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How to Become a Mathematician – Check Career, Roles & Responsibilities

How o become a Mathematics?

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Being in a Mathematics field is a matter of pride for many individuals. To become a Mathematician you got to be passionate about this field. So, if you are interested and passionate to pursue your career as a Mathematician, then this is the right place for you.

Here, we will be answering the most asked question i.e. How to become a Mathematician?

Know all the steps you will be following to become a Mathematician. But before this, you must know who a Mathematician is? What work they do and what are their roles & responsibilities?

So, let’s check the answers of the following questions.

Who is Called a Mathematician?

What does a Mathematician do? Role & Responsibilities

How to Become a Mathematician?

Mathematician Salary in India



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Who is Called a Mathematician?


Who is a Mathematician? Many individuals have always this question in their mind.

So, a Mathematician is one who studies deeply about the Mathematics by applying and developing mathematical principles to solve problems in all areas of the Sciences, Technology, Social Sciences, Business, Industry and Commerce.

In simple words, we can say a Mathematician is an expert in the Mathematics field. There are two types of Mathematician: Pure and Applied Mathematicians.

Pure Mathematicians studies the theoretical constructs in math. They focus on the philosophy and study of Mathematics.

Applied Mathematicians work in all fields of Science, Engineering and Industry. They apply their skills in Mathematics to work in disciplines like Physics and Engineering.

After knowing about the Mathematician, you should check what are their roles & responsibilities.



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What does a Mathematician do? Role & Responsibilities


What are the roles & responsibilities a Mathematician has to take?

So, if you want to become a Mathematician, then you have to take the following roles & responsibilities:

As a Mathematician, you have to apply geometrical & calculus concepts to design objects in fields of architecture, computer graphics, and robotics.

You have to develop & improve Mathematical Models to analyze data.

You have to develop Computer Modelling.

Develop new mathematical rules, theories, and concepts in areas such as algebra and geometry.

You have to design surveys, experiments or opinion polls to collect data.

You have to support and improve business decisions using data analysis.



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How to Become a Mathematician?


To become a Mathematician, you need to follow these steps:


Step 1 – Higher Education: If you want to become a Mathematician, the first thing you should have is Mathematics as your subject in 10+2.

Step 2 – Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics: After clearing Class 12th with Mathematics subject, you should obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.

To start a career in Mathematics, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. Bachelor’s degree can be obtained from any recognized University.

Step 3 – Master’s Degree in Mathematics: After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, you should pursue a Master’s degree in Mathematics. While pursuing it, you should choose whether you will go for Applied Mathematics or Theoretical Mathematics.

Step 4 – Doctoral Degree in Mathematics: Now the most important step while becoming a Mathematician. To master the Mathematics field or to become a Mathematician you typically needs a Doctoral degree in Mathematics i.e. PhD in Mathematics.

To get into this important step, you have to first clear an entrance exam. There are many Entrance Exams for PhD that can get you a Doctoral degree.

But the most popular entrance exam is IIT JAM. Joint Admission test for MSc is an entrance test to get admitted in IITs, NITs, or IISc to pursue MSc (Four Semesters), Joint MSc-PhD, MSc-M.Tech., MSc-PhD Dual Degree & other courses.

Step 5 – Get a Job: After completing the doctorate degree in Mathematics you will be facing immense competition for getting a job. Getting recruited as a Mathematician is one of the toughest steps of the above-mentioned steps.


There are two employment areas where you can work i.e. Jobs in Theoretical Mathematics and in Applied Mathematics.


If you choose Theoretical Mathematics, then you will be likely to get a job as a faculty member at a University. You will be teaching the undergraduates at that University or you will be doing some kind of research.

If you opt for Applied Mathematics, then you will be moving your career in Finance and Insurance, Healthcare, Information Science, Government, Scientific Research, Business Analysis, and Education.

Other alternative career options include:


Research Associate

Quantitative Analyst


Financial Analyst

For more list of career options after PhD, you should visit here- Career Options after PhD.

Now after getting aware of the employment areas and the alternative career options, you must be anxious to know about the salary a Mathematician gets.



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Mathematician Salary in India


Here is the most important topic or we can say the topic which is most discussed by many individuals. “A Mathematician’s Salary”.

The average salary of a Mathematician in India is 30,000 INR per month. The starting salary is 16,000 INR per month.

But as a Mathematician, your salary will keep on increasing with experience and you may get more than 80,000 INR per month.

So, a career as a Mathematician is always going to be tough but you will surely get a high-paid job if you passionately clear all the steps.


Here we have mentioned every single detail on How to become a Mathematician. Share it with your friends as well so that they too can get a career in this field.

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