CBSE Class 10 Exam Review 2018 – Hindi, English, Science, Maths, SST

CBSE Class 10 Exam Review



Conforming to the predetermined date sheet, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has stroked out the Class 10 board examination on 5th March 2018. The last paper of CBSE 10th Board Exam will be held on 04th April 2018.


After a lot of preparation and being inflicted with a high anxiety level, students had crossed the three-initial exam by appearing in Hindi, English and Science till 16th March 2018.


CBSE will conduct the Social Science and Mathematics papers in the upcoming days. After interacting with the students, it can be believed that all the three papers were easy and scoring. Now, students should stop worrying about the papers and start preparing for the next exam.


It’s time to know about the CBSE Class 10 Exam analysis and review by the teachers and students. After analyzing the papers, Eduncle is providing you CBSE Class 10 Exam Review here.




CBSE Class 10 Hindi Paper Analysis: Easy, Direct and Balanced!



CBSE has conducted the class 10 Hindi Paper on 6th March 2018. Although, some questions were tricky, but the overall paper was easy. The word limit for some questions helped the students to manage their time. The time limit for the paper was of three hours.


Students were given 15 minutes extra to read the question paper.


 There was no choice in any question.


 The word limit was given first time in some questions.


The question paper was divided into four sections. The section wise difficulty level is shown in the table below:



Section Part Marks in the year 2018 Difficulty Level
Section A Reading 15 Easy
Section B Grammar 15 Easy
Section C Questions from Textbook 30 Easy
Section D Writing 20 Moderate
Total   80 Easy



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CBSE Class 10 English Paper Analysis: Easy but a bit lengthy!



According to the students, who appeared in English paper on 12th March 2018, the paper was simple except few questions. Now, let’s analyze the CBSE Class X English Paper below:


Paper was easy to solve but the literature section was little tricky.


 Some questions were already asked in previous papers.


 No questions were asked out of the syllabus.


 Section C was time-consuming and involved a bit of difficulty level.


In the below table, we have mentioned the number of marks carried by each section and difficulty level of CBSE Class 10 English Paper.



Section Part Marks in the year 2018 Difficulty Level
Section A Reading 20 Easy
Section B Writing and Grammar 30 Easy
Section C Literature 30 Difficult
Total   80 Easy



Note: As the exam is approaching soon you might like to check the CBSE Class 10th Syllabus 2018 to make sure you don’t miss out any important topic.



Section A (Reading):


In 2018 English Paper, the Reading Section was easy for the students. In this section, question-based two paragraphs were asked. All answers were easily found if the students read the passages carefully.



Section B (Writing & Grammar):


All the questions of Grammar Section were easy. In writing Section, questions were based on letter writing, story writing.  Some questions were found bit difficult because they were not asked directly. As for the novel, the questions were asked direct and simple.



Section C (Literature):


Literature Section was difficult as compared to reading, writing & grammar. It was very lengthy and a bit difficult questions were asked in the paper.


Overall the English paper was a balanced paper by the teachers. Students who understand the English language can easily solve the paper & score high.




CBSE Class 10 Science Paper Analysis: Easy to Moderate!



Most of the students found that the paper was easy. Students can score more than 75% if they prepared well.


CBSE Class 10 Science Paper had two sections. All the questions of Section B were based on Practical Skills. There were 21 questions in Section A and 6 questions in section B. Total 27 questions asked in exam which carried 80 marks.


There was an internal choice in three questions in which 2 questions were carrying 2 marks each and one question was of 5 marks.


The Paper was not lengthy, and it could be easily completed within the given time limit. The questions were simple and straightforward, and the numerical questions were not tough. Less questions were asked from previous year question papers. Teachers and students noted that Physics and Biology Sections were easier than the Chemistry Section.




This year, the anxiety is higher for CBSE Class 10 Exam as compared to the CBSE Class 12 Exam. In the last year, the coursework was divided into semesters. So, students were only preparing for the half syllabus (Cumulative Comprehensive Evaluation).


In the upcoming days, CBSE will conduct the Social Science and Mathematics paper for class 10. So, stay connected with us to know the complete details regarding CBSE Class 10 Papers analysis.


If you have any queries in your mind, then you can share with us through the comment box below.



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