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