Which NIT is the Best Choice for MSc in Physics, Chemistry or Maths?

Which NIT is the Best Choice for MSc in Physics, Chemistry or Maths?


IITs vs NITs is a big debate in our country. While every science scholar wants to get into IITs, NITs are the next big place to get the technical and science degree. There are total 31 NITs with approx. 18K seats in various courses.


M.Sc. is a very lesser known course offered by these NITs. After qualifying IIT JAM 2019, a candidate can apply for 20 National Institute of Technologies (NITs).


Here’s the list of total seats under M.Sc. in NITs through JAM, some of these provide 5-year integrated M.Sc. in NITs too:



List of NITs offering M.Sc. Seats Fee Structure for OC/OB and ST/SC
IIEST Shibpur 80 22,500 ₹
7500 ₹
NIT Agartala 30 33,500 ₹
MNNIT Allahabad 23 33,151 ₹
NIT Arunachal Pradesh 20 43,450 ₹
NIT Calicut 60 17,625 ₹
NIT Durgapur 60 33,950 ₹
26,450 ₹
MNIT Jaipur 96 42,500 ₹
35,000 ₹
NIT Jalandhar 93 49,550 ₹
42,050 ₹
NIT Jamshedpur 90 61,500 ₹
54,000 ₹
NIT Manipur 45 35,090 ₹
27,590 ₹
VNIT Nagpur 120 Not Available
NIT Rourkela 165 53,250 ₹
45,750 ₹
NIT Silchar 60 Not Available
NIT Srinagar 25 20,750 ₹
13,250 ₹
NIT Warangal 144 63,550 ₹
SLIET Punjab 60 29,500 ₹
NIT Hamirpur 60 49,300 ₹ or 46,300 ₹ (for Girls)
NIT Sikkim 15 32,900 ₹
25,400 ₹
NIT Meghalaya 48 50,750 ₹
43,250 ₹
NIT Nagaland 10 47,850 ₹
40,350 ₹
NIT Tiruchirappalli 56 17,100 ₹
9,600 ₹
NIT Surathkal 52 53,990 ₹ (Hosteller) and 39,440 ₹ (Day Scholar)


Other than this, there are some seats in NIT M.Sc. Admission which are offered through other Entrance Exams. In this blog, we’ll discuss about the NIT Entrance Exams for M.Sc. 2018-19, list of courses, and admission procedure.

At the end of this blog, you’d be able to take an informed decision regarding your Post graduation in NIT.



NIT M.Sc. Entrance Exams:


The well-established NITs like NIT Calicut, Trichy and Warangal hold their own M.Sc. Entrance Exams. Some of these exams are to fill vacant seats while others are for admission to specialized M.Sc. programmes.



NIT Trichy:


For M.Sc. Computer Science, Physics and Chemistry, NIT Trichy conducts an entrance exam. The entrance test for all the M.Sc. programmes will be conducted in June month (from 10.30 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.) at NIT Tiruchirappalli itself. The admit cards for the exam are uploaded separately.



NIT Warangal:


Candidates who are looking for the NIT Warangal M.Sc. Admission in masters programmes for Mathematics, Engineering Physics [M.Sc. Tech.] and Chemistry can apply through an entrance exam held by NIT Warangal.

Admissions into various M.Sc. programs at NITW for 2018 academic year will be based on JAM 2018 test being conducted by IITB. Hence the aspirants for M.Sc. program at NITW are required to register and take part in JAM 2019 for M.Sc. admissions.



NIT Durgapur:


The Institute offers three-year (six-semester) full-time programme in Master of Computer Application (MCA). Admission to MCA programme is made through NIT MCA Common Entrance Test (NIMCET).



NIT Sikkim:


The seats remaining vacant after CCMN allotment are filled through an entrance exam. This exam is called Institution Admission Test (IAT). The process to apply for IAT is given on the official website.




Best NITs for M.Sc. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics:


Given below are the best NITs for pursuing M.Sc. in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. As 80% of NIT M.Sc. seats are given for these subjects only, most of students ask this question very frequently.


Best NIT for M.Sc. Physics:


Do you want to enter the Best NIT in India for Physics courses, then you must read further. These below mentioned NITs have the best Physics departments and faculties in India.


NIT Trichy


NIT Warangal


NIT Surathkal


NIT Rourkela


MNNIT Allahabad



Best NIT for M.Sc. Chemistry:


The ranking of NITs is given in term of reputation of their M.Sc. Chemistry programmes.


NIT Trichy


NIT Surathkal


NIT Calicut


MNNIT Allahabad


NIT Warangal



Best NIT for M.Sc. Mathematics:


NITs are not the most preferred places for M.Sc. Mathematics. Mathematics Departments in the NIT colleges lag somewhat in comparison to the other engineering branches. But if you are still interested in NIT M.Sc. courses for Maths. Here goes the list:


NIT Warangal


NIT Trichy



We’d rather suggest you apply for ISI, Kolkata or IISERs for M.Sc. mathematics where you can get better learning of advanced role of statistics and mathematics in solving critical problems. Other recommended colleges are TIFR, CMI, Chennai.



We’ve put together an exhaustive list to help make the decision easier for all aspiring candidates. Although NITs have the same value as a new set up IIT; the brand value, campus life and placements of these NITs are far superior. The older and more established NITs like those in Surathkal, Trichy, Warangal, and Calicut are a lot better than the most of the IITs. We hope you won’t just go behind the prestigious IIT “tag”, but the overall career aspect that an institute offers.



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