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CBSE FAQs 2019 - Know Most Frequently Asked Questions About Board Exam



CBSE is the most popular board nationwide. Still, Parents and students sometimes remain in confusion about the admission procedures, improvement exam, choosing additional subjects or about the passing criteria that actually create a big list of CBSE frequently asked questions.

It is mandatory to be clear about which board we will choose and what are the respective rules and regulations. In the following blog, we have catered some common queries that strike to almost everyone from this board but they are unable to find out the right answer.

So, if you are having a question in your mind about CBSE, this blog is for you. Have a look at the details given below.



CBSE Frequently Asked Questions by Aspirants


Here we will share the top 25 questions that strike to almost every CBSE aspirant. Check out the CBSE FAQs 2019 below.


Question1: Does CBSE issue a new mark sheet after verification?

Answer: Yes, the new mark sheet is issued in case even a single change in marks is found; the fee is also refunded in case change in marks is found in CBSE Rechecking and Revaluation.


Question 2: Do we have to pass the theory and practical exam separately?

Answer: For Class 10th there is no such rule but for Class 12th you have to score overall 33% separately in theory and practical exams.


Question3: In case student fails in CBSE Improvement Exam or get a less percentile then which mark sheet will be valid?

Answer: In such a case previous mark sheet will be applicable.


Question 4: What are the conditions when an eligible student can be detained to appear in the board exam?

Answer: Only in case of shortage in attendance it can happen otherwise, there are no such procedures when an eligible student can be detained to appear in the board exam.


Question5: Is the calculator allowed in the exam?

Answer: No, the use of a calculator is not allowed.


Question 6:  How can one apply for a change in name?

Answer: Application for change in name and surname is considered for this but make sure that the changes have been admitted by a court of law. Moreover, it should be notified in the government gazette before the result publication.


Question 7: Can I skip my SA exams in 10th?

Answer: No, one cannot skip SA exams in both Classes 9th and 10th, it is not considered as optional exams. It is mandatory for the candidate to appear in SA exams.


Question 8: Does CBSE award merit certificates in 12th?

Answer: Yes, CBSE award merit certificates in each subject to the top 0.1% candidates who passed the subject on the condition if they have passed the examination according to the pass criteria of the board.


Question 9: Do the marks increase in revaluation?

Answer: No one can predict whether marks will increase or decrease in CBSE Revaluation. It depends on the revaluation results. Candidate has to surrender old marks and accept new marks if any change is found. 


Question10: Is it allowed to appear for the additional subject and improvement exam simultaneously?

Answer: No, as a candidate is appearing under the improvement of performance category so he/she cannot appear for the additional subject.


Question 11: How can one apply for duplicate certificates and marks sheet?

Answer: To apply for duplicate certificates or mark sheet one has to undergo a certain procedure:

Submission of an application on the prescribed form.

Payment of the prescribed fee.

Publish the news to notify in loss/theft/mutilation in a national level leading Hindi or English newspaper and submission of a full page of said original press clipping.


Question 12: Is it compulsory to appear in practical exams again if one fails in theory?

Answer: No, the candidate has to reappear for the theory exam only and practical marks are carried forward once he/she clears the exam.


Question 13: Is the candidate allowed to see the answer script if the result is not as per the candidate’s expectations?

Answer: There is no such provision of showing the answer script. The candidate can apply for reconfirmation or revaluation.


Question 14: Does the secondary board mark sheet reflect the DOB?

Answer: Yes, on the secondary level the mark sheet reflects DOB of the candidate.


Question15: What are the passing criteria for class 12th?

Answer: As per the passing criteria of senior secondary to qualify 12th board, a candidate has to score at least 33% both in theory and practical separately to get aggregate 33%.


Question16: Does poor handwriting may cause marks deduction?

Answer: There is no such rule of marks deduction due to poor handwriting but it should be written as the examiner can read it easily.


Question 17: Are pre-board marks added in the final results?

Answer: No, pre-board marks are not added in the final results. It is just to build up the confidence of the candidate before the board exams.


Question18: In how many subjects a candidate can appear for compartment exam in class 12th?

Answer: As CBSE Compartment Exam is a single day examination, so the candidate can go for only one subject, not more than that.


Question19: Can a candidate with less than 60% in class 10th choose science as a subject?

Answer: It totally depends on the school rules and stream allocation. CBSE Class 10th Result has no interference in such matters.


Question 20: Can one opt for the practical subject being a private candidate?

Answer: No, the practical subject is not permitted to a private candidate.


Question 21: Can one reappear for the exam even after qualifying 10th?

Answer: Yes, a candidate is allowed to do so, provided he/she appears as a private candidate and of course for the same subjects.


Question22: Does SA 2 cover the whole syllabus in class 10th?

Answer: No, SA 2 exam does not cover the whole CBSE Class 10th Syllabus, but only the prescribed topics for term 2 exams.


Question 23: What are the compartment criteria for 12th?

Answer: Candidate failing in single subject out of 5 then result comes under compartment criteria.


Question 24: What language a candidate may choose in CBSE?

Answer: CBSE is bilingual i.e. English or Hindi, a candidate may opt for any of these as a medium.


Question 25: If I have 6 subjects in 12th and I fail in two subjects? What will my result show?

Answer: The CBSE Class 12th Result will show compartment in two subjects however you can appear for 1 subject only as the compartment is a single day examination.



So, you must have come to know about a huge list of CBSE FAQs. Still, if you guys feel we have missed something that you need to know, please update in the comments’ section below.

We welcome your queries and we will try to provide you the best possible and satisfactory answer.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding CBSE and do share the blog if you find it useful.



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